Our universe in 2 clicks. This is the new Pazo Baion’s ecommerce

The Pazo Baion's ecommerce is very agile and intuitive

The winery launches an innovative web portal to transform the shopping experience of Internet users. Pazo Baion’s ecommerce allows you to purchase its albariños wines in just a few clicks and consult the entire range of wine tourism and events on offer

Agile and usable. These are, in short, the hallmarks of the new Pazo Baion’s ecommerce. An innovative digital portal that aims to become a gateway to a unique and special universe. A wine and wine tourism project that has conquered critics and the public since it was launched back in 2008.

Pazo Baion’s ecommerce is based on an essential premise: to make the journey easier for Internet users. To this end, the development team that has worked on the project focused on achieving a very powerful loading speed and an extremely intuitive web navigation.

In just a couple of clicks, in fact, users will be able to purchase at the wine shop the extraordinary albarinos wines produced on the property: Pazo Baion, Pazo Baion Gran a Gran and Pazo Baion Vides de Fontan. Three extraordinary single-vineyard wines that drink from a tradition with five centuries of history.

But the new ecommerce of Pazo Baion is also, thanks to its online store, an open door to the entire wine universe of Condes de Albarei. The company that at the end of 2008 took the reins of the property to launch a wine tourism initiative now praised internationally.

The website allows the purchase of any of the products of both wineries in a secure and dynamic way. Through a very simple process, the purchase of bottles, packs or special editions that are periodically launched will end up in the user’s shopping cart.

All this, with the strictest security guarantees. The new Pazo Baion’s ecommerce has a payment gateway to make purchases by credit or debit card, in addition to the possibility of doing it through Pay Pal.

The digital portal goes further. The user will be able to access the entire Pazo Baion wine tourism offer. You can buy vouchers or make reservations to visit a fascinating property and perform all kinds of tastings of the Pazo Baion and Condes de Albarei albariños.

In addition to consulting all the information related to the events. Another point of interest within an estate of 33 hectares that represents an exercise in history, architecture and the best winemaking tradition within the Rias Baixas DO.

Pazo Baión’s ecommerce also focuses on the unique history of the project, its economic, cultural and social component. And it has a blog that will regularly collect quality content linked to the daily life of the winery.

In short, a state-of-the-art digital container to face a promising future with optimism.

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