Where the wines are tasted at Pazo Baión: The Temple, the Dovecote, and the Round Table

Where the wines are tasted conditions the experience

It is not only the things we do that matter but also where we do them. Spaces not only make up the geography of our lives but also our emotional cartography. Our parents’ house, the school where we studied, the building where we worked for so many years… Physical places condition our daily lives and remain embedded in our memory. They form an inseparable part of the events we remember. That is why at Pazo Baión we are aware of the importance of the spaces where the wines are tasted on our property.

We are fortunate that the Pazo Baión estate is full of iconic and quiet corners. Relaxing and beautiful places where one can calmly sip a glass of our single-estate albariños while enjoying the surrounding nature and history.

Beyond this fact, at Pazo Baión we have set up three superb spaces where you can taste the single-estate wines produced in our winery, as well as other Condes de Albarei wines, depending on the wine tourism plan selected by the visitors. Three very special places that remind us of first-class cultural references: the Temple, the Dovecote, and the Round Table.

The Temple: The tasting room

In many historical spaces, secrets are hidden beneath what we can see with the naked eye. Fantastic things buried under the weight of history. Or, as in the case of Pazo Baión, buried underground. Literally.

When the prestigious architect César Portela started to work on the rehabilitation and reform of Pazo Baión entrusted to him by Condes de Albarei, he discovered that in a part of the old dairy of the estate there was a room full of earth that, in reality, had an extraordinary height. That room today is the tasting room of a wine tourism complex.

Once cleaned and emptied, what remained was a space that stands out for its impressive height, thanks to imposing and beautiful stone columns. Precisely, these columns give it an aspect similar to that of a temple or cathedral. Hence we can designate it as the Temple of Pazo Baión.

The spaciousness of the room makes the visitor feel, indeed, that he is in a sacred place, where transcendental things happen. Imbued with this special atmosphere, the tasting acquires another dimension. The places where wines are tasted are always important, but if, in addition, the space has a magical aura, it becomes another protagonist of the ritual.

The old dovecote is one of the places where the wine is tasted at Pazo Baión

The Dovecote: New life, new use

Although it does not have the fame of the Colosseum or the Vatican, one of the most imposing and fascinating monuments in Rome is the Pantheon of Agrippa. A building that imposes for its solid exterior, but that captivates for its well-studied interior. A space where the light falls from the sky to transform architecture into art.

Something similar happens in the dovecote of Pazo Baión, one of the places where the wines are tasted on our property. A traditional space, linked to the architecture of the nobility, which no longer fulfills the same functions as in the past. Thus, the pigeons that inhabited its interior have given way to people who wish to enjoy the unique single-estate albariños.

The dovecote has been rehabilitated to recover its luster and recondition it for its new purpose. The result is breathtaking. The light produces a fascinating luminous effect in the building and the cells that cover its interior walls turn this space into a work of art.

Once inside, around a wonderful table, and with the fresh albariños waiting to be tasted, the predominant sensation is warmth. In addition, its wonderful natural lighting makes the tasting even more delicate and special. Comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand to turn this historic dovecote into one of the places where the most extraordinary wines are tasted, not only from Pazo Baión but from all over the country. A unique tasting room.

At Pazo Baión there are indoor and outdoor spaces where the wines are tasted

The Round Table: The pleasure of tasting outdoors

The spaces where the wines are tasted at Pazo Baión are not only indoors. Places where centenary stones surround the tasting experience. We also have outdoor spaces perfectly conditioned to enjoy our Albariño wines.

When César Portela designed the reform of Pazo Baión, he decided to humanize the natural spaces, including benches, tables, and paths so that everyone could enjoy the most of a unique natural environment. A paradise in the heart of the Rías Baixas.

One of these natural corners designed for the use and enjoyment of visitors is a sensational round table of solid stone surrounded, in turn, by stone stems also circular. Space is full of charm amid the natural splendor of our farm and overlooking the old Casa de Fontán.

There are few experiences more pleasurable for a wine lover than tasting delicious albariños in the open air in a dreamlike natural setting. That is why the best way to take advantage of the days when the weather is in our favor is to end our wine tourism plans with a tasting at the round table. Especially if the visitors are part of a group.

All of them were seated around the table, as if they were King Arthur’s knights, ready to toast and, above all, to learn everything about our Albariño wines through the three phases of the tasting: visual, olfactory, and gustatory. And, around them, an imposing setting. Nature and history at their best.

Where the wines are tasted: The continent that surrounds the experience

After this brief review of three of the places where the wines are tasted at Pazo Baión, we can safely say that the continent of the tasting, i.e. the space where it takes place, is fundamental to having the best experience.

It is not the same to enjoy a glass of great wine in a cozy place, designed specifically for the tasting and the realization of each of its phases, as in a nondescript space, lacking in aesthetic values or where our senses can be disturbed.

Tasting is still a ritual or ceremony and all of them need their own space. That is why the Pazo Baión project has always emphasized the value of the places where the wines are tasted. Three corners where history and beauty merge to serve as a container for the best wine experiences.



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