3 gifts to share the Pazo Baión micro-universe

Christmas gifts to share such as Pazo Baión's wine tourism plans are wonderful options to entertain our loved ones

If someone were to ask us to pronounce verbs that we associate with the Christmas season, sharing would quickly come up. There are few more beautiful and generous actions. These holidays are so special because we share meals, dinners, and experiences with family and friends. But what about gifts – can we give our loved ones gifts to share?

One of the biggest headaches of the holidays is the search for gifts. It is not easy to choose what can make each of the people we have to give happy. What’s more, this task consumes hours and hours of our valuable time and huge doses of patience.

What if the solution to the gift search has always been right in front of our eyes? Gifts to share may be the answer. Why? Because the gift, whether it is an object, a product, or an experience, acquires another value. Sharing life’s great pleasures makes them that much more pleasurable and the act of enjoying them is fixed in our memory. We all like to be happy with the people who make our daily lives better.

For this reason, at Pazo Baión we propose three different gifts to share that the people who receive them will be able to enjoy accompanied by family and friends who occupy a place in their hearts. Is there anything more Christmas-like than this?

Pazo Baión wines make excellent gifts to share at Christmas

Pazo Baión and Condes de Albarei elaborations

Few gifts to share can be more effective than good wine. That someone gives you a quality wine and you can open it and drink it with the people who make you happy is, of course, a real pleasure. A gift with which you will achieve resounding success.

In our online store, you can find both the three albariños made with our grapes: Pazo Baión, Vides de Fontán, and Gran a Gran and the excellent albariños from our sister winery, Condes de Albarei: Carballo Galego, En Rama, Áine, Orixe and, of course, Condes de Albarei.

In addition to buying a bottle of each of these wines, we offer various cases and boxes so that you can make more complete gifts to share. From a case with two bottles of Vides de Fontán, an Albariño aged for three years, to a case with 12 bottles of Condes de Albarei, a true icon of the DO Rías Baixas.

In addition, you can also purchase our Single-Estate Wines pack. A gift to share at Christmas that is a real luxury and contains three bottles of Pazo Baión, the Best Young White Wine of Spain in 2022 according to the Gourmet Wine Guide, and three bottles of Vides de Fontán, an elaboration with a fascinating aromatic composition, in which toasted and smoked notes stand out.

In short, our e-commerce offers you endless possibilities to buy Albariño wine and give the special people in your life gifts to share.

Five wine tourism plans in Rías Baixas

Since Condes de Albarei launched the Pazo Baión project in 2008, our property has become a true benchmark in the field of wine tourism. That is to say, in offering visitors unique experiences that perfectly combine the charms of a centenary space, such as the Pazo Baión estate, with the pleasure of discovering how wine is made… and being able to taste it.

Our wine tourism offer in the Rías Baixas is composed of five different plans that can be fantastic gifts to share because they are designed to be enjoyed by a minimum of two people.

What do the Pazo Baión wine tourism plans consist of?

A guided tour around all the corners of a unique estate, made up of spectacular vineyard slopes, a centenary palm grove, a historic dovecote, a beautiful garden, and, of course, a manor house.

A tour, also guided, through the facilities of the Pazo Baión winery. Throughout this visit, you can see how our single-estate Albariños are made and the main innovations and tools used by the winemaking team.

A guided tasting of Rías Baixas is recognized by critics and praised by wine lovers. This tasting is different in each of the plans. Thus, in the Microuniverse Pazo Baión plan, only the homonymous wine and Condes de Albarei are tasted. While in The Soul of the Albariños five wines are tasted: Condes de Albarei, Pazo Baión, Vides de Fontán, Carballo Galego, and En Rama. All of them are accompanied by a wine pairing.

The Winemaker’s Tasting: When gifts to share become unforgettable experiences

The jewel in the crown of the wine tourism experiences we have designed is, without a doubt, the Winemaker’s Tasting. Why?

In this plan, it is the people themselves who choose which five wines they want to taste from among the Pazo Baión and Condes de Albarei wines. And, as if this were not enough, the tasting is not led by a guide from our estate, but by one of the winemakers.

Thus, the people who enjoy this gift will be able to learn first-hand all the secrets of our Albariños. After all, throughout the three phases of the tasting, they will be able to listen to the knowledge of one of the people who has worked the miracle of transforming the grapes into elaborations that overflow with personality and shine for their complexity and long development in the mouth.

What’s more, this plan allows those who enjoy it to feel like winemakers for a day and soak up millenary wisdom. And this has an extraordinary value, especially when we are talking about gifts to share.

After all, when we were children we all played some kind of profession: doctors, policemen… And to feel like scientists: chemists, biologists… The Winemaker’s Tasting will allow the people you treat with this fantastic gift to feel like children again, to “play” at being winemakers for a day and immerse themselves in a universe as fascinating as the winemaking one.

Pazo Baión's Microuniverse pack can be a fantastic option when buying gifts to share at Christmas time

2 in 1: A journey through Pazo Baión’s micro-universe

Precisely, the last of our gift options to share is a trip to a very special micro-universe: that of Pazo Baión. This 2-in-1 pack combines the two types of gifts to share that we discussed above.

On the one hand, it is composed of an elegant case that includes a bottle of Pazo Baión and another bottle of Vides de Fontán. On the other hand, it brings with it a visit to our estate for two people.

In this way, the person to whom you give the Pazo Baión Microuniverse Pack will be able to enjoy two of our Albariño wines at home, in the company of whomever he or she wishes, exchanging anecdotes, laughter, and emotions. And, in addition, you will be able to immerse yourself, accompanied by another person, in a world located in the heart of the Rías Baixas, a few kilometers from the Arousa estuary. A bucolic space that stands out for:

  • Its particular climate, thanks to its proximity to the sea and its slopes. The temperature in Pazo Baión is pleasant even in winter, which has a resounding impact on our grapes but also invites visitors to stop at every corner and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Its varied nature. Vineyards, fruit trees, palm trees, flowers… Pazo Baión has dozens of different natural landscapes.
  • Its history. The old Casa de Fontán is 500 years old. Throughout these centuries our property has been a privileged witness of the great transformations that Galicia and the art of winemaking have experienced.
  • Its architecture. Pazo Baión is a model example of the rehabilitation of historical heritage, reconditioning of spaces, and integration of avant-garde architectural elements in traditional buildings.
  • It’s Albariño wines. Of course, the heart of the Pazo Baión project is its wines. All of them are excellent gifts to share. But, in addition, anyone who delves into our universe will understand how they are made and know all their secrets, from the soil in which the vines take root, to the bottling of the wines.

In short, if you do not know how to give a gift to your friends and family, do not think twice. Any of Pazo Baión’s gifts to share is a fantastic option to show the people you care about how valuable they are to you and to help them create memories that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.



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