Inma López Silva: «I am very dionysian, that’s why I like the world of wine so much»

Inma López Silva is one of the most nationally recognised Galician writers

The brilliant writer lands in Las Lecturas de Pazo Baión to recommend three delicious works. Inma López Silva is one of the great voices of contemporary Galician literature

There are conversations that could last a lifetime. One with Inma López Silva (Santiago de Compostela, 1978) would easily fall into that category. For what she says, for how she says it. Also for her bonhomie. For her innate ability to make her interlocutor feel good. For all these reasons, we have been looking forward to welcoming her to Las Lecturas de Pazo Baión for a long time.

A space that today welcomes one of the great voices of contemporary Galician literature. She joins other writers such as Arantza Portabales and Domingo Villar.

A versatile and committed writer, Inma López Silva is also an avowed lover of the world of wine. “I’m very dionysian, that’s why I like the world of wine so much”, she confesses.

With a precocious vocation, Inma López Silva published her first novel at the age of 16. At home, surely, they had seen it coming long before. «I was always a great reader, and a child with a great imagination, so in a way it was a natural path for me to channel my life towards writing».

From then until now, the writer from Santiago de Compostela has touched on all areas. Narrative, essay, translation, journalistic opinion… On her shoulders, more than twenty works that have catapulted her to stardom.

About El libro de la hija (Lumen, 2020), the journalist Carles Francino said that «it’s the best thing I’ve read in a long time, it gives you goose bumps». While Ignacio Martínez de Pisón, another leading figure on the Spanish literary scene, aligned himself in the same direction: «An electrifying novel about the darkest recesses of the human soul».

It is in this territory of narrative that she reaches her comfort zone. «Where I feel most comfortable is in the novel, I feel at home there. Although she recognises an equally natural symbiosis with journalistic opinion».

A genre she declares her love for because, in a way, it allowed her to evolve as a writer. «It forced me to improve my stylistic skills, even my way of observing reality», she argues.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to her literary suggestions. Who knows if it might also be a good gift for this Christmas… Paired, as it could not be otherwise, with our single-estate albariños.

Inma López Silva combines Pazo Baión with a novel for young people

Pazo Baión and «El cementerio de barcos» (The Ship Cemetery)

Inma López Silva makes her debut in Las Lecturas de Pazo Baión with a book for young people. El cementerio de barcos (Siruela), by Francisco Castro from Vigo. A very special work because, although it is aimed at an adolescent audience, in our guest’s opinion it is also very seductive for an adult audience. «And that is really good literature», she proclaims.

The book, set in a seaside town, tells a love story, but with a denser, more relevant background. A story linked to historical memory and political commitment.

«There is a very powerful underlying reflection in this book about the new masculinity. I find it a very suggestive reading».

This sensitivity for unravelling the secrets of the human condition is very present in all of Inma López Silva’s work. There is even a certain inclination to approach stories that delve into evil.

«I believe that evil is literary by definition. The great stories are there. The interesting thing about evil is that it exists in the first place. The fact that we can be good and yet we are evil is curious. In any case -she continues- what interests me is evil as a consequence. The will to power that people aspire to exercise».

At this point, the Galician author pairs Francisco Castro’s book with Pazo Baión. Because of its freshness and its young personality. «I think there is a natural connection with this wine».

For the Galician writer, Hamnet is one of the books of the last few years

Gran a Gran and «Hamnet»

Inma López Silva‘s second recommendation is one of the works that have recently caused a sensation on the world literary scene. Hamnet, by the Irish writer Maggie O’Farrell.

A delight that, in the case of the Galician author, connects with her personal tastes. «Hamlet is my favourite work, the book I always come back to», she declares.

Hamnet approaches the life of such a fascinating character as William Shakespeare in a way that is as original as it is provocative. Through his family, specifically his wife and children.

«O’Farrel creates a possible story about his life despite the many unknowns surrounding Shakespeare’s life. And he does so with wonderful sensitivity».

López Silva pairs this play with Gran a Gran. That little miracle made at Pazo Baión, a raisined wine produced from noble rot, a fascinating experiment that has won over critics and the general public alike. Just like Hamnet.

It is at this point that our guest delves into her passion for the world of wine. A sensibility nurtured by her parents. «They brought me up with a taste for wine. From then on, I have always been curious and wanted to try different wines. This world is a sensory feast», she says with a laugh.

Passionate about wine tourism, she usually visits wineries when she travels if possible. «Of course, I also try the local wines».

Inma López Silva believes that Olga Novo's poetry has a natural connection with Vides de Fontán

Vides de Fontán and «Felizidad»

Inma López Silva’s latest offering in Las lecturas de Pazo Baión is an exercise in sensitivity and intensity. Felizidad (Olifante) by Olga Novo from Lugo, a marvellous work that won the National Poetry Prize last year.

A book with which our guest has a somewhat special connection. «I had been lucky enough to hear a poem recited by Olga a year before and I was overwhelmed, as were all of us who were there enjoying it. Since then, I had been waiting for the publication», she explains.

Indeed, she read the work as soon as it came out and was captivated. «It is a perfect book, so profound and so essential… It is poetry of an apparent simplicity, but with such powerful depth…»

She was so impressed by Olga Novo’s work that one of the quotations from El libro de la hija is precisely one of her poems. After all this came the National Prize and a succession of awards.

It is that depth, that special sensitivity, which led Inma López Silva to pair Felizidad with Vides de Fontán. A singular albariño, exceptional for its personality, for its three years of ageing.

A wine to taste. To let yourself be carried away. A natural connection with Olga Novo’s poetry.

In short, three very special books to enjoy with three equally genuine albariños.

It has been a real pleasure to receive you Inma, see you soon!

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