The magic of Carlos Núñez returns to Pazo Baión

Carlos Núñez is a Celtic music icon

The brilliant bagpiper will offer a concert on the 23th in the gardens of the pazo to commemorate the 25th anniversary of «A irmandade das estrellas». Carlos Núñez’s first album gave him an international recognition that projected his career

The magic of Carlos Núñez will return to Pazo Baión. It will be on the 23th. A second chapter after the one lived last summer, when the bagpipes of the great artist filled with energy the gardens of the property.

In fact, this second concert is somehow the natural consequence of last year’s experience. It was such a spectacular event, with the gardens filled with a devoted and admiring audience, that it deserved a second chance.

A magical setting such as Pazo Baión at the service of music.

The excuse, moreover, is unbeatable. This year marks a quarter of a century since A irmandade das estrelas was released.

Carlos Núñez‘s first album was a resounding international success. A delicious sound exercise that brought Celtic music to thousands and thousands of homes around the world.

An album of collaborations with figures such as Paddy Molloney (the leader of that legendary band The Chieftains), Kepa Junkera, Dulce Pontes or Luz Casal. The version of Rosalía’s Negra Sombra performed by Casal and Núñez is simply a delight.

But as if the quarter century of life of A irmandade… were not enough, the bagpiper will take advantage of his return to Pazo Baión to present his new album.

The date in our gardens, like last year’s, connects in a natural way with the new way of conceiving his concerts designed by the Galician artist.

This kind of event, he says, «can be the future because it values what is ours. It is more respectful of the environment, it takes us away from the overcrowding of modern life and, above all, it connects us with the best energies of tradition and nature».

The spaciousness of the gardens of Pazo Baión also offers a priceless context in these circumstances. Wide security corridors for entrance and exit, fully guaranteed safety distances…

Tickets for the concert, organized by the Xunta de Galicia, the Vilanova’s Council and the artist himself, are on sale at Ataquilla.

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