A dream setting to make the best photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia

Pazo Baión is the ideal setting for the best photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia

Many elements come into play at a wedding. The location, the menu, the guests, the configuration of the tables, the bride and groom’s clothes… We could go on for days. But one issue that will be at the top of any list is the photographs. The wedding day lasts a few hours, and the images, on the other hand, stay with us forever. Human memory is elusive, it betrays us, it transforms over time, altering reality, fragmenting it. On the other hand, photos are static and their content remains unchanged over the years. That is why it is essential to find the perfect setting to get the best photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia.

What does space have to have to become The Place to portray the love of a newlywed couple? Although each of us has our notions and aesthetic preferences, we can all agree that the most beautiful nature, well-preserved historical heritage, and the most elegant architecture make up three elements of great value when it comes to creating a dream setting the best photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia.

Well, Pazo Baión has these three elements. Historical buildings, some with up to five centuries of life, all of them perfectly restored. Modern architectural elements, combine perfectly with the architecture of the past. And a nature overflowing with life, made up of hills of vineyards, but also designer gardens and some other surprises.

Next, we will tell you why Pazo Baión is a dream setting to photograph the best wedding in Galicia.

The preparation of the bride and groom: A gallery of nature

Of all the buildings and natural spaces that make up our estate, the pazo is undoubtedly the most iconic. Its two towers crowned with battlements are not easily erased from memory. But, despite how beautiful it looks from the outside, the pazo holds an immense amount of beauty inside.

All of its rooms have been restored with great care and attention to detail. In addition, the project of the illustrious architect César Portela chose to incorporate modern and elegant elements such as windows and galleries that open the pazo to the outside. That is, to the sunlight and all the charms of the surrounding estate.

Thanks to this, in the rooms of the old Casa de Fontán, the best photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia can be set in motion. Each room exudes elegance and history. The natural light bursts into the rooms, creating an almost magical atmosphere, which is captured in all its essence in the photographs. In addition, the stone, wood, and crystals give a lot of play to the professionals when composing the pictures that illustrate the preparation of the bride and groom for the big day. They, their clothes, and their loved ones look in all their splendor.

Although sometimes we do not pay attention to this phase, the snapshots of the preparation of the bride and groom are very important, because they capture like a few others the naturalness and nervousness of the protagonists.

Then I do: Outdoors and under the mantle of nature

If the wedding is civil, at Pazo Baión we have dozens of spaces in which to make the marriage official, hear emotional speeches and witness how the bride and groom say “I do”.

For example, in the Andalusian-inspired courtyard of the winery, the bride and groom can formalize their love surrounded by an imposing building, beautiful flowers and plants, and elegant statues. A corner that exudes romanticism on all four sides, where the couple and their guests can escape from the outside world and focus on what is important: the celebration.

But not only do we offer this set for the most transcendental act of the wedding. Our immense property has plenty of photogenic corners open to nature that can be used to organize the ceremony and illustrate the best photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia.

Therefore, the bride and groom can come to visit the property and let their imagination flow. There are so many possibilities offered by our estate that the capacity to dream is practically infinite.

The photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia has to give prominence to nature
Photo: Bernabé

«The bride and groom are still with the photos»: Goodbye to the tedious wait

After the wedding ceremony, the collective euphoria is sky-high. Both the bride and groom and their guests are brimming with happiness. It’s the perfect time to start the celebration. However, there is a coitus interruptus, as the bridal couple has to go and have their wedding photos taken. These snapshots are one of the most important parts of the best photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia. Hence, the professional and the bride and groom look for beautiful places to design and get the images.

Unfortunately, this often means that the bride and groom are absent from their celebration for a long time. Tempers fade and guests start to get impatient. Everyone enjoys the hors d’oeuvres, but there comes a point when everyone wants to enjoy the feast that awaits them.

But what is taking the bride and groom so long? Often it is because the place where the wedding is celebrated is not beautiful enough or does not have enough variety of landscapes to make the best photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia. On the other hand, if the wedding venue is a dream setting full of different corners, such as Pazo Baión, this process speeds up. The couple and the photographer don’t have to go anywhere. In a handful of meters, they have all the places they need to tell a story full of colors and sensations.

Telling a story in a place that breathes history

An excellent photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia has to be, above all, a story in images. The photographer has to tell us the love story of the couple. To do so, he counts on the complicity of the bride and groom, his professional talent, his technical equipment, and, yes, the setting in which he clicks his camera.

Therefore, the background is more important than we sometimes think. A couple can display the best of their smiles, the most extraordinary naturalness, or give each other a romantic kiss, but if what surrounds them does not exude beauty, the photo will not do them justice. And the photographic report will not be moving, stimulating or memorable.

At Pazo Baión we not only offer a wonderful place to organize a wedding but a blank canvas on which the bride and groom can paint their ideal wedding. But every meter of our property is a piece of living history. Five centuries is a lot. The passage of time has left its mark on every stone and every vine of Pazo Baión.

If a couple wants the photos of one of the most important days of their lives to transmit all the love they have for each other and how beautiful the story of their romance is, what better than to have the invaluable help of a setting that has plenty of history. A space in which every meter hides a secret.

Imbued with the magic of Galician Tuscany

When one enters the Pazo Baión estate, many things catch one’s attention. Of course the pazo itself, but also the majestic wine cellar or the delightful gardens. However, what impresses is everything that surrounds these elements: hills full of vines. Vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. A bucolic landscape that we are used to seeing in many films that portray Tuscany or the Napa Valley, but that we can also find in the valley of O Salnés. At the foot of the Arousa estuary.

