Why organize a wedding in Galicia and not anywhere else?

Organising a wedding in Galicia means making sure that the party will be unforgettable

Gastronomy, value for money, landscapes, heritage and local wines are some of the reasons to organize a wedding in Galicia

Although the summer of 2024 has just begun, many couples already have their minds and hearts set on the summer of 2025. They have decided to make their love official and marry next year. Once the date is set, determining where the celebration will occur is most important. If there is one place in fashion, it is, without a doubt, Galicia. But what does Galicia offer that other parts of our country don’t?

Below, we are going to tell you about the advantages of organizing a wedding in Galicia and why these reasons can be the main pillars on which to build a celebration in which love and happiness are the protagonists… as well as the couple getting married, of course.

Value for money

The main reason for organizing a wedding in Galicia is related to an essential aspect of any event of this type: money. Every couple wants to have a beautiful and fun celebration without having to spend all their savings. For this reason, many couples choose to organize a wedding in Galicia since, in this land, the economic investment yields much more. Why?

Firstly, there is a strong wedding sector and a great deal of competition, which means that the prices of wedding venues and suppliers (florists, photographers, musicians…) are also competitive. Secondly, the Galician estuaries, fields and vineyards provide the best raw materials for a wedding menu, which allows chefs to prepare delicious dishes without skyrocketing costs.

As a result, some couples considering organizing a wedding in Galicia are surprised when they ask for quotes and compare the services included in them with quotes obtained in other parts of Spain. In Galicia, every euro invested is noticed, translating into a sensational reward.


The last thing brides and grooms want on their wedding day is to spend the day sweating and dying of heat. When planning a wedding in Galicia, the weather plays a key role. Temperatures here are not as high as in other parts of the country; at night, they drop to a pleasant coolness.

Although many jokes have been made about the Galician climate, the truth is that it favors a perfect wedding, especially in the Rías Baixas.

Some people may be wondering… what if it rains? Although rain is uncommon in summer, we Galicians are used to looking at the sky with a sidelong glance. For this reason, wedding venues already consider the possibility of rain and have indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure that weddings run smoothly without any surprises that could cause headaches for the couples getting married.

Organize a wedding in Galicia means being able to find magical places such as Pazo Baión
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A green and blue territory. When a couple thinks about organizing a wedding in Galicia, it is impossible not to instantly think of the landscapes that make up the Galician mountains and estuaries.

The overflowing beauty of Galicia’s natural spaces is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons to organize a wedding in Galicia, because nature adorns a ceremony as special as a wedding and becomes a very important element of the photographs and videos taken on a couple’s most romantic day.

To carry out the photo shoot and videos of a wedding in Galicia it is not necessary to travel dozens of kilometres and carry out an exhaustive search for locations. In this territory, it is easy to find magical corners where the summer light bathes the couples and makes them shine more than ever.

There are properties such as Pazo Baión that contain evocative landscapes in which to photograph and record the lovers without having to travel and where they can enjoy every minute of their wedding.

Refurbished heritage

Another reason to organize a wedding in Galicia and not anywhere else is its architectural heritage. Galician pazos have become the best place to celebrate a wedding. Why? They are majestic and impressive architectural complexes, a consequence of their noble origins. Moreover, in recent decades, they have been refurbished to give them back the luster of yesteryear and to provide all the services and facilities needed to organize a wedding in Galicia.

In this way, couples can celebrate their most special celebration in a dream setting where every stone hides a piece of history. At the same time, they can enjoy spaces in which historical heritage dialogues with avant-garde architecture and interior design, such as Pazo Baión, whose historical buildings were restored following the plan designed by César Portela, a National Architecture Prize winner.

What better setting for a wedding than gardens full of flowers, imposing stone buildings, large windows open to nature and halls where past and present go hand in hand?

Professionals with a long experience behind them

Although nature and heritage are two of the most important reasons for organizing a wedding in Galicia, we cannot forget the human factor. A wedding is a complex event in which many tasks and actions come into play. Therefore, for everything to go perfectly, professionals with extensive experience in wedding celebrations must carry out the organization.

In Galicia, you can find the best professionals in the wedding sector, experienced in organizing hundreds of events of this type. In addition, all the professionals who work in venues such as Pazo Baión have specific training and are prepared to respond to any request or need of a couple and ensure that on one of the most important days of their lives, they can enjoy every second and leave behind the slightest worry.

