A fresh, fruity, tasty wine… the adjectives of Pazo Baión, according to the critics

Pazo Baión is a tasty wine on the palate

Pazo Baión is a persistent, aromatic and tasty wine, according to critics who have used several adjectives to describe it

We could not live without adjectives. These wonderful and expressive words allow us to describe the world. How do we say that wine has amazed us, conquering our palate with all its goodness? For example, by describing it as a tasty wine.

Adjectives reach their full value when we do not use them to refer to ourselves. It is not the same to say to yourself that you are intelligent as the fact that a person with a solid criterion categorizes you in this way. For this reason, in our winery, we do not want to enunciate an endless number of adjectives about the latest vintage of Pazo Baión. Who better than the experts to dissect the soul of this Albariño?

Today we invite you to tour the universe of adjectives of Pazo Baión, which is not only a tasty wine but also a fascinating wine with its micro-universe of adjectives. To do this, we will collect the evaluations of the tasting notes of the specialized press and some of the most important wine guides in Spain.

What order will we follow when immersing ourselves in the keys to a persistent, fresh, balanced and tasty wine like Pazo Baión? Naturally, we will follow the same route we follow when we undertake the tasting, from the visual to the gustatory, passing through the olfactory.

Brilliant to the eye

The visual phase is the first approach to any wine. A first contact that tells us many details about the wine’s origin. In this life, everything enters us first, through the eyes. Wines, food, places… and even people. That is why it is important that the color of the wine is attractive and that, at the same time, it is a mirror of its soul.

This is the case of Pazo Baión. The Peñín Guide highlights its bright straw color. A tonality that allows us to observe that we are in front of an Albariño. And that shows the importance of the grape in the final result. It could not be otherwise when talking about the only single-estate Albariños. That is wines made solely and exclusively with grapes from the vineyards that make up the property of Pazo Baión.

The bright straw color of this Rías Baixas is beautiful and shows all the work that has been carried out from the vine to the aging.

Fruity, floral, mineral and direct to the nose

Suppose the visual phase allows us to unravel some of the wine’s secrets. In that case, the olfactory phase reveals many of its keys, even more so when talking about a tasty, aromatic, complex wine.

The aromas of wine have an unusual prominence in the experience of tasting good wine. That is why wine critics spare no adjectives to describe this olfactory phase of Pazo Baión.

For the digital media El Español, Pazo Baión 2021 is a Rías Baixas «clean, direct and frank on the nose». An Albariño in which the aromas come to the surface easily and slip directly into our organism, enveloping us with its complexity and delicacy.

What aromas are we talking about? White fruits, ripe fruits, citrus, jasmine and orange blossom flowers?

Hence the Proensa Guide highlights the fruity features of Pazo Baión. The Peñín Guide highlights its fruity expression and aromas of «ripe fruit, floral and mineral».

This fascinating aromatic composition elevates Pazo Baión as a wine that encloses the best of the albariño grape and conquers us through the sense of smell, taking us to the fields where flowers grow, and fruit trees give us their fruits. Notes that transport us to spring, even in the depths of winter.

In addition to being a tasty wine, Pazo Baión is also balanced, fruity and dry

A persistent, fresh, very smooth and tasty wine on the palate

What adjectives characterize Pazo Baión during the tasting phase of the wine? According to El Español, this wine is «solid and persistent, long, fresh and aromatic». Five adjectives that define many of the keys to the unique personality of Pazo Baión.

To these adjectives, the Proensa Guide adds: glyceric, very smooth, dry and tasty. So, yes, Pazo Baión is a tasty wine. And although these are not adjectives, this guide also highlights its good mouthfeel and that it is well exposed in the mouth aromas.

The Peñín Guide includes two key adjectives we have just mentioned to maintain that this is a tasty and fresh wine. Two concepts undoubtedly summarize very well what Pazo Baión is and what we experience when we have the pleasure of tasting it. In addition to highlighting that it is a tasty wine, the Peñín Guide highlights its good acidity and deep retronasal, which complements the olfactory phase, making the intense varietal perfume of this Rías Baixas wine even deeper.

Pazo Baión an outstanding Albariño, balanced and with good acidity to enjoy on its own or with others

The sum of all the adjectives we have just mentioned about this fresh, aromatic and tasty wine allows us to go one step further: it is an outstanding wine.

The three main wine guides in Spain, Peñín, Proensa and Vinos Gourmet, awarded our winery’s first-born wine scores above 90 points in their editions this year: 92, 91 and 92 points, respectively.

These excellent scores show that, in addition to being a tasty wine, Pazo Baión stands out for its balance and good acidity. Two characteristics inherited from grapes of extraordinary quality that the professionals working in our winery seek to enhance. It is not for nothing that we are talking about a wine that El Español describes as «very lively and an example of what a good Albariño should be».

A tasty wine that adapts to any circumstance. It can be enjoyed alone or accompanied. That can be tasted at length, enhancing any dish with the best seafood. A young but extraordinarily mature wine, brimming with personality and shaped by delicious notes and aromas.

We are very proud of Pazo Baión, we could gloss a long string of adjectives, but it would not have the immense value contained in the adjectives used by wine experts. Such is the universe of adjectives of Pazo Baión, a fresh, fruity, balanced, dry and tasty wine.

A Rías Baixas that shows off its origin, from its visual phase to its persistence in the mouth.



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