Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a place full of romanticism

Experience a unique Valentine's Day at Pazo Baión

Canadian singer-songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen once said that no matter how hard doctors work day and night, they will never find a cure for love. This blessed disease affects us all sooner or later. Like everything in this life, love has some bad things, but… Who doesn’t want to be in love? Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate with the person we love who suffers from this disease. Together.

Romantic dinner, flowers, chocolates… Valentine’s Day, like other holidays, is associated with prototypical gifts. However, if you want to surprise your partner, we encourage you to go beyond the classic plans and consider a special experience to share: a wine tourism plan in the Rías Baixas full of romance.

Stroll with your partner among spectacular vineyards; enjoy together unique views of the Salnés, the Galician Tuscany; discover the history of a corner of Galicia with 500 years of life; and taste the only single-estate Albariños to unravel all its secrets … With this sensational wicker, you can make a Valentine’s Day that neither the person you love nor you will ever forget.

In this article, we explain why Pazo Baión is the perfect setting for people who love each other to celebrate that they count on each other in the long and fascinating journey of life.

A different plan to surprise the person you love

The routine of the day-to-day causes that, sometimes, end up falling into monotony. Valentine’s Day is the ideal event to break this trend. Escaping from the usual romantic plans is a smart decision to avoid routine and share new experiences with the person you love the most.

Imagine your partner’s face when you arrive at Pazo Baión and cross the spectacular entrance of the estate. A surprise in style.

A plan that combines quality tourism with nature, history and, of course, the wine world. And that, of course, is out of the norm and what is expected on a date like Valentine’s Day.

Love has surprises in store for us all the time. Most of them, fortunately, are good. And Valentine’s Day has to be consistent with this fact. Surprising your partner with a beautiful tour of a space that exudes beauty on all four sides and that, in addition, is full of small details is a success.

An extraordinary natural backdrop for celebrating love

Taking refuge in a unique natural environment is a fantastic option to get away from routine. If, in addition, this natural environment offers unique landscapes of unusual beauty, the getaway becomes a delightful experience.

One of the differential values of Pazo Baión is, without a doubt, its heterogeneous natural spaces. From gardens that shine for their excellent variety of plants and flowers. To an imposing palm grove. Passing through a walk of orange trees and, of course, hills full of vines.

All this makes the Pazo Baión property the ideal backdrop to celebrate love. The photos that immortalize this special Valentine’s Day will be precious; in them, the couple will shine with their light.

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Pazo Baión and enjoy all the charms of a unique place

The importance of sharing experiences and knowledge

One of the bases of every couple is their shared experiences. As well as the knowledge that both people have and can exchange. This allows them to create their universe and speak the same language. A special code that only the partners know. Complicity serves to strengthen the relationship and keep the flame of love alive.

In this sense, at Pazo Baión, you can live a memorable experience and discover all the mysteries of an estate with five centuries of history. As well as the many delicious secrets of a wine desired all over the world: Albariño.

The pleasure of discovering new things with the person we love the most is indescribable. After all, it is a way to continue growing together. And to continue to expand their shared universe while celebrating an event as important as Valentine’s Day.

Toasting many more Valentine’s Days together

After touring every corner of Pazo Baión and learning first-hand how the only single-estate Albariños are made, that is, made only from grapes harvested in the property’s vineyards, it’s time to taste them.

The experiences we have designed at Pazo Baión end in style: with a tasting of our award-winning Rías Baixas. Depending on your wine tourism plan, the tasting will be different. But in all of them, you will be able to raise your glass and toast with your partner for the love that unites you.

In addition, of course, enjoy all the aromas of our Albariño wines and let yourself be overwhelmed by their personality, structure and long development in the mouth.

Precisely, our wines are like the most beautiful relationships. They catch you at first impact, but as you enjoy them, you discover new characteristics that seduce and enhance the experience. Tasting them with the person you love is a fantastic plan to close a Valentine’s Day full of emotion and surprises.

At Pazo Baión, we open the doors of our estate, our centenary buildings and our pioneering winery to offer you a wine tourism plan with which to turn Valentine’s Day 2023 into an experience that will conquer your partner’s heart and become part of your album of shared memories.

After all, there are few things more important to unite a couple than the pleasure of sharing magical moments in which both overflow with happiness and feel immensely fortunate to be together. We propose you build one of those moments in an idyllic setting.

Indeed, Leonard Cohen is right: there is no cure for love. But if it were invented… Who would want to take it?



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