Enjoy the late summer during the long weekend of October 12th.

O verán tardío é sensacional en Pazo Baión

Tour a unique property, discover the secrets of the only single-estate albariños, and enjoy the best wine tourism during the late summer

The autumn equinox has already occurred, but the pleasant temperatures invite us to enjoy outdoor plans and nature. In addition, until the time change occurs, the days are still long enough to let us bask in the beautiful autumn sunlight. These factors have given birth to a concept you may have heard of late summer. That is, the first weeks of autumn when the characteristics of summer are still lingering.

In addition, this year, the work calendar allows many professionals to explore the charms of late summer during the four-day long weekend of October 12th.

At Pazo Baión, we have designed four wine tourism tours in the Rías Baixas ideal for enjoying the benefits of late summer, immersing yourself in the fascinating history of our property, and discovering the keys to our wines at a crucial moment: the first stages of their production.

We invite you to enjoy the late summer in a natural paradise like O Salnés at a time of the year when tourism has decreased and the weather is delightful.

Discover how the late summer transforms the natural landscapes of Pazo Baión

Late summer coincides with a significant moment in the life of the vineyards that make up Pazo Baión: the end of the grape harvest. The vines face the end of their annual life cycle, preparing for their well-deserved winter rest.

Our grape harvesters pick the grapes, and the leaves begin to fall to give way to the nakedness of the vines, a profoundly beautiful natural spectacle.

For this reason, the long weekend of October 12th is the ideal occasion to visit Pazo Baión and observe how the summer landscapes are shaped by the onset of autumn.

All our wine tourism tours include a guided tour through the natural spaces of our property: vineyards, gardens, a centenary palm grove, and paths flanked by fruit trees, streams, fountains…

In all of them, you can observe the beautiful transition of late summer while breathing clean air and enjoying nature with friends or family. In addition, you can soak up the fascinating history of a property with five centuries of life, which has seen all the transformations over 500 years.

Enjoy the long weekend and the late summer in a magical place as Pazo Baión

Visit a winery when it begins to produce the new vintages of its wines

Do our wine tourism plans to enjoy the late summer and the October 12th long weekend only include a beautiful walk through the overflowing nature of Pazo Baión? Of course not. After touring the property, you can enter its nerve center: the winery.

Our professionals will show you all the facilities, explain the techniques used in producing Pazo Baión, Gran a Gran, and Vides de Fontán, and tell you how they combine the knowledge inherited from our ancestors with the latest innovations.

In addition, late summer is an inspiring time to immerse yourself in our winery. Why? After the end of the harvest, our winemakers are starting to prepare the new vintages of the unique single-estate Rías Baixas wines.

The wines of our winery are the product of a work of craftsmanship that begins in the vineyard, taking care of the vines so that they give us the best raw material, and ends when the wines are bottled, once the aging phase is over, which in the case of Vides de Fontán takes three years.

A winery functions as a living organism, in which numerous processes take place to achieve a common goal: to produce delicious, aromatic wines with a unique structure and personality. Touring a winery with the people working there is an experience you will never forget.

Tasting outstanding Albariño wines accompanied by food and wine pairings

After visiting the Pazo Baión winery, the highlight of our wine tourism experiences is tasting the wines of Pazo Baión and our sister winery, Condes de Albarei.

After touring the vineyards where the grapes are born and discovering the secrets of elaborating the unique single-estate Albariños, it is the turn to taste them. Experts guide the tastings at Pazo Baión to help everyone get into the soul of the wines and capture all their particularities.

Throughout the visual, olfactory, and gustatory phases, you will be able to unravel the information contained in the color of the wine, notice all its aromas, and check the long development in the mouth of some Rías Baixas that have seduced the specialized critics and wine lovers.

To round off this experience, which is ideal for sharing with friends, we offer you a pairing chosen to perfection by assembling exquisitely with the Albariños of Pazo Baión and Condes de Albarei.

What else can you do during the late summer long weekend? The Galician Tuscany opens up to you

One of the keys to Pazo Baión is its location. Our property is located in the heart of O Salnés, a region with a graphic nickname: the Galician Tuscany. Endless hills of vineyards, like those of Pazo Baión, bathe this region and compose landscapes similar to those of Tuscany. With an extra advantage: O Salnés is open to the sea. Our property is located a few kilometers from the Arousa estuary.

This excellent geographical location allows Pazo Baión to be the ideal starting point to discover O Salnés’ charms. Historic villages such as Cambados, the capital of Albariño, dynamic cities like Vilagarcía de Arousa, dozens of charming fishing villages, incredible viewpoints from which to observe the sea… This region offers dozens of places worth exploring.

In addition, you can enjoy the acclaimed wines of the D.O. Rías Baixas and the best delicacies of Galician gastronomy, from the seafood of the Arousa estuary to the Galician veal, through the products of our garden or the incredible cheeses that are made in the community.

Enjoy the opportunity to enjoy the late summer in a dream environment. When it gets dark in the middle of the afternoon and the cold forces you to wrap up warm, you can open a bottle of Pazo Baión and remember how happy you were during the late summer days. And you will smile while the aromas of flowers and white fruits of our Rías Baixas take over your sense of smell.



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