The 3 Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión continue to be installed in excellence

The Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión have again seduced the wine critics

The main wine guides recognize the personality and structure of the Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión, awarding them scores above 90 points

Among the many teachings bequeathed to us by Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers of all time, we can highlight the reminder that excellence is not achieved by chance, but is a habit that must be put into practice every day. This lesson articulates all the work carried out by the professionals of our winery to produce three unique wines. The most important wine guides in Spain have awarded, for one more year, the know-how and effort of our winegrowers and winemakers, By granting the three Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión scores above 90 points.

These awards highlight the quality of an extraordinary raw material: Albariño grapes grown in a unique place. As well as the commitment of our winery to combine a tradition of five centuries of history with the most innovative techniques.

Below, we will describe the scores obtained by each of the Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión and the characteristics highlighted by some of the guides in their tasting notes.

Pazo Baión is a tasty albariño with good acidity

The flagship of our winery stands out for its fruity notes. The Proensa Guide 2023 emphasizes its ripe sensations, a consequence of its fruity features and good evolution. The Peñín Guide 2023 also highlights the fruity expression of Pazo Baión and the importance of ripe fruit and floral and mineral aromas.

Regarding the tasting phase, Proensa states that Pazo Baión has a good mouthfeel and is characterized by being glyceric, very smooth, dry, and tasty. This last adjective, tasty, also appears in Peñín’s tasting note, which also emphasizes its freshness and fruity retronasal.

Both guides agree in applauding one of the essential elements of this wine: its acidity. The grapes used to make the Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión have an overflowing acidity that is essential for making the three Albariños, especially Pazo Baión.

The Gourmets Wine Guide also recognizes the virtues of Pazo Baión, awarding it 92 points. The same as those awarded by the Peñín Guide. A slightly higher score than the 91 points obtained in the Proensa Guide for this Albariño, which stands out for its intense varietal perfume.

All the Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión concentrate in their interior the most notorious characteristics of the albariño grape variety. But the elaboration baptized with the same name of the bottle shines with its light this varietal identity. Hence, Pazo Baión is a sensational choice to enjoy seafood: shellfish, fish, mollusks… All of them match perfectly with the freshness of this wine.

The Rías Baixas from Pazo Baión stand out for their aromas and development in the mouth

Gran a Gran is an unctuous wine, sweet and expressive in aromas.

The three Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión are special wines, made from grapes harvested especially for their production. If this is true in the case of Pazo Baión and Vides de Fontán, it is even more important in the case of Gran a Gran. This Albariño is the result of a miracle: noble rot. A process that takes place in some grapes from our estate and serves to concentrate the must.

This fascinating raw material allows our winemakers to make a singular, well-defined, and fine wine, in the words of the Proensa Guide. According to the Peñín Guide, this wine stands out for its aromas of candied fruit, nuts, hydrocarbon, and honeyed notes.

In addition, Gran a Gran is pleasant in the mouth. An Albariño with a creamy body and center, unctuous, fruity, and sweet. All these virtues make it worthy of a fantastic 93 points in the Gourmets Wine Guide and 92 points in the guides elaborated by Peñín and Proensa.

We are talking about an ideal Albariño to enjoy with the most delicious appetizers and the most succulent desserts. A semi-dry raisin wine that is surprising from the ripening of the grapes used to make it to its long development in the mouth, through its syrupy tones.

The highest score obtained by the Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión is for Vides de Fontán

Vides de Fontán is an elegant, complex, and tasty elaboration

The highest mark obtained by the Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión in the main wine guides in 2023 has been achieved by Vides de Fontán. The Proensa Guide has awarded it 95 points. Through this excellent score, it has applauded the sensation of depth on the nose and unity in the mouth of an Albariño whose aging process takes up to three years.

The winemakers who design, make, and care for Pazo Baión’s Rías Baixas control every aspect of Vides de Fontán’s complex maturation process. The result of this choral effort overflows all the senses. The Peñín Guide highlights its elegance, as well as its aromas of herbs, fine lees, stone fruit, and low tide. Both this publication and the Gourmets Wine Guide have recognized Vides de Fontán with outstanding scores. 92 points for the former, 90 for the latter.

Of the three Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión, Vides de Fontán is the one that undergoes the most laborious aging, as we mentioned before, which gives it a very special balance. Moreover, as it is oily and dry in the mouth, it is the perfect wine to pair with the best white meats. It turns the taste of a suckling pig or a quail into an authentic culinary festival.

Pazo Baión’s Rías Baixas: The prestige of the only single-estate Albariños

Since 2008, when Condes de Albarei became the owner of Pazo Baión and launched an exciting wine tourism and winemaking project, many things have happened.

Throughout these almost 15 years of life, Pazo Baión has established itself as a benchmark in the wine tourism sector at the national level and as a pioneering winery. The commitment to produce the only single-estate Albariños, that is, wines made solely and exclusively from grapes harvested in the vineyards that make up the property, has conquered wine lovers. Not only nationally, but also internationally.

The sensational scores obtained by the Rías Baixas of Pazo Baión in the most important wine guides are an endorsement of the work of all the professionals who are part of this project. These recognitions make us face the future with enthusiasm. And they renew our desire to continue searching for excellence day by day.



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