Leave mum speechless: Family wine tourism for Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother's Day with a family wine tourism plan is a great option to surprise mom

Enjoying a family wine tourism experience is a fun and original gift to surprise your mother and have a great time together

Flowers, chocolates, books, clothes… We all know the typical Mother’s Day gifts and, on more than one occasion, we have resorted to them to get by, but our mothers deserve unique gifts. That’s why we propose a different kind of gift: a wine tourism plan for the whole family.

At Pazo Baión, we have designed several wine tourism experiences in the Rías Baixas that are ideal for groups and people of all ages. The whole family can enter a small corner of O Salnés, where wines have been produced for five centuries.

Do you want to surprise Mum this Mother’s Day? Here are our family wine tourism plans, including all the activities.

Stroll through elegant gardens and walk among the vines

Crossing the entrance of Pazo Baión is like suddenly landing on another planet. A place where an infinite green mantle envelops everything. Wherever you look, you will find a beautiful and evocative landscape.

When you think of a vineyard, you expect to find vineyards, but Pazo Baión is a wine tourism area with abundant natural diversity.

Thus, when it comes to wine tourism with the family, it is possible to walk through the vineyards and stroll among the vines, which begin to fill with leaves at this time of the year, creating a pure springtime scene. But Pazo Baión also has elegant gardens made up of many varieties of plants that are in bloom during these months. The result is a festival of bright colours that will delight any mother, the rest of the adults and the youngest members of the family, who can run around freely and soak up nature.

As if all this were not enough, Pazo Baión has a very special corner that catches the eye as soon as you start a family wine tourism tour: a majestic palm grove that is a direct legacy of the emigrant past of this property.

Motherhood is a succession of surprises and fascinating experiences. What better way to celebrate your love for a mother than by taking her to a paradise where she can continue to surprise herself?

Wine tourism as a family can be an adventure for adults, but also for the little ones

Get to know the history of a completely refurbished architectural complex

The palm grove of Pazo Baión is one of the corners in which the fascinating history of a 500-year-old property beats strongly and has served as the setting for the significant social and economic changes that have taken place in recent centuries.

The most iconic place on this estate is the building that gives it its name: the Pazo Baión. Like the rest of the property, this former noble house was restored in 2008 following a comprehensive plan designed by César Portela, winner of the National Architecture Prize and one of the most important architects in Galicia in the last century.

Throughout your family wine tourism experience, you can visit the pazo, stroll through historic rooms where stone and light merge, and see the other historic buildings that make up the Pazo Baión complex, such as the old winery, a dovecote converted into a tasting room or the impressive building that was used as a dairy at the beginning of the 20th century. In each of these buildings, you can discover the history of Galicia and Spain over the last half millennium while enjoying an architectural heritage of enormous value.

Discover how a pioneering winery works in the production of single vineyard wines

The facilities of the Pazo Baión winery are the best example of the tangible and intangible heritage that this property treasures, and that allows us to offer unique family wine tourism experiences. Why? In a majestic space supported by colossal stone pillars, one can find some of the most innovative devices in winemaking, such as the concrete egg in which Vides de Fontán, our winery’s longest-lived Albariño, is raised.

Throughout your family wine tourism adventure, you will be able to see the entire Pazo Baión winery, understand the processes used to turn grapes into wine, and even learn some of the secrets of our oenology team.

This immersion in a millenary art such as winemaking will not leave adults indifferent and will surprise the younger ones, especially when they see the winery’s equipment.

That is precisely why organising a family wine tourism getaway is a great idea to celebrate Mother’s Day or to enjoy the adventure a few weeks later. It is not easy to find plans away from home that will make everyone in the family happy. At wine tourism venues such as Pazo Baión, everyone can enjoy and marvel as if they were children, including the children themselves.

In today’s materialistic world, we value the quality time we can spend with our family more and more. A mother may enjoy a book or fall in love with a dress, but a little family getaway will make her happier. On many occasions, the best gifts can be shared with the people you love the most.

Mother's Day can become a family adventure in an enotourism place like Pazo Baión

Learn how to taste Albariño to enjoy all its qualities

This family wine tourism experience ends, of course, with a wine tasting for the adults. A Pazo Baión professional will guide you through the three phases of the tasting: visual, olfactory and gustatory. Depending on your family’s wine tourism plan, you will taste wines from Pazo Baión and our sister winery, Condes de Albarei. Of course, all the tours include tasting our flagship wine, Pazo Baión, which has been distinguished by the publication Vivir el Vino as the Best Young White Wine in Spain in 2024.

Depending on the weather on the day you come to Pazo Baión to enjoy your family wine tourism plan, the tasting can be held outdoors, on a stone table with the nature of the estate as a backdrop, or in the tasting room, which has been specially equipped to provide the best conditions for wine tastings.

Treat Mum to a bottle of the wine she likes best

It is evident that opting for a family wine tourism getaway to celebrate Mother’s Day is a gift for Mum and the rest of the family, as everyone will share this adventure with her. However, at the end of the visit to Pazo Baión, you can give your mother a gift just for her: she can take home a bottle of the wine she liked the most during the tasting.

This gift will give her a little piece of Pazo Baión at home. She can open it and taste it whenever she wants: at a family gathering during the summer, at a dinner with her friends, perhaps on an autumn afternoon when she sees the rain falling through the window and wants to remember what spring smelled like.

Have we convinced you? Would you like to get out of the norm and give your mother a family wine tourism experience that allows you to spend a day together and treasure new memories that will stay with you for many years to come? The doors of Pazo Baión are always open to all mothers.



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