The perfect gift for a father who loves wine and nature

Enjoying the best wine tourism is the perfect gift for a father

The Estate Wines tour is the perfect gift for a father because it combines nature, history and the unique single-estate Albariños

Father’s Day is an event that all children mark in red on their calendars. This day is an excuse to remind our fathers how much we love and value them. It is not that on this day; we appreciate them more than the rest of the year, but rather that we find the perfect reason to remind them and, above all, to let them know it.

Beyond the pleasure of spending the day together, everyone wants to treat their parent with a gift that makes them happy and touches them. At Pazo Baión, we have the perfect gift for a father who enjoys nature, never tires of learning and, above all, who appreciates the many charms of such fascinating elaborations as Albariño wines.

The formula for our perfect gift for a father is as simple as it is infallible: company, nature, history and three delicious Rías Baixas.

Our Estate Wines tour contains all these elements, making it a sensational plan to surprise a father and conquer his heart.

Do you want to know more about this perfect gift for a father? Below are the three keys to this wine tourism experience in the Rías Baixas.

1. A walk to contemplate the beginning of spring

March is a month of transition. Winter comes to an end, and spring begins to emerge. That is never better said. The 22 hectares of Pazo Baión vineyards, the flowery gardens of the property and the rest of the natural spaces that make up the Pazo Baión property experience this process with brilliance.

The vineyards return to life after their vegetative pause, starting a cycle that will lead the vines to produce grapes of excellent quality. The gardens recover the festival of colors that characterizes them. And all the landscapes of the estate leave behind the winter shades to give way to a green that exudes vitality.

Walking through every corner of our property is a perfect gift for a father. Breathing fresh air, enjoying beautiful panoramic views of the Galician Tuscany and spending a pleasant time with the family in an idyllic setting is a great plan.

If to this, we add that Pazo Baión also has centenary buildings that have witnessed the Rías Baixas’ historical evolution in the last five centuries. A pazo, a dovecote, a cowshed, a granary. All of them are perfectly restored… A journey through the history of Galician architecture and a priceless example that historic buildings can be reconditioned to accommodate new uses, such as, for example, a very modern winery.

The Estate Wines Tour is the perfect gift for a father who loves wine and nature

2. Millenary wisdom within reach of the wisest person

The Pazo Baión winery is the second key to this perfect gift for a father who loves wine. Touring the bowels of the place where award-winning Albariño wines are made is a real luxury.

The facilities of our winery are a true reflection of the soul of the Pazo Baión project. On the one hand, there is respect for the past. Since the winery has been installed in a renovated building, with its splendid stone pillars presiding over the facilities. On the other hand, state-of-the-art devices and technologies have been inserted in this excellent container, such as a concrete egg, to make three Albariños stand out for their personality and structure.

Winemaking is a fascinating task that goes from the care of the vines to bottling. It is a process that requires a lot of effort and experiences some of its most relevant phases inside the winery. Therefore, winemakers must have a wide knowledge of the grapes and put all their talent at the service of elaborations full of life.

Through the tour of our winery, you can discover the millenary tradition of wine and learn next to the person who taught you everything: your father.

One of the driving forces of humanity over the centuries has been, without a doubt, the need to expand our knowledge of the world around us. The inventors, scientists and thinkers who transformed the world with their discoveries and reflections sought to go further than their predecessors. They were driven by the need to know.

People are naturally curious, and we always dream of discovering something new, of knowing something we didn’t know. So immersing yourself with your father in the fascinating winemaking process can be a perfect gift for a father who has not exhausted his thirst for knowledge.

3. Tasting and toasting the high point of a perfect gift for a father

After strolling through the paths and landscapes of Pazo Baión and touring the winery’s facilities, all that remains is the last act of this perfect gift for a father: the tasting of the only single-estate Albariños.

What does the concept of «single-estate» mean? Pazo Baión wines are made solely and exclusively from grapes grown in the property’s vineyards. No raw material from outside the boundaries of Pazo Baión is used. This means that the winery’s viticulture and enology team controls the entire process to the millimeter.

The professionals part of the project knows each vineyard’s special characteristics to perfection. As parents know their children like no one else, this simile proves what we have been arguing: a wine tourism plan like Estate Wines is the perfect gift for a father.

During the tasting, you can check with your father all the charms of Pazo Baión’s Rías Baixas. Discover what information is hidden behind the colors of Pazo Baión, Gran a Gran and Vides de Fontán.

Delight yourself with the very particular aromas of each one of them. From the honeyed notes of Gran a Gran to the toasted aromas of Vides de Fontán, passing through the notes of fruits and white flowers of Pazo Baión.

And, of course, complete the tasting experience with the tasting phase. The long development in the mouth of our wines will be marked on the palate of your parent. The guided tasting of these three excellent wines, accompanied by wine pairing, is the ideal end to a perfect gift for a father.

Or almost the end. Because you cannot leave Pazo Baión without having toasted together. Both for the memories accumulated and, above all, for those that have not yet occurred.

If you have not yet bought anything for Father’s Day, we propose an infallible gift that combines nature, history and wines. A wine tourism plan in the Rías Baixas is the perfect gift for a curious father who enjoys life’s little pleasures.



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