Enjoy the August long weekend among vineyards

The August long weekend is the perfect occasion to try something different

Immerse yourself in the soul of the albariños during the August long weekend, discover a unique place, and taste delicious Rías Baixas wines

A long weekend is always a pleasure—a perfect occasion to escape from routine. But let’s talk about the August long weekend. Its value is even more significant because not only can we take advantage of these days to rest or disconnect, but these days are the perfect time to design unique plans and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

If there is a time of the year when the body asks us to get out of the house, surround ourselves with people who make us happy, and share wines and confidences, it is undoubtedly the summer. Serotonin shoots up; laziness disappears; the days are long… There is no better time to organize plans than summer, whether we are on vacation or have a few days off, thanks to the August long weekend.

Therefore, from Pazo Baión, we propose an unforgettable experience: a trip to the soul of the Albariño wines. A journey full of emotions and stimuli that you can make in the company of your friends or your family, and that is based on four main pillars:

  • The natural landscapes of our estate.
  • The centenary history of Pazo Baión.
  • A winery that combines tradition and modernity.
  • A guided tasting to tasting the award-winning wines of Pazo Baión and Condes de Albarei.

Do you want to know more? Below, we tell you why our wine tourism plan, The Soul of the Albariños, is an excellent option to enjoy the August long weekend and share a moment of pure happiness with the people you love.

Bucolic natural landscapes are 10 minutes from the beach

Suppose you can enjoy the August long weekend in its entirety. In that case, you can surely take the opportunity to escape to a natural, gastronomic, and wine paradise like the Rías Baixas and delight in some of its infinite charms.

Well, Pazo Baión is located in the heart of this region where the sea merges with the land. Our property is located a few kilometers from the Arousa estuary, in the heart of the area of O Salnés. You can be sunbathing on the beach and, 10 minutes later (or earlier), be contemplating a landscape worthy of Tuscany. Hills of vineyards enveloping centuries-old buildings and form a fascinating micro-universe that leaves visitors with their mouths open.

Why choose between the beach and nature if you can enjoy both? Pazo Baión would not be as it is, and, above all, the grapes born in our vineyards would not have the characteristics they have if it were not for the close relationship that links us to the estuary. Its presence contributes to the optimal microclimate of our estate, and our wines are the best companions of the delicious seafood produced by the Arousa estuary.

You can visit Pazo Baión without even taking off your bathing suit.

Take advantage of the August long weekend to discover a wine-growing universe just a few kilometres from the beach

Stroll in the shade of the vineyards

The vine training system in the D.O. Rías Baixas consists of the vines grow horizontally, forming a mantle. In this way, on the one hand, the grapes and leaves are more exposed to sunlight, and on the other, the grapes are kept away from the humidity of the soil. In addition to its usefulness and practicality, vine training is a beautiful system, especially in summer, when the vineyards are full of leaves and bunches of grapes.

Walking through vineyards with vine training systems in summer is also an absolute pleasure. Why? They cast a delightful shade that provides shelter from the sun’s rays. When the heat gets hot, standing under a vine’s a real treat. You feel a lovely sensation of coolness. And, by the way, you can observe the beauty of a vineyard from its very heart.

Walking under the bunches of grapes while the vineyards are at their best is a unique experience that will make you feel connected with nature and the history of a place where vines have been present for five centuries. What more could you ask for from the August long weekend?

Discover the history of a property that is part of the history of wine in Galicia

Precisely, the historical legacy of Pazo Baión is another of the mainstays of our project. On the one hand, Pazo Baión was a pioneer in producing white wine at a time when red wine was predominant. On the other hand, our estate has witnessed the tremendous social, economic, and cultural transformations of the last centuries: the splendor and decadence of the nobility, emigration and the Indianos, and the consolidation of the wine industry?

Each stone of Pazo Baión contains a piece of history and allows us to understand what the world was like 500 years ago and compare it with the present. When Condes de Albarei acquired the property in 2008, they proceeded to design and implement a comprehensive rehabilitation plan conceived by César Portela, winner of the National Architecture Award and one of the most prestigious architects in the country. The result is a perfectly restored historic complex designed to offer visitors the most beautiful experiences. All the work has restored the luster to the centuries-old buildings of Pazo Baión and has combined a scrupulous respect for tradition with avant-garde architectural elements.

