10 reasons to organise your wedding in Galicia in 2024

Starting to organize a wedding in Galicia in 2024 is a good decision to avoid stress

If you want to celebrate your wedding in Galicia in 2024, you should start preparing it, and at Pazo Baión, we offer you the best starting point

Organising a wedding is a huge task that involves a lot of effort, money and time, but it also produces an explosion of happiness both in the couples who get married and in the people who have the pleasure of sharing that day with them. The best way for everything to be perfect is to select the best location and start organising beforehand. Therefore, if you plan to celebrate your wedding in Galicia in 2024, you should start planning now.

It is no secret that weddings in Galicia are in fashion. The buildings where they are held, the Galician landscapes, the climate, the Galician cuisine, the wines… Attending a wedding in Galicia is an experience. That is why more and more couples are choosing to get married in our community. This has resulted in a considerable increase in the demand for venues and other essential services: photographers, bands, DJs, wedding planners, decorators, hairdressers, and makeup artists…

How can you avoid the overbooking of couples wishing to get married if you want to celebrate your wedding in Galicia in 2024? By anticipating the rest and starting to organise everything now. There is no time to lose. The best way to ensure everything goes perfectly on the most important day of your life is to prepare everything calmly and book the space and the professionals you want before another couple gets ahead of you.

Below, we will give you 10 reasons to start planning your wedding in Galicia in 2024. And to help you in the process, we will propose the best starting point: Pazo Baión, a property with more than a decade of experience organising the most beautiful weddings.

1. Getting married in Galicia is an unbeatable quality/price ratio option

So how has Galicia become a reference in the world of weddings nationwide? We could go on and on for a long time, but the main incentive for couples from all over Spain to get married in Galicia is the quality/price ratio.

Organising a perfect wedding involves an investment of money; hence couples take the place they choose to get married very seriously. Galicia offers many venues, such as Pazo Baión, that square the circle: offering an incredible setting for a price that would be unthinkable in other parts of Spain.

So much so that the wedding industry in Galicia in 2024 is expected to grow and attract Galician couples and prospective couples from all over Spain. Beautiful locations include the gardens, vineyards and historic buildings of Pazo Baión. Exquisite delicacies, both from the sea and from the land. And endless services to care for every detail with all the care in the world.

Since you will invest your money to make the day you get a married perfect, bet on a safe value. And enjoy for yourself all the advantages offered by the Galician wedding sector.

2. Choose a magical setting for your wedding in Galicia in 2024

Have you decided to organise your wedding in Galicia in 2024? What is the next step to take? Find the perfect place to celebrate your love. Finding the ideal place is more difficult when you start organising the event with little time in advance, and the date you want is very disputed, as happens with summer Saturdays.

So, if you want to organise your wedding in Galicia in 2024, the best time to find the perfect place is now. This way, you will avoid another couple booking the space before you for the date you want to celebrate your wedding.

Please take advantage of these weeks to visit the places you’ve had your eye on, check their charms and features live and decide without being under time pressure.

Once you have already booked the space to celebrate your wedding in Galicia in 2024, everything will be a piece of cake. You will have laid the foundations for a fabulous event that will make you and your partner happy and your family and friends.

3. Choose a DJ, photographer, wedding planner, or florist… before the rest

Beyond choosing where the wedding will take place, it is also very important to book the other services hired: photographer, band, choir, DJ, wedding planner, decorator, florist…

In Galicia, a wide variety of professionals provide these kinds of services. Incredible photographers shape the light to compose images of unusual beauty and make the bride and groom shine. Musicians envelop the event with their talent and cheer up the guests. Wedding planners who are attentive to the smallest detail so that everything runs perfectly…

If you start organising your wedding in Galicia in 2024, you can choose from multiple options and hire professionals whose talents best fit your dreams. After all, we all imagine what our wedding will be like. However, if you prepare it with time and in a place with magic and talent like Galicia, you can turn your dreams into reality.