A wedding in Galicia is a fabulous celebration full of surprises
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A booming sector offers all the services

In line with the previous reason for organizing a wedding in Galicia, we find that prestigious and solvent suppliers operate in this community, which is essential for any wedding.

Do you want to hire a florist who can turn your dreams into floral arrangements of unusual beauty? Do you want a band whose musical style and setlist will suit the soundtrack of your relationship and the tastes of your guests? Are you very clear about what the photographs of your wedding day should be like? In Galicia, you will find florists, musicians, and photographers with a lot of experience in wedding participation who carry out their work and are looking for maximum excellence. All this is at very competitive prices, and that will give you a pleasant surprise.


Galician gastronomy is a key reason why organizing a wedding in Galicia is the best decision a couple can make.

By now, Galician seafood, beef and vegetables are known worldwide. Thanks to these excellent raw materials, Galicia has established itself as an unmissable destination for lovers of quality cuisine. There are 17 Michelin-starred restaurants in this region, a success demonstrating the prestige of Galician gastronomy.

Organizing a wedding in Galicia means ensuring that your guests eat to perfection. Wedding menus combine quality and quantity to create authentic feasts that will delight all the celebration participants as emotionally and vibrant as a wedding.

Seafood, fish, meat, vegetables, desserts… A wedding banquet in Galicia is an authentic gastronomic experience.


The tastiest dishes are even better if they are paired with wines full of personality and with a unique aromatic perfume. If Galician gastronomy enjoys excellent prestige at a national and international level, the wines of this community are not far behind. And, among them, the albariños stand out, one of the most coveted white wines in the world.

The elaborations of the DO Rías Baixas are the best allies of Galician seafood and fish because their smoothness, aromas and development in the mouth enhance the seafood flavors and make the tasting experience reach excellence.

In addition, there are places like Pazo Baión where it is possible to organize a wedding in Galicia and enjoy the wines produced on the property. In other words, the vineyards through which the bride and groom can stroll are the same ones that supply grapes to the winery where the albariños paired with the menu of a wedding on our property are made.

Beyond its gastronomic importance, the wine has a critical ritual role: it is used to toast the bride and groom throughout the banquet.

Organising a wedding in Galicia is the best way to surprise your guests with a delicious menu
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Surprising plans to round off the weekend

Nowadays, couples planning their weddings don’t just think about the day they will say “I do”; they have the whole weekend in mind. Why? Many guests are not from where the celebration occurs at weddings and want to take advantage of every weekend day to discover it.

In this sense, organizing a wedding in Galicia can be a great success. Why? In this land, there are hundreds of plans to discover the charms of Galician geography and gastronomy: excursions to incredible natural landscapes, boat trips, visits to unique enclaves such as the Cíes Islands, a post-wedding banquet overlooking the sea… The options are practically endless.

Therefore, by organizing a wedding in Galicia, you can not only make all your dreams come true, but you can also make sure that the people you love to experience a few days will never forget and discover all the charms of a fascinating region.

Having everything you want in a single space

What is the last reason for organizing a wedding in Galicia? The multiple venues explicitly designed to host this kind of event. For example, when the new era of Pazo Baión, a wine estate with five centuries of history, began in 2008, its buildings and outdoor spaces were fitted out to host the most beautiful, emotional and fun weddings.

Thus, in corners of Galicia such as Pazo Baión, all the activities that make up a wedding can be carried out:

  • The ceremony can take place with spectacular vineyard hills as an exceptional backdrop or in the gardens.
  • The aperitifs in the open air between buildings steeped in memory.
  • The banquet, both in the open air and in stunning halls dominated by imposing stone columns.
  • The party is the most fun moment of a wedding.
  • The photo session is in spaces as beautiful as a centenary palm grove, a patio presided over by flowers or vineyards in their maximum splendor.
  • The post-wedding: Pazo Baión, as well as being an avant-garde winery and a space for weddings and other events, is also a wine tourism project. You can book wine tourism experiences so that your guests can immerse themselves in the culture of Albariño and learn how to taste the wine to appreciate all its personality and characteristics.

In short, organizing a wedding in Galicia will help you make the day you make your love official in front of your loved ones unforgettable and fulfill all your expectations and desires.



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