A journey through an exceptional property

Deciphering the history of the land is a fascinating exercise. A story that runs through centuries of gold and darkness until it reaches the present, a unique wine project that offers culture, architecture and, of course, the best Albariño wines

Pazo Baión

Five centuries surrounded vineyards

In the universe of wine, time is a present. The evidence of a work done well. That’s why Pazo Baión is a unique wine project. Different. Grown through five centuries of history to build a legacy that talks about culture and architecture, but above all, albariño wines. After all, the first biographic references about the propriety date from the 16th century, owned by the Lords of Sarmiento those days.

This is a journey evolved in Galician history. Of its most powerful families. Such as the Figueroa or the Sarmiento, owners of the pazo until on the 18th century the Counts of Priegue became their owners. But it is, above all, an incalculable and valuable story about wine culture in the lands of Breogán. There are testimonies dated in 1731 that confirm wine-growing on the farm, with no doubt, albariño vineyards.   A vocation that continues nowadays.

At the begining of the 20th century, Don Adolfo Fojo Silva, a wealthy Galician immigrant returned from Argentina, bought the propriety and started an ambitious renovation of the pazo. Leaving behind the sobriety of the previous centuries to build the two Victorian towers, a winery, dairy farms …

In those years, most of the land was used for growing cereal and farming. The wine, however, was there too. The owners kept a remarkable production to commercialize later.

It was in the 70th when the last heirs of Don Adoldo Fojo sold the pazo to a company that, besides beginning one of the most modern diary industries in Galicia, started the first technical plantation of albariño in Rias Baixas. A vineyard that would end up becoming a reference for professionals in wine sector.

Pazo Baión
Pazo Baión entrada

Finally, after changing owners several times, on July 16th 2008 Adega Condes de Albarei acquired Pazo Baión winery. Starting then its greatest era in its history. A stage established by an ambitious project based on three pillars:

  • The production of an extraordinary quality albariño wine under the concept of estate wines
  • The creation of a remarkable wine tourism centre
  • A formidable social program

All this, starting from the architectural recovery that would value the incalculable cultural and historical heritage you can visit in the 22 hectares of land.


Hectares of plot


Hectares of surface vineyard


Centuries of history

The enormous amount of interesting things that Pazo Baión offers could be its main interest. The architectural recovery managed by César Portela allowed to recover a valuable complex that evolves five centuries of history and a way of being in wine world based on terms of excellence, quality, originality…

Pazo Baións wines are, nowadays, unquestionable references when it comes to Denominación de Origen Rías Baixas. Albariños loved by the critics and public. Different. Original. Genuine, a direct consequence of a fascinating way of understanding this wine universe.

Social commitment. This third pillar of the project keeps these characteristic ideas about doing things differently. 5% of the albariños from Pazo de Baión sales are destined to a drug prevention program. At the same time, the winery makes a notable effort to contribute in social and labour reintegration of ex addicted. A contribution of high collective value.

There has been tough work to make this propriety into a worldwide reference wine tourism project (it was recognized as the best Wine Tourisim Corner In Spain) in addition to the creation of a series of events that make the most of the singular architectural and culture Pazo Baión has. A project which was born five centuries ago but nowadays is more alive than ever, being the present and the past in the history of albariño wines.