Pazo Baión is the Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024, according to Vivir el Vino

Pazo Baión has been awarded the prize for Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024

The guide Vivir el Vino has chosen our flagship as the Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024, highlighting its quality and personality

The Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024. This is how Vivir el Vino, a wine publication of reference in our country, has qualified the Albariño Pazo Baión. It is the second time that the flagship of our winery has obtained this prestigious award after the victory harvested in 2013. This award adds to the excellent ratings obtained by Pazo Baión, among the most prominent critics’ guides on the national scene.

Through the title of Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024, Vivir el vino recognizes the quality of a Rías Baixas that has conquered critics and the public in the last 15 years. It is a magnificent wine, as the name of the award indicates, and it also clearly reflects the terroir of an estate with five centuries of history and a long experience in the production of Albariño.

Why is terroir so important? Pazo Baión, like the other wines of our winery, is made solely and exclusively with grapes from the 22 hectares of this centenary vineyard. A property of exceptional characteristics that takes advantage of a unique microclimate in the Rías Baixas, and in which each plot is worked in a personalized way to get the maximum potential from each one.

In addition, the Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024 does not go directly to market after its production but is aged for six months on its fine lees. A process that gives it a unique complexity, structure and aromatic composition.

The meticulous work carried out by our viticulture and enology teams has been recognized with this award for Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024 for Pazo Baión. A goldsmith’s work that respects the environment and focuses on continuous and delicate care of 50-year-old vines, sensational Albariño grapes and winemaking processes that combine tradition and the avant-garde.

The road to excellence

This recognition is a new milestone in Pazo Baión’s commitment to excellence. A long journey began in 2008 when Condes de Albarei took over the reins of this property and launched an innovative winery focused on producing the only single-estate albariños and a wine tourism space that has established itself as an international benchmark.

Quality is the main objective; that is the philosophy of the winery. This is a quality we seek when offering visitors from around the world excellent wine tourism experiences that highlight the incredible natural, cultural, heritage and human wealth of the Rías Baixas. And also in the elaboration of our three Albariños: Pazo Baión, Pazo Baión “Vides de Fontán” and Pazo Baión “Gran a Gran”. Three singular elaborations that contribute to expanding the universe of albariños to consolidate its prestige and to internationalize the elaborations of the D.O. Rías Baixas, as attested by the award for Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024 that the first-born of our winery has just received.

The Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024 is made in Vilanova de Arousa

Pazo Baión, a “fresh”, “powerful” albariño with “character”

This award for Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024, presented on January 20 at the Cofidis Alcázar Theater in Madrid, joins the outstanding scores that Pazo Baión has garnered in the 2024 editions of the prominent specialized publications.

The Gourmets Wine Guide and the Proensa Guide awarded this fruity and fresh Rías Baixas 94 points. The former described Pazo Baión as a “powerful wine, with an unctuous attack, a very well-assembled skeleton, enveloping and persevering in the retronasal plane”. While the second highlighted that the Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024 is “balanced, glyceric, smooth, fluid and tasty”.

To these excellent reviews, we must add the assessment of the Peñín Guide, which, in addition to rating Pazo Baión with 91 points, highlights that it is a Rías Baixas “fresh, fruity, with good acidity and fine bitterness“. As well as the Gold Medal + of the Guía de Vinos, Bodegas y Destilados de Galicia 2024.

The critics have also surrendered to the charms of Vides de Fontán and Gran a Gran

Not only has the Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024 obtained the affection of specialized critics, but Our country’s leading wine experts have also given outstanding scores to Vides de Fontán and Gran a Gran.

The Proensa Guide placed Vides de Fontán at the gates of perfection, awarding it an extraordinary 96 points and highlighting that it is a “balanced wine, with volume and nerve, smooth, tasty, ample and long” and has a “complex nose“. The Peñín Guide also gave Vides de Fontán a score of 93 points, highlighting the aromas of dried flowers, candied fruit and brioche of a “powerful and tasty” long-aged Albariño.

Gran a Gran, our raised Albariño, received 92 points in the Peñín Guide, thanks to its fascinating aromas: “notes of honey, hydrocarbon, wild herbs, saffron”. And 91 points in the Proensa Guide, which describes Gran a Gran as a “creamy, smooth, fine, ample and long” albariño.

In short, the award of Best Young White Wine of Spain 2024 that Pazo Baión has just won, as well as all the recognition from wine critics, fills with pride all the people who are part of this winery and encourages us to continue working to produce Rías Baixas that surprise and delight wine lovers.



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