Wines, history and nature to celebrate love

Celebrate love with Pazo Baión

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to enjoy Pazo Baión’s estate, visit its winery, and celebrate love with a toast with its single-estate Albariños

Beyond the department store campaigns and the criticisms of some disenchanted people, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate love. Life has enough tasteless flavors in itself without taking advantage of the occasions it gives us to toast to the purest of human feelings.

When planning a romantic date, our head quickly recreates a dinner in a nice restaurant and some little detail to complete the scene. The incomparable power of the audiovisual imaginary. We have all internalized the clichés of Hollywood romantic comedies.

But reality can be much more beautiful and exciting than the movies. Away from the hackneyed plans, there are beautiful experiences designed to be enjoyed as a couple. Like a wine tourism plan in a unique place in the world: Pazo Baión.

Moreover, as the great French novelist of the 19th century, Alexandre Dumas, said: “Wine is the intellectual part of a meal. Meats and vegetables are only the material part”. So, if we want to fill our souls to celebrate love, what better than to enjoy a romantic getaway in a unique place. And topped with the best Albariño wine.

The Soul of Albariños

For an occasion as special as Valentine’s Day, the best option among our five wine tourism plans is The Soul of Albariños. A two-hour experience designed for two people and whose cost is 40 euros.

What does this plan consist of?

First of all, there is a guided tour of the estate, the vineyards, and the pazo. Afterward, you enter the winery, where the magic happens: the grapes are transformed into wine. Finally, five Albariños are tasted, two from Pazo Baión and three from Condes de Albarei.

A wine tourism menu consisting of a first course, a second course, and a delicious dessert. And that, taking up the words of the genius Dumas, enriches intellect and soul, as opposed to mere food.

Toasting with a good wine to celebrate love

A walk through nature and five centuries of history

There are several reasons why the Pazo Baión estate is a unique place. To begin with, for its history. The old Casa Fontán and its grounds have seen the entire modern and contemporary history of Galicia. Some of the most powerful noble families have passed through this land and its pazo, and it has been a wine estate for hundreds of years.

If you want to know what happened in Galicia in the last five centuries, how its agriculture, economy, and social system evolved, you will find a few places that concentrate more information.

To continue, the farm has a unique climate, the result of the proximity of the Arousa estuary and its orography.

When you arrive, you think you have crossed the barrier of space and suddenly find yourself in Tuscany in Italy or the Napa Valley in the United States.

The vineyards glide across the hillsides, the majestic pazo presides over the entire estate, and the gardens, elegant and manicured, further embellish the whole.

The dreamy sensation reaches such a point that we can speak of the Pazo Baión micro universe. A place where the palm trees dialogue with the vines and the centenary stone mingles with the millenary nature.

A space, redesigned by the great architect César Portela, ideal to escape from the world in the company of the person you love. And, incidentally, fill your lungs with fresh air and thaw, after the cold of January, with the pleasant climate of the Rías Baixas.

Immersing yourself in the alchemy of wine

After this dream tour, which goes through vineyards and gardens and into the pazo, we move on to the second course of our wine tourism menu to celebrate love: a guided tour of the winery.

If the nature and history of Pazo Baión are impressive, its modern winery is no less so. Inside, technological advances merge with the historical background of elaboration with as much history as the wine. Tradition and avant-garde come together to create three Albariños with great structure and personality.

The elaboration of Pazo Baión, the Best Young White Wine of Spain, according to the Gourmet Wine Guide, puts in value the best of the raw materials: the albariño grape variety.

While Gran a Gran, allows us to approach a quasi-magical natural process: the noble rot.

Finally, thanks to Vides de Fontán, we can learn all the keys to a three-year aging process, very complex and planned to the millimeter.

These three elaborations and the winemaking team transform the winery into a magical place, governed by alchemy. A space where every detail and every corner is fascinating.

An wine tourism plan to celebrate love

The end of the party: the tasting

What is the best way to crown an unrepeatable experience and celebrate love? Enjoying a tasting led by an expert, in which the palate and the intellect receive a lot of stimuli and information.

The dessert of our wine tourism menu will leave lovers with the best taste in their mouths: our Albariños.

In this tasting you will be able to taste five sensational wines: Pazo Baión, Vides de Fontán, Condes de Albarei, En Rama and Carballo Galego. Each of them has a flavor, aromas and color that make it unique.

We have already told you almost everything about our flagship Pazo Baión and its brother, Vides de Fontán. Both have been awarded in 2022 by the Guía de Vinos, Destilados y Bodegas de Galicia. Pazo Baión received the Gold Medal and Vides de Fontán received the Grand Gold Medal. These important awards highlight the quality and structure of two magnificent wines.

Together with them, lovers will be able to enjoy and toast with three other wines from the sister winery, Condes de Albarei. Its homonymous Albariño stands out for its medium-high intensity and its floral aromas with hints of white fruits, which make it a fresh and ample wine.

Carballo Galego, on the other hand, is an elaboration in which the fruit notes typical of the Albariño variety merge with spicy aromas, arising from aging, such as coffee, vanilla, and coconut.

Finally, En Rama is a wine of great complexity, in which the predominant floral and vegetal aromas are complemented by hints of honey. An elaboration that reminds us of rose petals and rockrose, to immerse us in nature.

This complete wine tourism menu for Valentine’s Day will delight lovers who, in addition to loving each other, love wine.

In a single plan, they will be able to stroll through bucolic spaces, learn absolutely everything about the property and the production of Albariño wines with five centuries of history, and toast with the best wine. A perfect experience to celebrate love.



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