Choosing the perfect location is one of the main incentives to start organizing your wedding in Galicia in 2024
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4. Keep your guests from making plans for the most special day of your life

We live in a fast-paced world where rapid changes occur, and our agendas are full of plans. Beyond work and family obligations, we organise getaways and vacations, meet friends to attend music festivals and plan various experiences… And in summer, even more so. So, if you are going to celebrate your wedding in Galicia in 2024, the sooner you choose the date, the more chances you will have that none of your guests have planned anything for one of the most special days of your life. Especially if you want to get married next summer.

Who has yet to be invited to a wedding when you’ve already booked a trip for that date? None of your loved ones wants to miss your wedding, and you certainly don’t want them to be there, celebrating in style with you.

If you go ahead and decide the date of your wedding in Galicia in 2024, you will guarantee that your friends and family will not make plans for that day and will not be absent from the celebration.

The space where the event occurs, the photographer, the musicians… are fundamental. But the guests are even more important. So make sure that everyone who has to be there can be there.

5. Enjoy dream locations, like those of Pazo Baión

So far, we have explored the reasons for you to start planning your wedding in Galicia in 2024, focusing on the logistical aspects: the location, the date, and the professionals you want to hire… Now it is time to tell you about the specific virtues of a wedding in Galicia in 2024, especially if you choose a place with a long history and corners overflowing with beauty, such as Pazo Baión.

Galicia is famous throughout Spain and the world for its immense green mantle. A community where wherever you look, you will find nature. A region bathed by hundreds of kilometres of coastline, open to the ocean, to the point that in the Rías Baixas, the sea merges with the land.

Galicia’s peculiar geographical and climatic conditions have resulted in places of dreams. Incredible corners such as Pazo Baión, an estate with five centuries of life in which landscapes similar to those of Tuscany coexist with restored historic buildings and even a lavish centennial palm grove.

The setting where love is celebrated is very important. Not only for the photographs or videos but because beauty attracts happiness and envelops all the event participants with its aura. What better way to celebrate a romantic event than in a place full of beauty?

6. Delight your family and friends with the charms of Galician gastronomy

Although we have already suggested it throughout the article, it is time to focus on one of the great reasons to celebrate a wedding in Galicia in 2024: Galician products and gastronomy.

The first thing anyone who has been to an event of this type in Galicia talks about is how well they have eaten. So naturally, we Galicians take it for granted that at a wedding, we will eat great food not only for quantity but, above all, for quality. However, people from other parts of Spain and the world are amazed.

Weddings are, among other things, a feast. The wonderful seafood from the Rías Baixas, the prestigious Galician meats and the delicacies from our vegetable garden are the protagonists of delicious dishes. At Pazo Baión, we offer various menu options to conquer the stomachs of the guests of a wedding in Galicia in 2024.

After all, for the bride and groom and their family and friends to give their all at the party, they must eat well. And eating better than at a big wedding in Galicia isn’t easy.

7. Toast to love with world-acclaimed wines

Do you only eat during the banquet? Of course not; from appetisers to desserts, the wines are chosen to pair the menu have great prominence.

In this sense, organising a wedding in Galicia in 2024 is another huge success. Why? The community has several appellations of origin recognised worldwide, among which the DO Rías Baixas stands out. Precisely, Pazo Baión is part of this appellation. The wines produced in our winery are excellent albariños, which the main wine guides have recognised. This allows us to offer the bride and groom the perfect pairing for the most delicious dishes and ideal wines to toast to love with their guests.

Every great menu must be accompanied by wines to match, to make the elaborations shine and seduce the guests’ senses. Organising a successful wedding in Galicia in 2024 is easier if the chosen venue has a fantastic wine list.

Pazo Baión is the ideal setting for a wedding in Galicia in 2024
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8. An ideal climate to avoid hot flashes and to take care of the dress code

The scenery, the menu, the wines… what other advantage does the idea of celebrating your wedding in Galicia in 2024 bring? The weather. Especially in the Rías Baixas, where Pazo Baión is located. Why? The temperatures are pleasant all year round, especially in summer.

