Getting married in spring and celebrating love amidst flowers

Getting married in spring allows the bride and groom to enjoy an enviable climate

The landscapes, the gastronomy, the weather, the selection of the perfect location… Getting married in spring is a fantastic option for organizing a beautiful wedding

How many weddings did you attend last summer? Surely a few. There are so many events between July and September that many couples decide to escape the boom and get married in spring or even organize their weddings in autumn or winter. This way, they can find the venue of their dreams without having to book it more than a year in advance, and the search for photo studios, musical groups, or florists is also easier.

Beyond the organizational issues that must always be considered, getting married in spring is also an excellent idea because of all the benefits that the most beautiful season of the year brings: nature, weather, and seasonal products…

Many couples are considering getting married in spring but have yet to decide. In order to encourage them to do so, we are going to unravel some of the benefits of celebrating a wedding in Galicia during the spring.

Nature is at its most beautiful

When a couple is looking for the ideal place to organize their wedding, they pay special attention to the natural corners offered by each of the candidates. Why? There is no better setting for a wedding than a natural space that stands out for its beauty. Although there are many corners that are beautiful at any time of the year, there is no doubt that the first time is the ideal season to observe nature in all its splendor.

After the winter rest, the trees are again filled with bright green leaves; the gardens become mosaics of a thousand and one colors, and spring scents flow in the wind. Enjoying nature outdoors is one of those experiences that make life worth living, so why not get married in spring to share the small pleasure of contemplating and feeling all the magic of nature with your wedding guests?

Besides, the most beautiful natural spaces are the best backdrop for the thousands of photographs and videos taken throughout a wedding. These documents will forever fix the memory of how the wedding day was and how happy all the people who were part of the event were. Having natural corners of unusual beauty is a way to embellish the photos and get memorable pictures, which will still be precious in 30 years. We must not forget that nature never goes out of fashion.

Getting married in spring allows the bride and groom to find the ideal location without having to book years in advance
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The perfect climate for neither hot nor cold weather

Faced with the cold of autumn and winter and the heat of summer, spring is an oasis where we can always enjoy pleasant temperatures. Especially in areas with temperate climates such as the Rías Baixas.

Although it may seem trivial compared to other issues such as a bride’s dress, a groom’s suit, the photographs or the menu for the wedding, the weather is a very important factor to take into account when setting the date of a wedding.

Getting married in spring is the best guarantee that neither the future couple nor their guests will shiver or sweat. These two situations are never pleasant and even less so at a wedding.

The spring sun doesn’t burn like the summer sun, and the clouds don’t cause a cold that forces us to wear a jacket. Therefore, getting married in spring is a way to place the weather not as a threat but as an ally on a day when all couples want to achieve perfection and that nothing spoils the party.

Guests’ schedules are freed up

Summer is the season when we make the most plans. Vacations, music festivals, verbenas, get-togethers with friends, family events… We all struggle to find a free weekend between June and September. If we add to that the boom in weddings that have been recorded in recent years, it is possible that the bride and groom who decided to celebrate their love in summer will find that many of their guests have other plans scheduled.

On the other hand, if a couple decides to get married in the spring, they will not find that the agendas of the people they love are full of appointments.

Being surrounded by their loved ones on such a special day is one of the most important desires of any couple that will make their relationship official. That’s why they want to ensure the people they have included on their guest list are present.

In addition, getting married in spring also allows the bride and groom to catch their guests in the mood to party in style. Why? After the winter, who wouldn’t want a big celebration with wonderful people, a delicious menu and great music? Whereas in summer, a wedding generates less excitement when there are other festive events.

In other words, getting married in the spring is the best way to get everyone to look forward to a celebration that lasts for hours and is full of laughter, good feelings, conversations, toasts and dancing.

