Carlos Núñez returns to Pazo Baión to fill with music a «magical place»

Carlos Núñez returns to Pazo Baión to delight his audience.

On August 4, the iconic Galician artist Carlos Núñez returns to Pazo Baión to offer a concert as part of his «Lugares Mágicos» tour, a celebration of his first album A irmandade das estrelas

As the popular saying goes: there are no two without three. Carlos Núñez returns to Pazo Baión for the third consecutive year. The brilliant bagpiper will offer a concert next Thursday, August 4 in the gardens of Pazo Baión, to fill with music a «magical place» that joins other historical spaces of the artist’s summer tour, such as the Mosteiro de Oseira or the Colegiata del Sar in Santiago de Compostela.

This event, which is already becoming a beautiful tradition, will serve for Núñez to pay tribute to his debut album: A irmandade das estrelas. An album that marked a before and after in the marriage (never better said) between folk and other musical genres.

This work had such an impact on popular culture that it managed to fill thousands of homes, pubs, and festivals with Celtic music, making Carlos Núñez one of the great ambassadors of Galician culture at an international level.

The re-release of A irmandade das estrelas that the bagpiper published last year, adds to the mythical pieces of that album, other compositions in which Núñez fuses his talent with that of other artists such as the Oscar winner Glen Hansard or the singer-songwriters Rozalén and Andrés Suárez.

Thus, Carlos Núñez returns to Pazo Baión loaded with iconic pieces, such as the exciting Negra Sombra, but also with sublime collaborations such as Falai Miña Amor, which will delight all those attending the concert. And they will breathe life and magic into every corner of Pazo Baión, a century-old property that has become a benchmark in the field of wine tourism.

Thus, during the concert, music, and nature will merge, offering those present an experience of great beauty that they will never forget. A musical picture that they will be able to keep with great affection throughout their lives.

Carlos Núñez returns to Pazo Baión as part of his Lugares Mágicos tour

Carlos Núñez returns to a historic corner of Galicia

Carlos Núñez’s summer tour that takes him to Pazo Baión is called «Lugares Mágicos» (Magic Places). This beautiful title is not a casual choice, but it highlights precisely the spaces selected by the prestigious bagpiper to share his art and fill every square meter of these iconic venues with music.

Thus, each of the concerts on this tour is held in a place that stands out for its beauty and the wonderful sensations it provokes in the people who visit it. Whether it is a unique natural enclave such as the Monteferro viewpoint in Nigrán, with the Cíes Islands and the ocean in the background. Or a building with many centuries of life, such as the Monastery of San Salvador in Celanova.

Taking into account the characteristics of the tour, it was clear that Carlos Núñez had to return, once again, to Pazo Baión, a magical place where the natural and the historical merge and blend. A property with five centuries of history in the heart of Galician Tuscany. An estate where the vineyards dialogue with the stones. A winery at the forefront of viticulture and wine tourism. Both traditional and innovative, just like the artist and his commitment to folktronica.

Tickets for this sensational concert, which will take place on Thursday, August 4 at 8 p.m., are on sale at Ataquilla. The doors will open one hour before the start of the event, to facilitate the entry of all people and ensure that once the first chords begin to sound, the entire audience is seated in their chairs and ready to enjoy a show like no other.

Carlos Núñez returns to Pazo Baión, his home.



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