Our wines once again seduce the critics

Our wines seduce the critics

Pazo Baión wines have once again seduce the critics, garnering distinctions and scores above 90 points in the main wine guides

The English writer and thinker William Makepeace Thackeray, after Charles Dickens, the most important literary figure of the 19th century in England, said that «with excellence comes recognition». Pazo Baión can attest that this statement is true. Our wines once again seduce the critics, for yet another year.

Both the flagship of the winery, Pazo Baión, as well as Vides de Fontán and Gran a Gran have seen their excellence recognized by the most prestigious wine guides.

Since Condes de Albarei took control of the pazo and its vineyards in 2008, the winery has enjoyed more than a decade of growth. Their single-estate Albariños have managed to seduce the critics and become reference wines for wine lovers.

Pazo Baión seduce the critics

Pazo Baión, the most awarded wine

The year ended on a high note when, at the beginning of December, the Gourmet Wine Guide chose Pazo Baión as the Best Young White Wine in Spain, rating it with 94 points out of 100.

And 2022 has started in an extraordinary way, with the news that the Guide to Wines, Spirits and Wineries of Galicia has awarded Pazo Baión with its Gold Medal 2022.

In addition, the first-born of the winery has been rated with 92 points by the Peñín Guide, achieving 93 points in the Proensa Guide and one more point, 94, in the «Living Wine» Guide.

However, its highest score was achieved, never better said, in the ranking of Wine Week: a fantastic 96 points.

All these awards and scores recognize the quality of Pazo Baión and place it as one of the most prestigious white wines on the market.

A single-vineyard wine that, as the critics have recognized, has reached another year of excellence. Thanks to the albariño grapes from the Pazo Baión estate and the care with which the winery’s winemaking team treats it. From the pruning of the vines to the bottling, including the aging on lees for six months in stainless steel tanks.

The result is a fresh and aromatic Albariño, which stands out for its fantastic structure. The perfect companion for any celebration and to taste with the best seafood.

The madurity of Vides de Fontán seduce the critics

Vides de Fontán, the value of maturity

Along with the medal awarded to Pazo Baión, Paadín’s Guide to Wines, Spirits, and Wineries of Galicia has also recognized another of the winery’s wines, Vides de Fontán, with the Great Gold 2022 Medal.

It directs the spotlight, thus, towards a unique wine, which relies on the acidity of the Albariño grape to improve over the years.

The recognition of Vides de Fontán has not stopped there. The Peñín Guide has rated it with 94 points and Wine Week with 96.

But it has been in the Proensa Guide where it has obtained the best score of all the single-estate Albariños of the winery: 97 points. A clear sign that our wines seduce the critics.

The youngest of the winery is, at the same time, the most mature of the three. Since we are talking about an Albariño with 3 years of aging. An aging process that gives it a great body and personality. An authentic delicatessen made with grapes from the highest plots of the estate.

Since its first vintage saw the light of day in 2019, the recognition by wine lovers has not stopped growing. This has been a real boost for Pazo Baión‘s winemakers in their work to perfect a unique creature.

Given its strong personality, Vides de Fontán has shown itself to be the perfect companion for meat, presiding over the best meals.

Gran a Gran seduce the critics

Gran a Gran, nobody’s bitter for a sweet one

The sweetest of Pazo Baión‘s Albariños, Gran a Gran, has also received critical acclaim. The Peñín Guide has awarded it 92 points and the Proensa Guide has given it another 92 points.

This wine is the product of an almost miraculous process, noble rot, carried out by a fungus on the grape, concentrating the must and readjusting its metabolism.

To protect this process, the grapes are harvested, as the name of the wine itself indicates, berry by berry, to be treated as meticulously as possible.

The result is a unique wine in the world, which is fresh on the palate and leaves a very pleasant sweet sensation. This fact makes Gran a Gran the perfect wine for tasting appetizers and enjoying the most delicious desserts.

In short, Pazo Baión starts 2022 in an unbeatable way: seeing how the effort of all its team and the quality of its raw material are recognized.

Our wines seduce the critics and wine lovers. The best incentive to continue working tirelessly in the production of Albariño wines with five centuries of history.



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