Pazo Baión is the perfect place to celebrate a wedding in Galicia

Pazo Baión offers a fascinating setting for a wedding in Galicia

With summer less than a month away, the wedding season begins to knock on our doors. In Pazo Baión we have already decorated all our corners so that the lovers can enjoy every second and every detail of the most beautiful day of their lives. The combination of nature, history, location, and quality products, make our pazo an enclave that brings together the best of celebrating a wedding in Galicia: landscapes, tradition, unparalleled gastronomic and wine delight.

Choosing the rings, arranging the guest tables so that people who can’t stand each other don’t cross paths, choosing the photographer… A wedding requires a lot of effort, dedication, and the ability to make decisions. But, without a doubt, the most important, besides the decision to get married, is the choice of the place where the wedding will be held.

It is not enough just to choose a beautiful location or a place where the menu and the wine offered are of high quality. It has to be The Venue. That way, in capital letters. A beautiful and elegant space that will amaze the guests and that is also photogenic. In addition, of course, the food and wine must be the best, to delight the senses of all the people who are part of the most special day of the bride and groom. Its location is also important, since, if it is located in an already beautiful enclave, the experience will be enhanced.

If all this were not enough, The Venue must tell a story. It must have a story behind it that fascinates and captivates those attending the event. Enriching, thus, the love story itself, whose most important chapter is being written that day. At Pazo Baión we fulfill all the checks on this list to celebrate an unrepeatable wedding in Galicia. And we are going to prove it to you.

A wedding in Galicia is not just any wedding

Galicians discover that a wedding in Galicia is not the same as in the rest of the world in two ways. Either when we attend a wedding ceremony in another place. Or when people from elsewhere attend their first wedding in Galicia. The first way causes surprise, but the second is more fascinating to observe. The faces of the first-time guests at the superb social ritual of celebrating a wedding in Galicia leave no room for doubt. They had never seen anything like it.

The exuberance of the spaces, the menu, and the wine that characterizes a wedding in Galicia has nothing to do with what happens beyond the Ancares and beyond the seas. That’s why once you taste the sweet kinds of honey of a wedding in Galicia, you won’t want to attend a ceremony anywhere else in the world. What’s more, the experience is so sublime that you will want to get married in these lands bathed by the ocean and wrapped in a blanket of green.

This is not to say that, in other places, these ceremonies are not celebrations full of magic, happiness, and the desire to have a good time. But a wedding in Galicia is something more. A real feast in which everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail. And whose wrapping is a nature full of magic. Undoubtedly, celebrating a wedding in Galicia is an experience that everyone should live, at least, once in a lifetime.

Nature to surprise outsiders

Precisely the strength of nature is the first thing that attracts the attention of people who are not Galician. And what we are most proud of, those of us who are. The endless succession of mountains and forests that cover the entire community, makes green the Galician color par excellence.

Nature looks beautiful in photos, but its strength is greater when it is nailed, live, in our retinas. Although we Galicians are accustomed to the permanent greenery of our lands, this does not detract one ounce of value from the natural landscapes we have.

In Pazo Baión this natural splendor is sublimated thanks to a sea of vineyards, a centenary palm grove, and gardens cared for to the millimeter. The result is a natural paradise, awarded the prize for the Best Wine Tourism Area and Space in Spain. A magical setting to celebrate a wedding in Galicia where nature shines as it deserves.

If to this we add that Pazo Baión is located a few kilometers from the sea, the panoramic view of the Galician nature is total. A dream enclave in the heart of the Rías Baixas.

The location is the central element of a wedding in Galicia

History to thrill the locals

Beyond the sublime charm of the gardens and vineyards, Pazo Baión stands out for its stones and the five centuries of history they hide. This ancient manor house has witnessed the passage of time and the transformation of the world, with wine as a constant.

What better place to celebrate a wedding in Galicia than a pazo that symbolizes permanence in the face of the vicissitudes of time?

The eternity of love and stone go hand in hand to write together a story full of romanticism. And, at the same time that the guests celebrate the love of the bride and groom, they can enjoy a fascinating historical space that shows us what Galicia was like in the past and how much we have changed. A story, undoubtedly, exciting that tells us about us and our roots.

And architecture to amaze everyone

The perfect setting for organizing and celebrating a wedding in Galicia is completed with a third element that serves as a connecting thread between nature and history: architecture. When the Pazo Baión estate was acquired in 2008 by the Condes de Albarei winery, it underwent a complete renovation. The project was carried out by César Portela, winner of the National Architecture Award. An architect who has been able to combine, like no other, the historical heritage and Galician culture with avant-garde architecture.

