Getting married in Galicia in 2024. Start preparing your ideal wedding

Couples wishing to get married in Galicia in 2024 should start with the preparations for their wedding

Pazo Baión is the perfect place to get married in Galicia in 2024 and enjoy all the benefits of the Rías Baixas and a unique natural and monumental space

Weddings are an extraordinary event, not only for the couples who commit to love and respect each other but also for all their friends and family who wrap them in the day they make that promise. And if we are talking about a wedding in Galicia, the event is elevated to unforgettable.

So much so that not only will Galician couples decide to get married in Galicia in 2024, but many lovers from other parts of Spain will look to our community as the ideal setting to host their wedding. The Galician Association of Wedding and Event Professionals (Aprogabe) estimates that up to 30% of couples getting married in Galicia live in other regions of our country or even abroad.

Therefore, it is advisable that those couples who wish to get married in Galicia in 2024 start with the preparations, starting by choosing the date and booking the place where the wedding will be held and continuing with all the services associated with this kind of event, such as hiring the photographer, the wedding planner or the music.

Next, we will explore why getting married in Galicia in 2024 is the best decision couples can make. In addition, we will explain how to face the preparations successfully, based on the experience accumulated by all the professionals of Pazo Baión, a historic corner of Galicia in the heart of Rías Baixas that has been hosting weddings and other events full of magic and happiness for almost 15 years.

Why getting married in Galicia in 2024 is the best option?

The Galician wedding industry has entered the national scene by promoting some of Galicia’s main assets: landscapes, historic buildings, gastronomy, wines, and culture.

As a result, the quality/price ratio of the services associated with a wedding, starting with the venue, is unbeatable in other parts of Spain.

Couples who want the money they will invest in their wedding to be transformed into an authentic spectacle for the senses and a perfect day in which love is the protagonist should choose to get married in Galicia in 2024. Your guests will enjoy the delicacies of Galician gastronomy, they will toast with excellent wines, such as the elaborations of the D.O. Rías Baixas, they will have at their service the best professionals of the sector, and they will have a great time in a party that they will never forget.

The best way to see why getting married in Galicia in 2024 is the ideal decision for future couples is to ask someone from outside Galicia who has attended a wedding here what they thought of the event. The answer will be loaded with superlative adjectives. All weddings are unique, but weddings in Galicia play in another league. They are not just parties. They are something more. Sensational events that not only make the newlyweds happy but also all their guests. Memorable events.

Step one: Find the ideal setting and avoid running out of it

What do couples who decide to get married in Galicia in 2024 have to do first? Select where they want to celebrate their wedding. After the love between the two people who will formalize their relationship, the most critical thing in a wedding is the setting.

If there is a differentiating element of Galicia in this matter, it is the pazos. These historic buildings are the perfect place to get married in Galicia in 2024. Why?

  • Because of their beauty and elegance.
  • Because of the estates where they are located, nature is the protagonist.
  • Because they combine tradition and the avant-garde, thanks to their meticulous renovations.

And let’s talk about pazos located in vineyards, as is the case of Pazo Baión, in addition to the above benefits. We can add that they offer the possibility of enjoying the delicious Galician wines and wine tourism plans ideal for wedding guests to be happy throughout the weekend.

Due to the high demand, couples who wish to get married in Galicia in 2024 and want to book a pazo should get down to the task now and, thus, get the pazo of their dreams on the date they want. Otherwise, they risk that other couples will be left with their dream setting.

Pazo Baión is the ideal place to get married in Galicia in 2024
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Guarantee your loved ones book the day

Once couples getting married in Galicia in 2024 have managed to close the date and reserve the ideal space to celebrate with their loved ones, one of the most exciting moments of organizing a wedding is telling family and friends to book the day.

