Javi Olleros creates a Christmas menu paired with Pazo Baión

The Christmas meny by Javi Olleros is fascinating

The soul of the Culler de Pau restaurant proposes a journey for senses with his Christmas menu. A fusion between three icons of its menu, best of the land and the sea, served with Pazo Baión, Vides de Fontán and Gran a Gran

Life provides us all with countless fellow travelers. Some by whims of fate. Others by strange coincidences. The least by natural ties. Almost intimate. Those that connect Culler de Pau restaurant, in O Grove, and Pazo Baión are among the latter. The two projects came to the world in 2008. Both love their land. And they get the best of it. Both are nourished in their day-to-day by intangibles such as knowledge, commitment, passion… That is why when we set out to create a Christmas menu paired with Pazo Baión wines with an original gastronomic proposal, the first name that was on the table was his.

That of Javi Olleros, the Michelin Star chef at Culler de Pau, the soul of this extraordinary culinary adventure that interprets his territory like few others. Because before moving on, it may be necessary to pause precisely on this question. In the origins of Culler. In his vocation. Javi Olleros recognizes that his is a local cuisine. With roots. And that is something senseding from the first moment you take a seat in his restaurant.

The views of the main room, which offers land and sea, with the Arousa bay presiding in the background. The careful selection of producers. All of them from close. All aligned with a philosophy that synthesizes quality, seasonality and sustainability. And, of course, also the selection of wines. A menu in which Galician wineries stand out. Labels such as Pazo Baión or Gran a Gran, a choice that fills us with pride and responsibility.

A nuanced journey to achieve one goal: to create a memorable culinary experience. A memory that will last in the mind of visitor. A memory that invites you to return. After all, we all long to return to the place that gave us real shelter, don’t you think?

Thus, the time has come to know the suggestion of the great Javi Olleros. His Christmas menu paired with Pazo Baión. A menu in keeping with these times: two dishes and a dessert. Original and delicious, yes. Ideal for this very special Christmas, for that year in which we all discover that quantity has a relative value. What matters, the only thing that really matters, is quality.

The Christmas menu by Javi Olleros is inusual


The chef decides to start the Christmas menu with a first message. «Triumph of humility», defines it. Onion in tempura, one of the recipes that causes sensation in the diners who visit Culler de Pau. Olleros pairs it with Pazo Baión Vides de Fontán.

And he makes it clear that relating wines of Pazo Baión with its cuisine arises almost from a process of simbiosis. «Because we collect from the same sources, from the landscape, from the best of nature. And also because we have a special relationship with these wines; They have been with us since we opened».

The onion is of an autochthonous variety of Vilanova that is prepared with a flavored oil and a deep horse mackerel broth, some lemon balm leaves and a dot of black garlic. «It is a dish that is sometimes difficult to visualize as something tasty but I assure you that on a menu with spider crabs and other powerful products, it is one of the most popular in our restaurant».

This onion in tempura has some sweet nuances and others toasted because it is previously marked, but also the horse mackerel broth gives it an Atlantic note. That connection between land and sea that fly over everything that Culler de Pau suggests. For all this, chef considers that it pairs perfectly with Pazo Baión Vides de Fontán, a wine with two years of aging that is also characterized by a rich variety of nuances. «It’s perfect», he details.


As a second course of his Christmas menu, Javi Olleros resorts to a fish. Specifically, the sargo. And to a preparation that is a tribute to his father, who was a cook in Switzerland. The recipe accompanies this fish with a meuniere sauce that is revisited at Culler with a very personal touch: citrus aromas and the contribution of salicornia, also known as sea asparagus.

A coastal plant that at the same time injects into the proposal a nod to the sea and the essential vegetable touch of the Olleros universe. And all accompanied with fine Carballo potato, a creamy and unique variety.

An original and seductive suggestion. An idea that arises from a roadmap in which nothing is left to chance. «In everything we do there is a continuous search, innovation, of course modernity, we work five days a week on it, but also respect for culture and tradition». And above all an intention to share happiness. «We want the people who visit us to be happy, to enjoy the experience», he insists.

The chef at Culler de Pau selects the Pazo Baión label for the second course. A natural alliance that connects the recipe aromas with those of this Atlantic fruity wine. A natural marriage that has delighted many diners.


And to close the party in this Chritsmas menu, a «sweet but super fresh» dessert. Irresistible. Acederas with beet ice cream. A sweet with acidic and carbonic aromas that come from the contribution of the native apple, fermented for ten days and later blended.

A delicacy that Olleros pairs with Pazo Baión Gran a Gran, a very special albariño made with raisined grapes, which gives the wine hints of honey and candied fruits. «This is a dessert that takes you directly to the field and with this wine it really goes hand in hand», he concludes.

In short, the chef at Culler de Pau proposes a different Christmas menu for a different days. A proposal as attractive as it is unique. A trip to experience and enjoy the best of Galician gastronomy. We hope you enjoy it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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