botella de vino albarei áine

Áine 2016

Straw yellow in color with golden reflections. It presents floral, citrus and white fruit aromas. In the mouth it is fresh, with a marked saline, mineral character. With a long finish in the mouth.

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Áine 2016


This wine from the Condes de Albarei winery is called after Áine, the Celtic goddess of the air and wine, the mistress of our dreams and illusions, as well as the daughter of the sea god.

Albarei “ÁINE” is made with grapes from our vineyards bathed by the waters of the Ria of Arousa, which have a “magical” influence on the maturing process

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You would not find such a small place in the world of wine where you could be offered so much. History, architecture, nature, culture … But, above all, Albariños. Exceptional elaborations that synthesize a way of doing things. To do them well, of course. The Pazo Baión winery is a project with capital letters. A 360º winemaking exercise. Where you can enjoy the best wine tourism, organize any kind of event and touch the sky savouring albariños endorsed by critics and the general public, without a doubt, the best of the courts when what you want is to test the quality of a wine.

At Pazo Baión you will find a respect for tradition that has become invaluable in recent years. And an insurmountable devotion to premium wines. Made exclusively with grapes harvested on the farm, which gives each bottle a unique personality. Original. Exclusive after all, the Pazo Baión winery is located in the heart of a valley, O Salnés, which drinks the best of the Atlantic and the Galician lands. An orchard in which the Albariño grape variety has found a paradise.

A kingdom to express itself that has its main palace in our pazo. 22 truffled hectares of microclimates in which to harvest raw material that will give our albariños infinite nuances. The dream of any lover of the world of wine.

But this store is much more. Here you can also find the elaborations of the Condes de Albarei winery. One of the references of the DO Rías Baixas. His white wines and his extraordinary adventures in the land of reds are today strolling the world, turned into jewels of the wine world. Rated by all the specialized magazines to place them in the club of excellence, always above 90 points, they are a safe bet. A must that should never be missing in your winery. Pazo Baión and Counts of Albarei. Two treasures at your fingertips.