As couples reading this article can imagine, this mantle of vineyards enhances any photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia. The intense green of the leaves of the vines in summer reaches unparalleled heights of visual beauty. But even if the wedding is held at a different time of the year, the vines will still be just as beautiful. For they are a demonstration of how fascinating the nature that surrounds us can be… and enriches our lives.

With this in mind, Pazo Baión’s vineyards not only provide the Albariño grapes that make up our three award-winning Albariños de Pago. But they also become the ideal setting to celebrate love. The bride and groom can stroll among the vineyards or use the sensational landscapes as an incomparable backdrop for the best photos. Such is their beauty that the possibilities of incorporating them into the best photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia are almost endless.

Pazo Baión has unique corners to enhance any photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia

A stop in the Caribbean

If the hills of Pazo Baión transport us to California or the heart of Italy, one of its most fascinating corners takes us straight to the Caribbean: the palm grove.

When, at the beginning of the 20th century, the indiano Adolfo Fojo took control of the Pazo Baión estate, he carried out a revolution on it. In addition to building the dairy, which today houses, among other facilities, the winery where our single-estate albariños are produced, he installed a spectacular palm grove. Why?

Many Indianos, that is, emigrants who returned to Galicia after «making the Americas», planted palm trees in their homes as a symbol of their lives and in recognition of what they had achieved on the other side of the Atlantic.

The extraordinary thing about the palm grove of Pazo Baión is the large number of palm trees that make it up, as well as its extraordinary care, which has led it to be included in the list of the best palm groves of the peninsula.

What better way to incorporate a small dose of exoticism into the photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia than showing a splendid centenary palm grove? All this, while incorporating a remarkable piece of the history of the country and its people.

At the foot of tradition

Precisely, Pazo Baión is a corner that is nourished by this history. From the pazo itself, a traditional building of the nobility, to the sensational dovecote, designed to raise pigeons and which today is an enormously surprising tasting room. And of course, the most emblematic architectural element of Galicia: the hórreo.

The bridal couple can incorporate the value and beauty of heritage and tradition into their photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia. The hórreo, as photogenic as the best haute couture models, will look sensational behind them.

The best photographs know how to perfectly integrate the story of their protagonists with the multiple stories told by such extraordinary environments as the Pazo Baión estate.

A festival of colors

Every photographer knows that the handling of light and chromatic composition are two of the basic pillars to capture the best snapshots. Therefore, a great photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia must be made up of images in which light and colors make the couple’s love shine like never before.

Pazo Baión, luckily, is a property full of multiple colors, thanks to its varied flora. The gardens and the inner courtyard of the winery include an endless number of floral plants, which in spring and summer flood every corner with the most amazing colors. A chromatic festival that, under the sunlight, looks like a thousand wonders.

Wherever you look, you will find a color that will fascinate and captivate you. A plant or a different and special flower. Can anyone think of a better setting to let love flow?

Escape to the sea

In addition to all its charms and unique corners, Pazo Baión has another advantage that makes it the ideal setting to organize the most special celebration and make a perfect photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia: its location.

Many brides and grooms want to incorporate into their wedding photograph an element as important in Galicia as the sea. The seascapes are, of course, beautiful. Their blues are a backdrop almost as beautiful as the greens of our vineyards.

Therefore, if a bride and groom want to pose with the Arousa estuary in the background, they can do it in just a few minutes, since our property is located a few kilometers from the sea. The getaway can be so quick that your guests won’t even know they left for a moment to incorporate the maritime element into the Pazo Baión equation.

The place where the banquet is held has to be beautiful for the photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia to shine
Photo: Bernabé

A luxury banquet in a luxury setting

The wedding menu is a crucial part of a wedding. All guests go with high expectations and hope not to be disappointed. While the raw materials are the basis for success, it is the chefs’ preparations that must elevate them to the status of delicacies. And the environment must round off the experience.

Hence, the spaces in which the food is served must be cozy and… look good in the photos.

The interior rooms of Pazo Baión combine, to perfection, the timeless beauty of the architecture of yesteryear, intelligently restored, with a modern and refreshing interior design. The chairs, the tables, the lighting, everything is perfect. The diners will feel that they are occupying a special place and the photographs will capture that feeling.

In any great photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia can not miss the photos of the guests and the portrait of traditional moments such as the delivery of the bouquet or the cutting of the cake.

In addition, the wedding dance can take place either indoors or outdoors. The important thing, undoubtedly, is to make that moment magical and transcendental… and to capture it for eternity in photographs.

Pazo Baión, container and content to organize and photograph the best wedding in Galicia

Pazo Baión is different from other estates, where the food is delicious, but the space gives little play. Or where you can take beautiful photos, but without much visual variety. Or where you can customize the interior spaces, but the exteriors are limited. Unlike all of them, at our property, we offer the bride and groom a total experience.

Going back to the beginning of this article, and to the endless list that a couple has to make to attend to all the key aspects of a wedding, at Pazo Baión we offer you container and content. A place where every detail is taken care of with extraordinary precision. Where past and present go hand in hand to host the most romantic events. A dream setting for the best and most beautiful photographic reportage of a wedding in Galicia.

The day of the celebration will be delicious, but the photographs that will protect it from the inexorable passage of time, will not be left behind.

Organize and enjoy the best wedding in Galicia, while a flood of photographs captures every memorable moment, framing it in a setting that overflows with beauty.



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