Pazo Baión, precisely, is an excellent example of this combination of past and innovation. Portela’s project was not limited to rehabilitating and reconditioning centenary spaces, but gave them a new life, mixing the enhancement of history with an air of modernity. The result is a fascinating enclave, where every detail has been taken care of to the maximum and everything responds to the same idea. And to a single story.

Every space of Pazo Baión is elegant and exudes authenticity. From the gardens to the galleries, to the wine cellar, and, of course, the hall where the wedding menu is enjoyed. Places where you would want to stay and where you are welcomed with open arms.

A thousand and one corners for an idyllic photographic reportage

All the spaces that makeup Pazo Baión make delight the people who enjoy them. Even more so on a day designed precisely for enjoyment and enjoyment. But they are also impressively photogenic places. The play between green and gray makes up a fantastic chromatic range to envelop the protagonists of the show: the bride and groom.

In addition, Pazo Baión stands out for an uncommon virtue: the estate has dozens of unique and different corners. The bride and groom can have their photo taken in one of the beautiful rooms of the manor house, but also in one of the spots in the garden, surrounded by flowers, or even in a palm grove.

The result is an idyllic and diverse photographic reportage. Populated by photos that seem to be taken in different places, but that, at the same time, tell the same story. A combination is difficult to find in a wedding in Galicia or anywhere else in the world.

All this without having to leave the property at any time. This greatly facilitates the work of the team of photographers, streamlines the session, and allows the bride and groom to enjoy even more the day they have dreamed of.

Menu and wine stand out at a wedding in Galicia
Photograhy: Bernabé

All the advantages of being in the heart of the Rías Baixas

As we mentioned before, the Pazo Baión estate is located in the Rías Baixas, just a few kilometers from the ría de Arousa, Europe’s marine pantry. A space halfway between the ocean and the continent where the best shellfish and mollusks of Spain are collected daily.

This allows guests to enjoy a getaway in the Rías Baixas before or after the wedding day and enjoy all its landscapes and delicacies.

But, above all, it provides the menu with the best products on the market. Fruits of the sea harvested a few kilometers away, fresh, and of the highest quality will delight the palates of all the people who accompany the bride and groom on the day they make their love official.

An authentic luxury that elevates the experience of celebrating a wedding in Galicia to its maximum expression. Combining a setting with a unique menu, made from the best raw materials of the continent.

The best wine in the world to pair with a splendid menu

If having the most coveted seafood in Europe were not enough, at Pazo Baión we offer you, as it could not be otherwise, the best way to pair them. In our modern winery, we elaborate, from the grapes harvested in our estate, three single-estate albariños with five centuries of history. Authentic works of craftsmanship that combine a millenary winemaking tradition with the latest technological advances.

Starters and desserts can be accompanied by Gran a Gran, a semi-dry wine whose honeyed notes make it a perfect match for this type of dish. A beginning and an end to a banquet sweetened by an elaboration product of noble rottenness.

Seafood and fish, basic elements of any wedding in Galicia, can be paired with Pazo Baión, the Best Young White Wine in Spain, according to the Gourmets Wine Guide. An Albariño of intense varietal perfume that, together with seafood, delights palates with the essence of the Rías Baixas.

While Vides de Fontán, the oldest of our single-vineyard wines, is the perfect choice if you opt for more original meat than the classic veal, such as lamb or suckling pig. Its toasted and spicy notes elevate this type of meat to the heaven of flavors.

If all this were not enough, we also have all the wines from the Condes de Albarei winery, so that everyone can toast to love and celebrate in style an unrepeatable day.

Pazo Baión, the value of experience in the celebration of weddings

If we said at the beginning that celebrating a wedding in Galicia is not like celebrating it anywhere else, it is important to point out that not just any place can host an event as important, complex, and well cared for as this one.

At Pazo Baión we have a decade of experience in wedding celebrations behind us. Every one of our spaces are prepared to host such a beautiful ceremony in which every detail matters. Not only do we have a sensational hall to celebrate the wedding ceremony, but we also offer the bride and groom all the corners of an iconic estate.

Nature, history, architecture, menu, and wine to celebrate a wedding in Galicia that makes the most beautiful dreams of couples come true. A true spectacle to celebrate love and fill all the senses with unparalleled beauty.

If, in addition, at the end of the party any guest is left wanting more, you can always buy the best Albariño wine and take with him a little piece of a perfect wedding in Galicia.



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