Gran a Gran, the miracle of noble rot

Gran a Gran is elaborated with raw material of noble rot

In 2015, the winemakers at Pazo Baion discovered that one of the plots offered the possibility of taking advantage of the noble rot. The result is a fascinating albariño, a delicate exercise for the senses

Wittgenstein said that there are never surprises in logic. It’s in the unexpected, in the extraordinary, that the most fascinating things flourish. At Pazo Baion we learned this lesson a few years ago. It was in one of our plots. There, the appearance of noble rot allowed us to find the raw material to create Pazo Baion Gran a Gran.

A unique albariño. Fascinating. A delicate exercise for the senses that, for the uninitiated, might seem a contradiction.

A wine of the highest quality that comes from a poverty? Yes, that’s right. Critics say that some of the best wines in the world are born from this process.

But what is noble rot? Basically, the action of a fungus. Yes, a fungus. One of those microorganisms that on so many occasions become the grape’s worst enemy.

Not on this occasion. In the case of noble rot, botrytis cinerea (our fungus) concentrates the must and readjusts the grape’s metabolism.

As a result, the wine acquires a whole new range of flavors, much greater complexity and a more than remarkable longevity.

At Pazo Baion, the winery’s winemaking team came across this gift in 2015. It was in a plot located in the upper part of the property.

There, they identified the presence of botrytis and decided to make a bet that today thousands of wine lovers from the five continents greet.

Because Pazo Baion Gran a Gran is the result of a goldsmith’s work. The winery team delayed the harvest in a calculated way and picked each cluster individually. Grain by grain, as the name itself evokes.

Fresh in the mouth

The result is a seductive albariño. Distinctive. A raisined wine product of noble rot that is fresh in the mouth and leaves sweet sensations.

With a golden yellow color, Gran a Gran emerges on the nose with floral aromas and honeyed notes. Also candied fruits such as orange and apricot jam.

A tremendously versatile albariño. Ideal for pairing with appetizers such as cheeses or micuit and even with heartier dishes such as roast suckling pig or ribs with sweet and sour sauce.

Gran a Gran is also a good choice for pairing with desserts that are not overly sweet, such as a Santiago cake.

To analyze the uniqueness of this wine, few people are as authoritative as José Hidalgo. The winemaker is one of the most authoritative voices in the world of wine in Spain and is one of those responsible for the production of Gran a Gran.

A wine that he doesn’t hesitate to describe as a miracle. One of those gifts of nature that cannot be missed.

Enjoy his story:

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