People want to avoid participating in a wedding and getting roasted, especially if we consider the dress code of these events. Spending a summer day in the sun, with a temperature of 40 degrees, more than a party is torture. In Galicia, this does not happen. Summer temperatures are hot but do not cause hot flashes nor the imperious need to take shelter in an air-conditioned room.

Next to the above reasons why you should celebrate your wedding in Galicia in 2024, it may seem like motivation, but it is not. The weather plays an essential role in a wedding. If it is cold or hot, the bride, groom, and guests will see their experience weighted down.

9. Make all the arrangements calmly and without stressing out

If you start organising your wedding in Galicia in 2024, you will surely have the place and the services to fulfil your dreams and gain a lot of peace of mind.

A wedding involves dozens of steps, from the legal aspects to the holidays. So an infinite number of details come into play on a single day. And there is a load of work and worries behind each of them.

By starting to plan your wedding in Galicia in 2024 on these dates, you can manage everything very calmly without stressing at any time or being overwhelmed by nerves.

Getting married is one of the happiest events in a person’s life. However, organising this celebration can also be a fun, exciting and thrilling experience. The best way to achieve this is to get to work in advance, avoiding frustrations and last-minute problems.

Start preparing for your wedding in Galicia in 2024 and enjoy the whole process. We assure you that it is a fascinating journey culminating in your life’s biggest celebration.

10. Make sure every detail is perfect

Acting ahead of time when planning your wedding in Galicia in 2024 does not only translate into peace of mind and fulfilling your dreams. Planning a year allows you to take care of every detail and avoid that nothing is left to chance or that you might miss something.

Finding out weeks in advance that you need to remember a detail of your wedding can create stress and tension. And in addition, it may mean that the detail does not go to your liking.

If you start planning your wedding in Galicia in 2024, you will avoid this from happening. You will have time to review your to-do list repeatedly and ensure everything is ready. Finally, you will have the guarantee that everything will be perfect. Just as you always dreamed.

Pazo Baión offers everything you need to organize a perfect wedding in Galicia in 2024

11. Pazo Baión, the ideal place to celebrate a wedding in Galicia in 2024

Perfect, you already know you want to celebrate your wedding in Galicia in 2024, but… Why in Pazo Baión and not in another place in our community? We will not lie to you. In Galicia, there are many beautiful and well-conditioned spaces to celebrate love. But, honestly, we believe that our property is unique and that if you want your wedding in Galicia in 2024 to be perfect, we can help you achieve it.

Pazo Baión has been hosting weddings for more than a decade. All the experience we have accumulated over the years has allowed us to refine how we work, take care of all the details and ensure that everything runs as the bride and groom wish.

We have several open spaces, surrounded by beautiful nature, to decorate the event. In addition, we also have indoor spaces in buildings rehabilitated by César Portela, a National Architecture Award winner. The interplay between stones, flowers, tradition and avant-garde make Pazo Baión an incredible setting to organise an event full of romanticism.

Nowadays, the Pazo Baión property is a national reference in wine tourism. An estate made up of hundreds of beautiful corners, perfect for taking photographs, enjoying aperitifs, sharing confidences and even dancing. Our property offers all the necessary spaces to develop a wedding: the place of the ceremony, the aperitif area, the banquet hall (indoor and outdoor), and the dance floor… And every one of them stands out for its aesthetics and beauty.

If all this were not enough, Pazo Baión is the home of an Albariño winery. A property bathed by dozens of hectares of vineyards, from which the grapes are harvested to create unique elaborations full of personality and aromas. Enjoying a wedding at Pazo Baión is a first-class gastronomic and wine experience.

We offer you the best Rías Baixas to pair with one of the most important days of your life.

Do you want to know why Pazo Baión is the ideal backbone to organise your wedding in Galicia in 2024? Then, come and visit us; you will see with your senses why we are the perfect setting to make your wedding the happiest day of your life.



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