Pazo Baión prepares a great gala to reward the best Galician architecture

COAG awards recognize the best Galician architecture

The close connection of the pazo with this universe is behind a celebration that will serve to recognize the best projects of Galician architecture promoted over the last few months

Some pairings nest naturally. By the weight of time and reason. That of Pazo Baión and the prizes awarded each year by the Galician Association of Architects (COAG) was one of those that was bound to happen at some point. And that moment already has a date: September 25. On that day, a very special gala will be held at Pazo Baión to recognize the best of Galician architecture.

The winery is already working with great dedication to organize a special event.

Because of the importance of the awards, consolidated today as a reference of the best architecture in northern Spain, but also because of the special link that Pazo Baión has with this universe.

Since 2008, when Condes de Albarei took over the reins of the property, an important part of the effort has been focused on restoring all its splendor to a manor house with five centuries of history.

A work with its own name behind it: that of César Portela. The Pontevedra-born architect, the winner of the National Architecture Prize in 1999, has been responsible for an exemplary restoration. A work recognized by critics and the general public that, in the end, has been a kind of goldsmith’s work.

There is nothing in Pazo Baión that doesn’t respond to a purpose. Every detail of the beautiful buildings of the property, every stone or every corner of the winery, and the imposing vineyards and gardens are the result of a careful and meditated work. Architecture in its purest form.

A meticulous process that has returned to the winery in form of awards and recognitions. Few as valuable as the award for Best Wine Tourism Corner of Spain granted by Acevin (the Spanish Association of Wine Cities).

The celebration of the COAG Awards gala is, in a way, another of those signs that reaffirm the winery’s managers in the conviction that the work and effort have been worthwhile.

For this reason, the Pazo Baión team is working hard these days on the organization of an event that will be special because of the setting, but also because of some surprises that are being worked on at the moment.

The idea currently being worked on is to present the awards in the manicured gardens behind the pazo, where just a few days ago an unforgettable concert by Carlos Núñez was held.

Should rain alter these plans, the alternative will be equally spectacular. The large tasting room located in front of the winery would host an event that every year brings together the cream of Galician architecture.

The figures leave little room for doubt. COAG has already received almost two hundred candidates in the various award-winning disciplines. From single-family housing (31 aspiring projects), to rehabilitation (49), interior design (41), urban design (16), or ephemeral architecture (15), to cite just a few examples.

In short, a must-attend event in an incomparable setting: Pazo Baión.

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