Surprise your partner with a romantic getaway in Rías Baixas

Preparing a romantic getaway among vineyards is the best way to give a special gift to your partner

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with the person you love by sharing a romantic getaway in the heart of the Rías Baixas

Love is the purest and most intense human feeling. Wars have been declared throughout history, and armistices have been signed for love. This feeling has driven thousands of artists to create everlasting works, from the caves to the digital world. Love for our ancestors has allowed centuries-old knowledge, such as vine growing and winemaking, to be passed down from generation to generation, right up to the present day. For all these reasons, any excuse is good for celebrating love. And what better excuse than to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Day of lovers?

Although many people are not devoted to Valentine’s Day, this date is the perfect occasion to surprise the people we love with a romantic getaway in which the important thing is not material objects but the possibility of sharing beautiful experiences.

Would you like to prepare a different plan that allows you and your partner to escape from routine and enjoy an experience you will remember for years? At Pazo Baión, we propose a journey through the soul of the albariños, which begins in the land where the vines grow and end with a few glasses of wine ready to take over your senses.

A walk to remember among vineyards, gardens and fruit orchards

As with love, another of the constants of human history is our relationship with nature. Few things subjugate and fascinate us more than love relationships and the power of natural spaces.

At Pazo Baión, we know this well.

For more than five centuries, nature has been the protagonist of this small refuge. An estate made up of dozens of hectares of vineyards arranged on spectacular hills, but also of other natural corners such as a superb palm grove with more than 100 years of life, sublime gardens with a great variety of flowering plants or dozens of fruit trees that fill the wind with soft aromas.

If we add to all this the prominence of water on our property, flowing slowly through it and filling it with life, we get a unique natural space conditioned to be walked through calmly.

What better way to start a romantic getaway than enjoying bucolic landscapes? Wherever you look at Pazo Baión, you will find a snapshot worthy of being photographed. You can immortalize your romantic getaway by taking pictures of yourself against a beautiful backdrop that will make your love shine like the first day.

Through our romantic getaway you can discover the similarities between great wines and the most beautiful relationships

Dedication, patience and love. A winery is a lot like a relationship

The first stage of a romantic getaway at Pazo Baión consists of discovering the enclaves that make up this centenary estate and experiencing its natural and architectural heritage first-hand. The second stage occurs in an exceptional space, the true heart of the property: the winery where only single-estate Albariño wines are made.

A Pazo Baión professional will guide you through a space that will surprise you as soon as you enter. Why? Our winery is in a centenary building surrounded by enormous stone columns. However, inside, you will find a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, such as a concrete egg that allows us to produce Videos de Fontán, a long-aged Albariño. This combination of tradition and modernity, past and future, legacy and innovation is fascinating. And it also allows us to weave a parallel between a winery and a relationship. Why?

Love, like wine, requires the people involved to have enormous patience, be dedicated, and work continuously to achieve the best results, combining their experience with new ideas. After all, winemaking and building a long-lasting relationship are two activities that require continuous learning. What could be more beautiful than learning and growing alongside the person you love?

In our winery, you can learn the keys to a sophisticated, complex and delicate process… just like the best relationships.

Experience five wines that are small works of art through the senses

How does the romantic getaway we offer you at Pazo Baión end? With a sensational tasting of five Rías Baixas wines led by a professional from our winery. Five elaborations that perfectly represent the soul of the Albariño wines. Three Condes de Albarei wines and two of our Rías Baixas:

  • Condes de Albarei. An Albariño with a medium-high intensity stands out for its clean and elegant floral aromas. A fresh and ample wine that has been conquering the hearts of wine lovers for decades.
  • Carballo Galego. This wine has aromas of ripe fruit and notes related to barrel aging, such as the aromas of coffee and vanilla. The fact that this wine is dense and long must be added to this aromatic complexity.
  • En Rama. Rose petal, rockrose, honey… These are some of the surprising aromas of En Rama. It is an opulent, silky, and balanced wine.
  • Vides de Fontán. There are few Albariños on the market that have been aged for three years. Vides de Fontán is one of them. A Rías Baixas is “balanced, with volume and nerve, smooth, tasty, ample and long,” according to the Proensa 2024 Guide, which has awarded it 96 points out of 100, an honorable rating.
  • Gran a Gran. If Vides de Fontán is an out-of-the-ordinary wine, Gran a Gran is not far behind. An Albariño that cannot be made every year because it depends on a natural miracle: a late harvest in which raisined grapes and clusters affected by noble rot are harvested. This Albariño is, according to the Peñín Guide 2024, “tasty” wine with notes ranging from candied fruit to saffron.

Would you like to discover all these qualities and many others we have yet to tell you about? Our winery guide will help you sharpen your senses during the end of this romantic getaway so that you can unravel all the aromas and virtues of these wines and enjoy them in all their complexity. Because yes, just like love, wines are extraordinarily complex. And they feed our most sincere passions.

A romantic getaway that can be enjoyed after Valentine’s Day

When can you enjoy this romantic getaway? Does it only make sense on Valentine’s Day? Of course not. After all, this year, Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday, right in the middle of the working week.

That’s why you can invite your partner to experience a romantic getaway together and take it over the weekend. Or even later.

You decide the best day to celebrate love in a place that has hosted dozens of weddings, the romantic event par excellence, the most special day for a couple.

After all, love is just as important any day of the year. And a romantic getaway with the person who accompanies you in your day-to-day life, in good times and not so good, is a beautiful experience, no matter when it is enjoyed.

As an iconic ballad from the Spanish songbook says, “Love hypnotizes you; it makes you dream.” Why not invite your partner to dream in a place that has hypnotized thousands over five centuries?



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