Getting married in spring in a place like Pazo Baión where nature, climate and gastronomy go hand in hand is a great option

Easier to find a photographer, DJ, or florist

If the guests’ schedules are essential, the vendors’ schedules are not far behind. Many couples fall in love with a band, a photographer or a florist thanks to social networks and want to hire them for their wedding. Often, the problem is not money but availability. The best professionals have their entire schedule throughout the summer.

That’s why getting married in spring is the best way to avoid overbooking and not be without the artist who takes the photographs that the lovers love the most or without the perfect string quartet to play during the ceremony and the appetizers.

Hiring all the vendors for a wedding is similar to doing a jigsaw puzzle in which the bride and groom often leave part of their peace of mind. Getting married in the spring makes it easier to fit all the pieces together and get the soundtrack, images and flowers just as the bride and groom have been dreaming of for months or even years.

In addition, some professionals offer more affordable rates outside peak wedding season. So, getting married in the spring ensures that the wedding is perfect and fits the couple’s wishes, but it can also mean significant cost savings.

A delicious menu made with seasonal products

In every season, there are seasonal products that can be used to cook succulent dishes. However, some seasons offer a wider variety of products. This is the case of spring. Thus, we find seafood such as scallops, crayfish, turbot, or swordfish; all kinds of meats and vegetables; and spring fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, or cherries.

With the excellent raw material that spring gives us, the best wedding venues compose delicious and refreshing menus capable of delighting any guest and conquering the most demanding palates.

Although there are many essential elements in a wedding, and the most relevant is the ceremony itself, nobody can forget that the menu is crucial. When the years go by, the people who participated in the wedding will remember how beautiful it was, how much fun they had and how delicious the gastronomic proposal was. Getting married in the spring contributes to the excellence of the proposal.

Getting married in spring makes it easier to organize the event

Pazo Baión, an idyllic setting for spring weddings

Are all the venues where weddings can be organized equally suitable to celebrate an event of this size during the spring? If in the rest of the seasons, it is essential to select a venue with elegant halls and lush natural corners, in the spring months, it is even more critical to choose a venue with grand halls and overgrown natural corners; in the spring months, it is even more relevant.

Couples who wish to get married in spring in Galicia have several pazos and estates at their disposal that can become bucolic settings. Pazo Baión is one of those places that exudes romance and magic.

With five centuries of life, this property has hosted dozens of weddings in the four seasons for 15 years. These three lustrums of experience have allowed the professionals of Pazo Baión to accumulate a great deal of knowledge on how to organize weddings in which all the details are perfect.

In addition, the Pazo Baión estate has several features that make it the perfect choice for a spring wedding:

  1. It is located in the heart of the Rías Baixas. It is fantastically connected to the whole region and enjoys a privileged microclimate thanks to its proximity to the sea and its hills of vineyards.
  2. Its architectural heritage. In 2008, an integral rehabilitation of Pazo Baión was carried out, planned by César Portela, National Architecture Award winner, so that the centenary buildings of the complex were adapted to host the most vibrant and beautiful weddings.
  3. It’s a natural heritage. When crossing the entrance of Pazo Baión, what most surprises visitors is the vitality and majesty of its natural spaces: vineyards, gardens, paths, fountains, patios… These corners are the perfect settings to host the high points of a wedding (the ceremony, the banquet, the dance…). In addition, the variety of panoramic views allows couples to take all the photos of their wedding without leaving the estate. Combining indoor and outdoor spaces allows the bride and groom to get married in spring without worrying about a rainy day ruining the party.
  4. Its albariños to round off tasty menus. The Pazo Baión estate not only celebrates weddings but is also a wine tourism space that welcomes visitors from all over the world and is a winery of albariños. Pazo Baión, Vides de Fontán and Gran a Gran are the perfect allies of the most exquisite dishes and the best Rías Baixas to toast to love.

In short, getting married in spring is an upward trend and an attractive option for couples who want to celebrate a great party and share their love for each other with their family and friends. Some venues, such as Pazo Baión, are perfectly equipped to organize a wedding among flowers in which even the smallest detail is rapturously beautiful.



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