Discover the Galician Tuscany during Easter Week

Pazo Baión is in the center of the Galician Tuscany.

Pazo Baión, in the heart of the Rías Baixas, offers visitors wine tourism plans that combine perfectly with the charms of Galician Tuscany

Easter is a peculiar time of the year. First of all, there is no other week in the Spanish work calendar in which most workers can chain four days off. This makes it the ideal time to take a short trip and disconnect from routine.

Secondly, because, although it fluctuates in the calendar, Easter is characterized, in terms of climate, because it is not so cold as to bet on a winter plan, nor so hot as to enjoy sun and beach tourism.

This year, Easter has come to us with the beginning of spring, so there are few better plans than enjoying the rebirth of flowers and mountains, the majesty of the traces of history, and the fruity and floral aromas of Albariño wine, made at the foot of the ocean. That is why at Pazo Baión we propose a wine tourism getaway in the Rías Baixas to discover the Galician Tuscany.

O Salnés: Galician Tuscany

For decades, the cinema has immortalized the landscapes, the villages, and the people of Italian Tuscany. A beautiful place where vineyards and centuries-old buildings dialogue to compose bucolic pictures. However, you don’t have to go that far to enjoy such a captivating experience. In the heart of the Rías Baixas, we find the region of O Salnés, which combines the charms and fruits of the Arousa estuary with the Galician mountains and, above all, with the vineyards where a unique grape variety grows: Albariño.

In recent years, a phrase as lapidary as it is accurate has become popular in the tourism sector: “Spain is like Italy, but with worse marketing”. For many years we have not valued everything we have. Cities with centuries and centuries of history, breathtaking natural spaces, and the best raw materials. That has changed.

Hence Pazo Baión, an estate with five centuries of history, where a majestic pazo is surrounded by hectares of vineyards, is a tourist destination with the SICTED seal, which recognizes the quality of its service.

A perfect place to discover all the charms of the Galician Tuscany and, above all, enjoy the best wine tourism.

Come, see, smell and enjoy…

The Galician Tuscany is a unique place to do wine tourism

Breathtaking landscapes

When you walk through the gates that lead to the entrance of the Pazo Baión estate, you suddenly feel that you have been teleported to another place. To a corner isolated from the world. The pazo, which was once the Casa de Fontán and housed noblemen for centuries, stands imposing. Largely because of the impact caused by its centenary stones. But what is around it is even more impressive.

Thousands of vines cover the hills, in endless succession. They create, in this way, a beautiful landscape. Moreover, at this time of the year, budding has begun and visitors can enjoy, in situ, its return to life after the necessary and regenerating winter rest.

If the sum of architecture and wine-growing nature were not enough, the estate has a spectacular palm grove made up of 22 trees. A unique plantation with more than 100 years of history.

Beyond the boundaries of Pazo Baión, the Galician Tuscany offers a myriad of breathtaking landscapes. For example, the one that can be seen from the Mirador das Sete Lúas (Vilanova de Arousa), where the sea and the land merge before your eyes. Or what can be seen from the Con do Forno viewpoint (A Illa de Arousa), an excursion through the middle of the Atlantic nature to see the villages that dot the Galician Tuscany.

The legacy of history

Pazo Baión is the perfect place to understand the history of Galicia during the last centuries. The transition from a medieval economy to today’s consumer society. The origin of today’s wine exploitations. The importance of the noblemen and the manor houses. And even the weight of emigration to America can be seen in the sensational palm grove installed by the indiano who bought the property in the early twentieth century.

This estate has seen the passing of history and is currently at the forefront. Both in the production of Albariño wine, betting on the elaboration of payment, ie, made only with grapes harvested on the farm itself. Wine tourism is a sustainable practice that values the places, their people, and their products.

A true paradise in the heart of the Galician Tuscany. Whose stones and vines tell us a centuries-old history and give us all the wisdom accumulated over many years on the cultivation and production of Albariño.

But beyond the walls of Pazo Baión, visitors can explore other monumental and historical areas of the Salnés, such as San Sadurniño, the spectacular Cemetery of Santa María, or the historic center of Cambados, the town where the Albariño Festival is held. If you wish to travel even further back in time, in Catoira you will discover some very surprising monuments: its Viking towers at the foot of the estuary.

Walking among exuberant nature

The landscapes are not only to be contemplated but also to be walked through. Inside Pazo Baión you can walk several kilometers among the vineyards and walk through its beautiful gardens. Breathe fresh air and delight in the floral aromas that spring brings with it.

But you can also walk along the spectacular Ruta da Pedra e Auga, which runs through the Galician Tuscany showing some of its most beautiful landscapes. A walk-in in which the stones, the mountains, and the sea meet and merge.

The Galician Tuscany stands out for its landscapes and wines.

Land and sea

Precisely, the relationship between the sea and the landmarks is everything in Galician Tuscany, in general, and in Pazo Baión in particular. The acidity of the Albariño grape is one of the most important factors in explaining the complexity and structure of this wine. And it is enhanced by the granitic soil that abounds in O Salnés and by the Atlantic climate softened by the estuaries. Land and sea. Sea and land.

Thus, the Pazo Baión estate enjoys a wonderful and particularly warm microclimate, despite being in the north of the peninsula. That is why walking around the estate is a real pleasure, especially at this time of the year when the days are longer.

But if visitors feel like imbibing the power of the sea, they can go to A Lanzada (O Grove), one of the most spectacular beaches in northern Spain, with a kilometer-long extension and open to the infinite ocean.

Albariño and seafood

Pazo Baión, Gran a Gran and Vides de Fontán. These are the names of the three single-estate Albariños of Pazo Baión. Critically acclaimed wines that delight wine lovers. In our estate and its facilities, you can discover everything about these elaborations. How the vines are cared for, how the grapes are harvested, what the aging process consists of… Absolutely everything about the star product of the Galician Tuscany.

Thus, visitors can tour the modern winery, equipped with the best technological advances, and, above all, they can taste the best albariños of the D.O. Rías Baixas, in a session led by an expert in the spectacular tasting room of Pazo Baión.

But, in addition, if after immersing themselves in the albariños of Pazo Baión, they are left wanting more, they can stroll through the port of Vilargacía de Arousa and recharge their batteries in one of its fantastic restaurants and eating the best seafood and fish from the marine pantry of Europe: the estuary of Arousa. Again: land and sea.

In short, Pazo Baión is the best place to escape at Easter, enjoy nature, immerse yourself in history, rest, disconnect and, above all, enjoy the company of the best Albariños. In addition to the five wine tourism plans offered by Pazo Baión, there are countless excursions to the most fascinating corners of O Salnés, the Galician Tuscany.

A memorable trip to the land where sea and wine bathe the senses.



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