Continent and content, the secrets of the Pazo Baión bottle

Each Pazo Baión bottle is the natural consequence of an awesome project

A genuinely different design, an single-estate albariño of a different quality… Each Pazo Baión bottle is the natural consequence of a project that has placed these wines in the Olympus of the wine universe

Manuel Otero, the sommelier of the renowned restaurant Bido, says that a Pazo Baión bottle dresses a table. And it’s true. It has a special mystique. Its design is so disruptive, so differential, that it captivates any diner.

But don’t be fooled, the container is only the appetizer. It’s the content that makes the difference.

What signals the presence of a genuinely different albariño.

It couldn’t be otherwise in fact. In the pazo there are traces of the cultivation of wines, almost certainly white, in the sixteenth century.

Hundreds of years of history linked to a universe had to reach our days transformed into a special product. In an albariño of extraordinary quality and powerful personality.

The prestigious winemaker José Hidalgo says that, indeed, Pazo Baión is the result of all that legacy. The inheritance of a terroir that has evolved over the centuries to give shape to an environment of exceptional quality in the DO Rías Baixas.

The Pazo Baión bottle is the synthesis of a past projected into the future. History and present fused around an innovative concept. An idea that distinguishes the best wines in the world.

Pazo Baión is one of only three single-estate albariños that can be found on the market today. A wine made exclusively from grapes harvested on the property.

The other two, Gran a Gran and Vides de Fontán, are equally distinguished for being elaborations of a quality endorsed by critics and public.

But the power of the idea that fills this project with meaning doesn’t end there. When Condes de Albarei took the reins of the winery, he decided to give the wines that would be made there a different identity.

They were not only to be single-vineyard wines. They were also going to be wines with a much more ambitious ageing process than that which characterizes the Rías Baixas wines. And so it is. Each Pazo Baión bottle is the product of a six-month aging on lees in stainless steel tanks.

This is how, connecting a high quality raw material with a winemaking team backed by its experience and knowledge, a fascinating proposal is born.

A wine full of awards. A brief review of the scores awarded to each Pazo Baión bottle by the major wine guides and specialized magazines shows the dimension of the project.

A few months ago, the Peñín Guide awarded it 93 points, while Semana Vitivinícola raised its rating to a spectacular 96 points.
Proensa (91), Guía Restauradores (93.5), Vivir el Vino (94 points) or the Guía de Vinos, Destilados y Bodegas de Galicia (Gold Medal) are other publications that have given our wine excellent scores.

All of them above 90 points. Where the most critically acclaimed wines are placed. The Olympus of this universe.

Each bottle of Pazo Baión speaks of the land where it was born. Of the singularity of a property with more than 30 hectares of surface that has a special microclimate. Unique.

A particularity within the Rías Baixas that gives our best-known albariño a very marked identity. José Hidalgo says it unequivocally:

«This wine expresses the soul of the estate. It’s a pazo wine. [Made with] an albariño grape grown in a very unique terroir. In this wine we are going to find the character of that decomposed granite that is 2 meters deep and is known as sabre».

The winemaker explains in this video the main tasting notes of a fascinating wine:

This is Pazo Baión. An estate albariño. An indispensable wine.

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