Father’s Day in the Pazo Baión universe

Celebrate father's day with the best albariño

The best way to celebrate Father’s Day is by tasting the best Albariño wines and letting yourself get caught up in the Pazo Baión universe, which is more than a space, it is a dream

A father or a mother is loved every day of the year. But the fact that there is a Father’s Day allows us to dedicate a special day to them, to make them feel how important and loved they are.

When we are little, our families make up our entire universe. As we grow up, we begin to understand that the universe is infinite. Unreachable to comprehend in all its complexity.

In purely mundane terms, our lives are, in a way, a sum of connected universes. Family, friends, work… We move in different spheres, each inhabited by different people and governed by their own rules and communicative codes.

In fact, in these human groups, we can even establish metaphorical games with who is the star, who is the planet, and who is the satellite.

A very special universe without having to go into outer space

In the case of Pazo Baión, the notion of the micro-universe becomes especially tangible. Bathed by the sun that ripens the grapes.
The old Casa de Fontán and its estate have more than five centuries of history behind them. Stones, vines, and the orography of the place contribute to the construction of an unparalleled wine micro-universe.

Precisely, regarding the notion of the universe, the great astronomer and science popularizer, Carl Sagan, said that «life is only a momentary glimpse of the wonders of this amazing universe».

The best way to combat this fleetingness is to take advantage of every minute of our life to enjoy all the good things it has to offer. To let ourselves be enraptured by the beauty of the universe.

And there are few better companions than a parent. After all, our fathers and mothers are the first ones who start us discovering the world. And the ones who guide us through its unfathomable mysteries.

Therefore, to celebrate Father’s Day, at Pazo Baión we propose a gift that combines a tangible (or rather, drinkable) gift and an experience to share.

A bottle of Vides de Fontán and a Microuniverso Pazo Baión wine tourism plan.

The best Albariño for the best father

It must have happened to more than one of you that you give your father a shirt or a sweater and he never wears it. With time he ends up discovering that as soon as they gave it to him, he went to keep it in the closet and, after years, the piece of clothing is still unworn.

If you choose to ask her, directly, what she wants, she will answer you that so manly «I already have everything, I don’t need anything». So, you’re still in the same situation.

On the other hand, a bottle of wine is a gift that he will not store in some corner of his house. Instead, he will open it and taste it with pleasure.

For this reason, Vides de Fontán, a wine whose 3 years of aging give it a great personality, is an ideal gift for Father’s Day. This goldwork of art has just received the Gran Oro Medal from the Guía de Vinos de Galicia (Galician Wine Guide). A recognition of its complex elaboration.

It is the perfect choice for pairing, for example, with a Father’s Day meal. Since its spicy notes marry excellently with the best meats.

In addition, the aftertaste of maturity makes Vides de Fontán remind us of the wisdom accumulated by a father. The best wines dialogue with people’s lives.

Father's Day and Pazo Baión

Master and apprentice

There is a popular saying that you have probably heard from your parent: «Are you going to teach a father how to make children?». This is a graphic way for parents to tell their children that they are not going to give them lessons on how life works, that they are years ahead of them.

However, as we mature, we learn things that our parents may not know. And the relationship between master and apprentice evens out. You learn things from a parent throughout your life, but children can also contribute a lot of knowledge to their parents.

At Pazo Baión we have designed a special experience so that father and son can learn and discover together things they may not know about a millenary elaboration such as wine.

The Microuniverso Pazo Baión wine tourism plan includes a tour of a centenary property, a guided visit to the winery where the winemaking team elaborates our single-estate Albariños and a final tasting in which the two people will be able to enjoy two of them.

But let’s go step by step.

Estate, winery, and tasting

First of all, the guest and his companion will discover a unique estate, where the endless vineyards surround the imposing pazo, giving it a magical charm. A landscape where nature and history merge. A dream walks to fill your lungs with fresh air and discover a fascinating past.

The second stop of this sidereal (and viticultural) journey through the universe of Pazo Baión is the modern winery installed in the old cowsheds of the estate. The facilities where the grapes are transformed into special elaborations, enriched by multiple aromas. An accelerated course through the fermentation and aging processes of Albariño wines with five centuries of history.

This wine tourism plan to give as a gift for Father’s Day, but which can be enjoyed at any time of the year, ends in a very special way: with a guided tasting.

At this point the two aspects of the gift, the bottle of Vides de Fontán and the visit to the estate and winery, converge. Since both visitors will be able to taste this award-winning wine again, together with the winery’s flagship, Pazo Baión, but with a big difference, an expert will accompany them on a sensory journey from the soil where the vines grow to their palate.

They will discover all the keys to these sensational single-estate Albariño wines. And how through their aromas and taste you can trace their entire history.

There is only one father, so they deserve to be given a unique gift for Father’s Day, perfect for wine lovers. A gift that will be kept in the family album of shared memories.



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