5 wine tourism plans in the Rías Baixas

Take advantage of Christmas to give wine tourism plans as a gift

Giving scarves or colognes for Christmas is a thing of the past. Nowadays, the best gift is a good experience that you can share with your loved ones. That’s why Pazo Baión offers five wonderful wine tourism plans in the Rías Baixas

We live surrounded by objects. We have more things than our houses can store. Christmas is the time of the year when this phenomenon becomes more acute. We get to the January slope drowned in clothes, perfumes, and disparate gadgets that do not make us happier. That’s why another type of gift is gaining ground: experiences. Non-material gifts are designed to be enjoyed in company. That is why Pazo Baión offers five wonderful wine tourism plans in the Rías Baixas to give this Christmas.

At the Pazo Baión estate, three elements combine to create a beautiful panoramic view of Galicia. Its vineyards create breathtaking landscapes, especially beautiful in winter, with the leaves of the vines composing ochre cloaks. The pazo itself, made of stone, standing against time, tells us of history with five centuries of life. And finally, the wine represents the living Galicia, which has become famous throughout the world for the quality of its gastronomy and its wines.

Hence, when you give the gift of Pazo Baión wine tourism plans, you are not just giving the gift of a visit to a winery, you are encapsulating the best of the Rías Baixas and giving it to an important person to taste.

The winery tours are committed to sustainable tourism and the promotion of local products. They also offer a wide variety of services and prices, adapting to all types of visitors. The ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone enjoys a transcendent experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives and will want to repeat.

Vilanova de Arousa is not Lapland. Fortunately. Because the climate is more pleasant and the Albariño wines are better than any gift from Santa Claus.

Microuniverse Pazo Baión

This is the simplest tour. Through it, the visitor will board a time ship to trace a journey through the history of the old Casa Fontán. Strolling through the estate and the winery, you will discover a story starring nobles and grapes. An exciting journey for anyone who loves history, heritage, and wine.

The one-hour tour will end with a tasting of Condes de Albarei and Pazo Baión Albariños. A minimum of two people is required for the tour to take place. An optimal plan to make a quick approach to the pazo and its estate and leave with a good taste in the mouth that leaves the Albariño. The price is 15 euros.

Single-estate wines

Among all the wine tourism plans offered by Pazo Baión, it is in this one that the winery’s Albariño single-estate wines are the kings of the show.

Visitors will enjoy an excellent tasting in which they will be able to taste the three exclusive wines that are made solely and exclusively with grapes from the estate. The first-born, which bears the name of the winery, Pazo Baión, and its siblings Vides de Fontán and Gran a Gran.

Thus, visitors’ palates will be swaying from the citrus dominance of Pazo Baión, through the toasty and spicy notes of Vides de Fontán, to finish with the honeyed notes of Gran a Gran. What better way to close an incredible experience than to take the sweetness on the lips.

This experience is also designed to be shared by at least two people. Its price is 30 euros. And its duration is one hour and a half. If visitors are left wanting more, they can buy the winery’s Albariño wines. Or even take a bottle as a Christmas gift.

The Soul of Albariño

We usually talk about the personality of good wines. In the case of Pazo Baión and Condes de Albarei wines, not only do they have a marked and fascinating personality, but they also have a soul. When tasted, they take people to another place. To the sun sweetening the grapes with its warmth.

The best way to explore that soul is through an exquisite tasting led by the winery’s experts. Over two hours, visitors will unravel the history of a unique space and understand the keys to Albariño. From the grape variety to the making of the wine, through the care throughout the year or the harvest. A tasting that is a journey through the senses and the seasons of the year.

Visitors will taste five Albariños. Condes de Albarei, Pazo Baión, En Rama, Vides de Fontán and Carballo Galego. At the end of the tour, they will have learned a lot about the exciting wine world and will carry their soul with albariño aromas. The price is 40 euros and the minimum group for the tasting is two people.

This Christmas give the gift of experiences: Pazo Baión's wine tourism plans

Albarei Selection

Since Condes de Albarei took over the reins of Pazo Baión in 2008, the two wineries are strongly twinned. This tour, unlike the others, features Condes de Albarei‘s vineyards and Albariños.

This experience lasts two hours. First, there is a visit to the valley of O Salnés, where the Condes de Albarei vineyards are located. A beautiful landscape, through which visitors will discover the vines. Then the winery is visited, to unravel the entire winemaking process and the work of the winemaking team.

The tour ends, as it could not be otherwise, with a tasting of four Condes de Albarei wines. Two Albariños, Ainé and Orixe. And two reds, Espadeiro and Plurivarietal.

The estimated duration of this plan is two hours. Its price is 50 euros. And it is one of the most appropriate wine tourism plans for two people.

Winemaker’s tasting

This is the jewel in the crown. A very complete tour guided by the winemakers of Pazo Baión. The tour begins in the vineyards, where the extraordinary grapes will be transformed into the company’s prestigious albariños single-estate wines.

The guides make a complete approach to the estate and its history, unraveling some of its best-kept secrets. Visitors are also shown the winery and the various processes involved in winemaking are explained. All this with personalized attention.

But the most fascinating element of the whole plan is the private tasting, also led by one of the winemakers. A unique opportunity to enjoy wine accompanied by the wisdom of one of the people who make such a magical liquid possible.

As if this were not enough, unlike the tastings of the previous plans, in this one it is the visitor who chooses which five wines he/she wants to taste. Every one of the wines of Pazo Baión and Condes de Albarei is at your disposal. The winemaker will explain each of the details and will guide the palates through a route traced, autonomously, by the visitor himself.

Unlike other wine tourism plans, a minimum of four people is required for this visit. This is because, as we have already mentioned, visitors will be accompanied at all times by one of the winemakers. They will dedicate their time and knowledge to being the champion of Pazo Baión’s wine universe. The price of this experience is 100 euros.

All these plans offer different ways to practice wine tourism in a privileged space of magnetic beauty. As well as enjoying the best albariños in the environment in which they are made.

Christmas is a time of love. A few days of the year to enjoy your loved ones and try to make them happy. Pazo Baión offers five wine tourism plans that can make that possible. Five experiences designed to enjoy in the company of the people you love. And topped with delicious albariños.



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