Planning a wedding years in advance. When the aspirational becomes reality

Planning a wedding years in advance allows the bride and groom to plan the event with peace of mind

Planning a wedding years in advance allows couples to book the date and venue of their dreams

Most couples getting married have been dreaming about their wedding day for years. Some have recreated every detail of one of the most important days of their lives. Many have shared with the people they love how they would like the ceremony and the party to celebrate their marriage. If a couple has decided to get engaged and is clear about the perfect place to do it… why not take advantage of all the benefits of planning a wedding years in advance?

With each passing year, more and more people are choosing to plan a wedding years in advance. Why? Most ceremonies are concentrated between June and September, and couples have to scramble to get their wedding to take place in the location they have dreamed of for years. In addition, in recent times, there has been a real boom in weddings throughout Spain and more noticeably in Galicia since the fame of a good wedding in Galicia has spread like wildfire through the spectacular events organized in these lands.

We must add that photographers, videographers, wedding planners, florists, DJs, music groups, and other suppliers have full schedules, and guests find it increasingly difficult to book a summer weekend.

On the other hand, planning a wedding years in advance allows people who want to make their love official to escape from this storm and organize with all the calm of the world the many aspects that must be considered when organizing such a special event.

Below, we will review six reasons for planning a wedding years in advance and make the day most longed for by couples as perfect as it is in their dreams and aspirations.

Finding and booking the perfect venue

Let’s face it, the most important thing about a wedding is that the couple love each other deeply, but the second most relevant element is the setting in which it will be held.

All couples who have dreamed (asleep and awake) about their wedding day are very clear about the space that best suits their tastes, needs and desires.

Unfortunately, if you don’t choose to plan your wedding years in advance, that ideal setting may not be available. So if you know where you want to get married, the best thing to do is to plan ahead.

The events team at Pazo Baión, with 15 years of experience behind them, often receives requests from future couples who wish to book this property more than a year in advance. Although we have not yet reached the summer of 2024, many couples are already preparing for their weddings, which will take place in the summer and fall of 2025.

The first and most important task when planning a wedding is deciding on the venue and contacting the venue to book it. Planning a wedding years in advance reduces the possibility that the perfect venue is already booked on the couple’s desired date.

Planning a wedding years in advance allows couples to reserve the perfect venue
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Freely choose the date that suits you best

Precisely, in the first phase, couples should decide the wedding venue, but also the date of the event. If you do not choose to plan a wedding years in advance, you may find that the day you had in mind: your dream venue is booked; an essential guest already has an engagement they can’t cancel; and another couple you know has beaten you to it.

Summer weekends are not infinite. If you proceed to plan a wedding years in advance, it is possible to choose the perfect day freely. In addition, we must remember that couples must balance their wedding with their professional work and, above all, with their honeymoon.

Some couples want the honeymoon as much as the wedding itself. So much so that they select the date based on the trip they want to take; think, for example, of a couple whose dream is to go to Japan and want to be in the land of the rising sun when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. Or other newlyweds who want to go to tropical destinations where the seasons of extreme weather phenomena must be considered.

Planning a wedding years in advance allows people to get everything to fit their wishes, not only the ceremony itself but also the honeymoon.

Get your favorite photographer to immortalize the most romantic day of your life

Human memory is fragile by nature. Luckily, photographs and videos help us fix our memories and allow us to return to them quickly. Or, put another way, the wedding day speeds by like a freight train in the middle of the night. However, photos are timeless, and we can return to them whenever possible.

That’s why deciding on the ideal wedding photographer and getting them available for the agreed date is not trivial. Suppose a couple decides to plan a wedding years in advance. In that case, they can focus on choosing the professional whose artistic and aesthetic taste best suits their desires and wishes, without worrying about whether or not they will be available.

After all, no one likes to be left with options B, C or D. Everyone wants to have the best professionals by their side, especially on one of the most important days of our lives.

In the case of a wedding ceremony, the confluence of a dream setting and a professional with sensitivity and experience can produce a perfect wedding photo reportage.

By planning a wedding years in advance, couples have no problem booking photographers, florists or musicians
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Make your wedding soundtrack sound just as you hear it in your head

Something similar can be said about music, which is becoming increasingly important in wedding celebrations.

In the past, the most essential part of this kind of event was the banquet. The menu was as important, if not more so, than the couple themselves. Nowadays, however, many couples place music at the center of the organization of a wedding. Choirs, instrumental groups, DJs, marching bands… Nowadays, some celebrations are like a music festival.

Why do we prioritize music? Through it, we express some of our most intense feelings, including love. In addition, music is present in many moments of great happiness, such as parties with friends and family.

A wedding without music is not a wedding.

Many couples have solid musical tastes and preferences for specific genres or artists. Therefore, planning a wedding years in advance is the best way to ensure that the soundtrack of the beginning of your marriage will sound as it does in the dreams you have harbored for years.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan a wedding years in advance, the problems of finding the best musicians will increase since many of them will have other commitments scheduled.

Organizing and supervising every detail without stressing out

From everything we have said so far, we can draw one conclusion: planning a wedding years in advance is the best way to avoid rushing against the clock, misunderstandings, unforeseen events, stress, arguments, forgetfulness and problems that arise at the last minute.

Everyone who has been involved in organizing a wedding knows that it is arduous and, above all, detailed work. Couples have to be aware of many issues simultaneously. This is why there are more wedding planners and couples who make lists to systematize all the actions they have to undertake.

It is clear that if a couple decides to plan a wedding years, they will have more time to accomplish all their tasks, distribute them over time and manage themselves so that the adventure of planning a wedding is an exciting, thrilling and pleasurable journey and not a physically and mentally exhausting process.

Weddings are a unique event that requires a lot of effort and passion
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Avoid having your loved ones already have other commitments on their agenda

How many plans do you already have scheduled for this summer? Nowadays, it is difficult not to accumulate parties, get-togethers, trips, meetings and all kinds of events during the summer months. Therefore, the sooner we are notified of a plan, the more likely we will be able to make an appointment for the date it will happen.

Of course, this also applies to weddings. If you don’t want any of your guests to tell you that they can’t be present on the day you’re getting married, the best thing to do is to plan a wedding years in advance and anticipate the flurry of plans that may arise.

After all, the place of your dreams is essential for your wedding to be just as you have thought it up little by little over the years, but it is the people who make a wedding become an unforgettable celebration.

In short, do not clip the wings of your dreams. Your wedding day has to be magical. If you decide to plan a wedding years, you will be able to:

  • Book a place where nature and history combine to form a unique setting, such as Pazo Baión.
  • Choose the date that best fits your schedule and your honeymoon and in which your guests are free.
  • Hire photographers, musicians and other professionals to help you make the ceremony and party beautiful, fun and memorable.
  • Plan your wedding years with a lot of excitement and not a bit of stress.



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