We invite you to visit our property during the August long weekend and immerse yourself in its fascinating history. We promise you will not regret it. Behind every corner hides an anecdote, a detail that tells us how we were.

Observe how the only single-estate Albariño are made

As we mentioned before, the legacy of Pazo Baión is not only made up of its natural and material heritage but also plays a fundamental role in its intangible heritage, linked to the production of splendid albariños. Not many wineries can boast of being part of the history of wine in Galicia.

During the August long weekend, you can learn first-hand how winemaking has been transformed over the last five centuries. Traditions have not been lost but have evolved thanks to research, innovation, and technology.

Through the journey into the soul of the Albariños that we propose, you can discover how the unique single-estate Albariños are made. The professionals of Pazo Baión will explain all the processes and will show you cutting-edge devices, such as the concrete egg that we use in the aging of Vides de Fontán. If a 16th-century winegrower were to travel to the present, he would be fascinated by the way Pazo Baión wines are made today.

What better plan for the August long weekend than to visit a winery that perfectly combines tradition and modernity? The famous saying goes that laws are like sausages; it is better not to know how they are made. In the case of wine, the opposite is true; learning how they are made is a highly enriching, curious, and fun experience.

Albariños have been made at Pazo Baión for 500 years

Tasting five Rías Baixas wines applauded by critics and the public alike

Strolling through the vineyards, getting to know the buildings, touring the winery… These steps in your journey to the soul of Albariño during the August long weekend are lovely, but the great moment of any wine tourism experience is, without a doubt, the tasting. That is why at Pazo Baión, we take care of every detail of this particular moment, in which our wines take over the visitors:

  1. Pazo Baión has different scenarios to celebrate a tasting. In addition to our spectacular tasting room, articulated around portentous stone pillars more than three meters high, we have transformed our iconic dovecote into one of Spain’s great tasting rooms. In addition, the Pazo Baión property has several outdoor tables for tastings in spring and summer. This way, you can taste our wines while contemplating the vineyards where they are born.
  2. Professionals from the winery guide all tastings at Pazo Baión. Diving into the soul of Albariño wines requires a little help. The Pazo Baión team unravels all the secrets of the wines from our winery and Condes de Albarei so that you and your companions can appreciate all the aspects that make these Rías Baixas wines unique.
  3. The plan of The Soul of Albariños includes the tasting of five Albariños:
    • Condes de Albarei. The flagship of our sister winery is a fresh, ample, and round wine with floral notes typical of the albariño grape variety.
    • Gran a Gran. This semi-dry raisins wine is made with exceptional grapes from our property, in which the noble rot causes the concentration of the must. Hence, its aromas are honeyed and of candied fruit.
    • En Rama. This Rías Baixas is the result of a respectful elaboration and slow maturation. It stands out for its lively aftertaste and its long development in the mouth.
    • Vides de Fontán. Like En Rama, Vides de Fontán stands out in the Rías Baixas universe for its laborious and fascinating maturation process, which endows it with toasted and spicy aromas and a powerful personality.
    • Carballo Galego. Coffee, vanilla, coconut… These are some of the aromas you will find when tasting Carballo Galego, an Albariño aged in Galician oak barrels and characterized by being very dense and glyceric.
  4. All wines are accompanied by a pairing that perfectly matches their aromas and essential characteristics so that the tasting experience is rounded.

Surprise your loved ones with a unique plan for the August long weekend

We will not deceive you; the August long weekend is the perfect occasion to enjoy multiple types of plans. Sea, mountains, countryside, gastronomic experiences, sports activities, relaxing getaways… The offer is immense. Why do we believe that a wine tourism experience during the August long weekend can make you and your loved ones happy? It is a different plan, designed to be enjoyed in the company, and that combines fantastic elements: nature, history, outdoor activities, and, of course, excellent Rías Baixas.

Wine is part of our culture; it is not a mere drink but much more relevant than that. Wine is present in some of the most beautiful moments of our lives, for example, at weddings, dinners with friends, or the evenings with your partner.

If you immerse yourself in the soul of Albariño, we guarantee you will not forget it. Creating memories with the people you love is something extraordinary and, above all, something that is not forgotten. Many plans are enjoyed at the moment, but after a few minutes, they evaporate in our memory. On the other hand, a wine tourism experience like the one we have designed at Pazo Baión will stay with you for many years to come.

Take advantage of the August long weekend to discover Pazo Baión and toast with family and friends in a unique environment.



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