6 reasons to have a wedding in Galicia in autumn

A wedding in Galicia in autumn can be a true spectacle of colors, flavors and emotions

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Celebrating a wedding in Galicia in autumn has many advantages both in terms of organization and in terms of aesthetics, photographs, and menu

Summer is moving away in the rearview mirror at the same speed at which we enter the new season. We say goodbye to beach vacations, popular parties, and afternoons by the pool, but also to the time when most weddings take place. Although sunbathing on the beach, local festivals, and outdoor pool parties are purely seasonal matters, weddings can be organized at any time of the year. The important thing is not the date, but the magic that is generated that day.

For this reason, we must value the discreet charm of a wedding in Galicia in autumn. A splendorous ritual of love adorned by a beautiful palette of natural colors.

Precisely, autumn nature presents a beauty that differentiates it from the rest of the seasons of the year. The natural squares have neither the cold tones of winter nor the intense greens of spring and summer. Instead, there is magma composed of multiple shades. From red to yellow, orange, ochre, and brown, what better backdrop for a splendid white dress than this sensational range of colors?

But the discreet charms of a wedding in Galicia in autumn are not limited to the colors of Mother Nature, but go far beyond. From a greater number of facilities to organize the ceremony to the design of the menu.

Today we are going to tell you six reasons why organizing a wedding in Galicia in autumn can be a fantastic idea to celebrate the love of the couple that will officially unite their destinies.

6 reasons to say «I do» in autumn

Greater freedom and availability

The direct consequence of most weddings being concentrated in July and August is that pazos, caterers, and restaurants are in huge demand. But also photographers, wedding planners, and many other services that come into play in the organization of such a special event.

If this has been going on for decades, the fact is that the increase in weddings after the pandemic has magnified these issues.

After all, in 2022, not only have the pre-pandemic wedding numbers recovered but the cancellations and delays caused by the pandemic have led to record numbers.

Thus, autumn becomes a perfect option to organize the perfect wedding in Galicia. Couples will be able to design the celebration to their liking, have all the services they like, and choose the date without having to make a mess of things or fight with other future marriages.

The weather

Many couples decide to get married in July or August because of the weather. The summer heat invites you to be outdoors and leave the umbrellas and coats in the closet.

But if the heat waves we’ve experienced this summer have shown us anything, it’s that these months can make us sweat a lot. And no one likes to have to go to a wedding and struggle with the high temperatures. Men can’t stand ties, and women’s feet start to slip in their shoes…

In autumn, on the other hand, the weather is much milder. It’s not as cold as in winter, but it doesn’t get as hot as in summer either.

Admittedly, you may need a little jacket if the day is cloudy or windy. And men may want to keep their jackets on. But a little bit of fresh air at a certain point of the celebration… it is even appreciated.

So the weather and temperatures, far from being a handicap, are an advantage when deciding to organize a wedding in Galicia in autumn.

A wedding in Galicia in autumn is not hot and, on the other hand, you can enjoy incredible landscapes


The light and the photographs

Nobody is unaware that one of the keys to a wedding in Galicia in autumn, summer, or whatever the season, is the photographic reportage.

Images help human beings to express themselves and to fix their memories. A practice that our ancestors already carried out and that we continue to do today. Photos are very important documents to build our memory.

On the day of the wedding, a couple has to be aware of a thousand things at once. The gale of emotions may take some memories with them. However, thanks to photographs, they will be able to reconstruct what happened on their most romantic and special day.

Well, the most important thing when taking a photograph is the light. Without light, there are no images. And there is no more beautiful light in the whole year than sunlight in autumn. During these months the rays of the star over which we orbit acquire a magical golden color. A beauty is unparalleled in any other season.

Therefore, if you want your photographic report to be worthy of a gold medal for aesthetic excellence, do not hesitate, nothing like celebrating a wedding in Galicia in autumn.

The natural landscapes that populate a wedding in Galicia in autumn

At the beginning of this article, we emphasized that one of the key elements behind the discreet charm of a wedding in Galicia in autumn is the colors that acquire the landscapes of our community.

The green mountains of summer mutate their color giving way to kilometer-long blankets in which green merges with ocher or yellow. An authentic visual spectacle that will leave indifferent neither the guests from here nor, much less, those from outside.

In spring and autumn, we are fully aware of how powerful nature is. Of all the enigmas it hides and that we are unable to decipher. Autumn reminds us that time is fleeting and that we must live it to the fullest. And what better teaching than that for a day that revolves around two people who give themselves to each other to try to be very happy together until time catches up with them?

As if this were not enough, the colors of autumn turn breathtaking natural places like Pazo Baión into the best setting to celebrate love… and to capture it through photographs and videos.

In a wedding in Galicia in autumn, nature and aesthetics go hand in hand to round off an event that has to be perfect.

Celebrating love with a wedding in Galicia in autumn means enjoying the best raw materials and delighting in the chromatic variety of natural spaces


Culinary delicacies

As any good chef knows, one of the basics of cooking is to always take advantage of seasonal products. Strawberries are very tasty, but perhaps not the ideal fruit for a September dessert. On the other hand, chestnuts can give rise to authentic sweet and savory delicacies to make the perfect wedding menu for a wedding in Galicia in autumn.

Pazo Baión is fortunate to be located at the foot of Europe’s marine pantry, the Arousa estuary, which provides us with the best fish and seafood.

In addition, autumn is the time when, traditionally, Galician households made their liqueurs, after the grape harvest, and proceeded to put an end to the breeding of pigs.

On the other hand, Galician calves graze in the rejuvenated pastures after the autumn rains and some of the most characteristic trees of the Galician landscape such as chestnut, walnut, and apple trees bear their delicious fruits.

Deciding to celebrate a wedding in Galicia in autumn not only means betting on dreamy landscapes, but also on glorious menus, capable of turning the best raw materials into delicacies.


We (almost) all love summer, with its vibrant social life and long days. But it is also difficult not to arrive in autumn longing for a bit of peace.

Stringing together celebration after celebration during July and August produces two consequences inside us. On the one hand, it generates certain tiredness. Both physically and mentally. Neither our body nor our brain has time to rest.

On the other hand, it causes us not to value events as important as a wedding as they deserve.

On the other hand, in the midst of the autumn calm, a wedding is an event that no one wants to miss and that everyone wants to enjoy to the fullest.

In other words, a wedding in Galicia in autumn can shine with its light. A light that, inevitably, will be as golden as the sun at this time of the year.

Pazo Baión, a paradise conquered by autumn

The transition between summer and autumn is marked, at Pazo Baión, by the grape harvest. Once the harvest is over, our estate begins to be conquered by autumn.

The predominant greenery gives way to the oranges, yellows, ochres, and reds of autumn. The result is a mosaic of multiple colors that looks almost like an impressionist painting. If Monet could contemplate the landscapes of Pazo Baión he would be forced to draw his brush and give himself up to art.

In addition, the microclimate of our estate, close to the estuary but protected from it, means that in autumn the temperatures are pleasant, avoiding the cold that can occur in other places.

If all this were not enough, in Pazo Baión we have, during all the months of the year, our single-estate Albariños with five centuries of history.

Three Rías Baixas brim with personality and structure and stand out for their varietal perfume and long development in the mouth. Not only do photos fix our memories, but the best wines can also do it.

In short, although the custom of getting married in summer is deeply rooted, the truth is that a wedding in Galicia in autumn can become the best of celebrations. A real delight for the senses that will enhance, even more, the love that the couple professes to each other and the happiness of all their guests.



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