Although it may seem like a long time away, 2024 is just around the corner. Couples who are going to get married in Galicia in 2024 during the summer should let their guests know as soon as possible so that they do not make other plans on the chosen date: go on vacation, get engaged to another couple who will celebrate their wedding on the same day…

No matter how important the setting chosen to get married in Galicia in 2024 is, the most important thing for the bride and groom is the people who will accompany them on one of the most memorable days of their lives. If you organize your wedding now, you eliminate the risk of someone important not being able to attend due to scheduling problems.

Hire the photographer, the DJ, and the rest of the professionals and services you want

When couples already have the venue and date set and have proceeded to notify their guests, they should get down to work to hire and book some critical services in organizing and celebrating a wedding. What services are we talking about? Photographers, videographers, choirs, bands, DJs, wedding planners, entertainers, etc.

Couples who have decided to get married in Galicia in 2024 and start planning the event will have a wide range of professionals to choose from. On the other hand, if they leave these organizational tasks to the last minute, they will find that many professionals already have another wedding that day.

Particularly delicate is the question of the photographer. Weddings are spectacular but ephemeral events. Unfortunately, they end too quickly. Fortunately, we have the possibility of photographing and videotaping them and, thus, preserving their memory forever.

The spectacular Galician landscapes, dominated by nature full of life, are the best backdrop for photographs of lovers. Deciding to get married in Galicia in 2024 is the first step towards a sensational photo album and videos of a couple’s most romantic day.

At Pazo Baión it is possible to getting married in Galicia in 2024 and have a perfect wedding

Make your dreams come true on your wedding day

Weddings are part of the collective imagination. Since we were little, we have attended other people’s weddings and, above all, we see weddings through series, movies, and TV shows. Everyone has imagined, at some point, what their perfect wedding would be like, even those who do not wish to get married.

Couples who decide to get married in Galicia in 2024 can turn their dreams into a beautiful and festive reality, especially if they start organizing their wedding now and plan everything according to their wishes and not according to the services and venues that become available.

Organizing a wedding is an exciting activity but can also be stressful, especially if it is not done beforehand. Therefore, couples getting married in Galicia in 2024 should start with the preparations and, thus, calmly manage all the issues related to their wedding and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

To make this task more accessible, we offer couples the most solid base to set wedding plans in motion: a venue with a long history, spectaculars landscapes, delicious menus, and wines that have won over critics and the public. Yes, we are talking about Pazo Baión.

Pazo Baión, beauty and experience to host a perfect day

When in 2008, Condes de Albarei took control of Pazo Baión, it was clear that this illustrious property, of noble origin and with five centuries of life, should host:

  • An innovative winery where high-quality wines would be made from grapes harvested from the estate’s vineyards.
  • A space for wine tourism to enhance wine’s culture and history and promote quality tourism firmly rooted in the territory.
  • A dream setting to host special events such as weddings.

After the excellent rehabilitation planned by César Portela, the National Architecture Award, Pazo Baión opened its doors to welcome visitors from all over the world and help hundreds of couples organize the wedding of their dreams.

Throughout these 15 years, the professionals at Pazo Baión have accumulated enormous experience in wedding celebrations, preparing the natural spaces and the buildings on the property so that even the smallest detail is perfect. Over the years, photographers have captured images that exude magic and beauty, in which the bride and groom show their connection and collaboration.

Getting married in Galicia in 2024 can not only be a perfect decision for those couples who wish to make their love official and celebrate it surrounded by the people they care about, but in a place like Pazo Baión, it can become an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

The beautiful gardens of our property, the spectacular hills of vineyards that make up the estate, a centennial palm grove, and an architectural complex of enormous historical value are ready to welcome couples and their family and friends and envelop them with a halo of magic. In addition, we offer delicious menus for lovers to choose the one they like the most, and we pair these gastronomic delights with aromatic Albariños with a long development in the mouth.

In short, Pazo Baión offers lovers all the experience of its professionals and the overflowing beauty of a historic property, located a few kilometers from the sea so that couples who decide to get married in Galicia in 2024 will be thrilled on their wedding day and their guests will keep a pleasant memory of the event.



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