A spring menu for outdoor dining

All you need for a great spring menu is high quality produce and fresh, characterful wines to pair with it

Pazo Baión wines are perfect for a spring menu where embers and seasonal products shine and which can be enjoyed with friends and family

Autumn and winter are two perfect seasons for stews, but spring invites us to move the kitchen outdoors, put the grill to work for us and enjoy the best-grilled fish and meat. So what better way to make the most of the weekends than by inviting friends and family over for lunch and delighting them with a spring menu where seasonal products such as strawberries are the stars.

To help you in this mission, we have designed a simple spring menu that will delight your guests without forcing you to cook for hours. In addition, we propose three wines that pair sensationally with each of the three dishes that make up this spring menu: Pazo Baión, Vides de Fontán and Gran a Gran. These Rías Baixas wines are created from grapes grown in the Pazo Baión vineyards and result from a fusion between tradition and the avant-garde.

Without further ado, we tell you how to prepare an ideal spring menu to enjoy between laughter and toasts.

Grilled anchovies with Pazo Baión

From April onwards, the season of one of the most appreciated blue fish in our gastronomy begins anchovies. This fruit of the sea has so much personality that it is enough to turn it over and over on a grill to obtain a dish full of flavour with which to start a spring menu.


The most complex step in preparing grilled anchovies is to clean them well, removing the guts and washing them with care and precision in cold water. Once the anchovies are ready, the only thing to do is to prepare the grill, placing the coals about 20 centimetres apart. The anchovies are brushed with olive oil and put on the grill. When they are on fire, just let them cook for about 2 minutes on each side, sprinkle them with a bit of salt, and they are ready. It’s that quick and easy.

Accompaniment and pairing

Want to add a side dish to the anchovies? You can use the grill to cook seasonal vegetables to give this dish an extra touch to a spring menu. We recommend green asparagus, sliced courgettes, and tomatoes. With the grill well-cleaned and greased, let the firework for you.

What is the best ally for a product as intense as anchovies? Pazo Baión is the Best Young White Wine in Spain, according to the specialist publication Vivir el Vino. Why? This Rías Baixas stands out for its freshness and citrus aromas that perfectly complement the flavour of the anchovies. We assure you that starting your spring menu with delicious anchovies and a glass of Pazo Baión is a safe bet.

Spring is a great time to organise outdoor meals with friends and family

Grilled chicken legs with Fontán Vines

Spring is also one of the most popular times of the year to eat poultry, whether game or farmed. And what is the most important poultry in our gastronomy? Chicken. So, taking advantage of the fact that you have already made the coals and you have the grill at full capacity, why not grill chicken? It is a simple, healthy, and classic option for a spring menu that can be devoured outdoors, enjoying the pleasant weather that this season brings.


First, marinate the chicken legs with olive oil, finely chopped garlic, salt and pepper. You can do this the night before. When the time comes, place the chicken on a clean, pre-greased grill. Use different grills for fish, vegetables, and chicken. The cooking time for the legs is usually around 10 minutes on each side, and it is advisable to turn them every three or four minutes to ensure even cooking.

Accompaniment and food pairing

How can you accompany roast chicken? Making a simple mashed potato or preparing a fresh salad with seasonal produce such as lettuce, beetroot, or apricots can give it a different touch.

Regarding pairing, we recommend an exceptional Rías Baixas wine: Vides de Fontán. This Albariño has been aged in our cellar for three years. This delicate and complex process gives the wine spicy notes that enhance the flavour of white meats. In addition, Vides de Fontán offers other surprising aromas, such as notes of freshly baked brioche and presents a long and intense development in the mouth.

A delicate and simple strawberry mousse is the best choice to end a fresh and fun spring menu

Strawberry Mousse with Gran a Gran

Although some desserts can be grilled, the time has come to let the embers die out. To close your spring menu, we propose a traditional dessert where the protagonists are the most prototypical spring fruits: strawberries. Why do you know anyone who doesn’t like strawberries? Although you could make a fresh and light fruit salad, we recommend that you prepare a strawberry mousse, a true classic that conquers the stomachs of the youngest but also the oldest, and which, thanks to its texture, is not at all heavy or cloying.

If you enjoy your spring menu in the garden at home, you can keep the mousse in the fridge until it’s time to eat it. If, on the other hand, the meal is being held elsewhere, you can put the mousse jars in a cooler to keep their texture and consistency. These coolers can also keep our albariños at the ideal temperature to enjoy all their goodness.


Like the previous dishes in this spring menu, the strawberry mousse is very simple to make:

  1. Wash the strawberries, cut them into pieces and mash them into a strawberry puree.
  2. Whip the cream with half of the sugar in a bowl until stiff.
  3. Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks.
  4. Start beating the egg whites; when frothy, add the rest of the sugar and continue beating until the egg whites are perfectly whipped.
  5. Combine the cream, egg whites, and crushed strawberries in a large bowl. The movements should be gentle and enveloping, as the egg whites are very delicate. Once the mixture is homogeneous, you can pour it into small glass containers. Chill for 4 hours, so we recommend preparing the dessert for your spring menu the day before.
  6. Before serving, place a halved strawberry and a mint leaf in each glass. This will improve the presentation, but the mint will also add an extra touch of freshness to the mousse.


How can a strawberry mousse be paired? With a raised Albariño such as Gran a Gran. This semi-dry wine has notes of candied and candied fruit, which blend with sweet dishes such as strawberry mousse. Moreover, this Rías Baixas is perfect for toasting before the meal is over.

After a winter that has been especially hard this year, after many weeks of rain, we all feel like going outdoors, getting together with the people we love and sitting around a table with them. This spring menu paired with Pazo Baión albariños can enhance any outdoor social gathering because it has four valuable strengths:

  • All the preparations are simple and are carried out in just a few minutes.
  • It highlights the value of outdoor cooking and vindicates the use of the grill in our gastronomy.
  • It is based on seasonal products such as anchovies and strawberries.
  • It is enhanced by combining it with five centuries-old Albariños, which have been lovingly prepared and praised by specialised critics.



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