Let yourself go! Discover 4 corners of Pazo Baión

The corners of Pazo Baión are a compendium of many disciplines

Many visits in one. A small universe that condenses architecture, culture, history and viticulture. Visiting the corners of Pazo Baión is a gift for the senses that reaches its maximum splendor in summer

Good wineries, says the brilliant architect César Portela, are those that merge container and content. That produce great wines and amaze the visitor by the potential of the setting. Pazo Baión is in this category. And that is why today we want to introduce you to four corners of Pazo Baión.

The first four in fact. Because if there is something that characterizes this property of just over 30 hectares of surface is the density of its offer.

History, culture, nature, viticulture… Pazo Baión is a place of places. A transversal visit that adapts to all audiences. After all, five centuries of history go a long way.

These four corners of Pazo Baión that we have selected (later we will present some more) are somehow a synthesis of the project. A sample of the diversity and energy that hides a fascinating winery. Full of charms.

Let’s go, then, with this small but intense tour. An essential visit for these summer months when the property reaches its maximum splendor.

The tasting room is one of the great attractions of the pazo

The tasting room

And how could it be otherwise, the first of the corners of Pazo Baión selected had to be related to our essence. With what we are. It is the imposing tasting room. One of the rooms that generates the greatest impact on the thousands of wine tourists who visit us every year.

A room in which César Portela, the person in charge of the rehabilitation and architecture project, did an exceptional job. He converted an auxiliary room of the old cowsheds into one of the most spectacular rooms of Pazo Baión.

For that, he had to bring back to life the powerful stone columns that today monopolize all the aesthetic prominence. Before Condes de Albarei took over Pazo Baión in 2008, these beams were buried several meters into the ground.

Portela gave the order to uncover them and empty the room to leave it with its current appearance. A spectacular room that somehow creates an analogy with a church because of the height of the columns and the always powerful presence of the stone.

The tasting room is now a play of shapes and lights in which the avant-garde furniture used by the architect plays a key role. Design tables, lamps that fade from the ceiling…

A delight for the senses. A unique place to enjoy our three albariños: Pazo Baión, Vides de Fontán and Gran a Gran.

The dovecote has been carefully preserved and restored

The dovecote

The second of the corners of Pazo Baión can be another tasting room. Perhaps one of the most original of all those that can be visited in Spain today: the dovecote.

A vestige of those five centuries of history that dress this project. A small rehabilitated monument that preserves many elements with hundreds of years of life.

The whole structure of the cells of the old dovecote is preserved almost intact. The rehabilitation project was very scrupulous with the conservation of a heritage that is of enormous value.

A round table around which you can taste our albariños and a striking sculpted stone basin welcome and surprise visitors.

The dovecote has an evocative effect on wine tourists. Perhaps it’s because of the height of the building, much more imperial from the inside than from the outside. Perhaps because of the hypnotic sequence of the cells.

A sort of giant library that, if it could speak, could tell the history of Galicia and the Rías Baixas.

Among the nooks and crannies of Pazo Baión, the interior courtyard is particularly noteworthy

The inner courtyard

The third of the corners of Pazo Baión is a must for any visitor. César Portela says that today it is the nerve center of the property. A corner whose source of inspiration is certainly far away. In Andalucía.

The courtyard of Pazo Baión evokes those great Andalucian courtyards that inject life and warmth. That articulate the daily beat.

Located between the new winery and the events hall, few would have thought at the beginning of the 20th century that this part of the property would end up becoming a corner adored by hundreds of lovers.

All those who have said “I do” throughout this decade in Pazo Baión.

And it’s that the charming inner courtyard was once a sort of pit to store the slurry of cows, used as fertilizer since time immemorial. The corner even preserves the two ramps used by the carts to deposit and collect the manure.

César Portela decided to keep those ramps and replace the pit with a small pond with a delightful sculpture. All this, covered by a blanket of wisteria that, in these months, reach their maximum splendor. A visual marvel.

The patio has become a channel for activity at Pazo Baión. During the harvest it’s pure energy, a coming and going of grapes with which our exquisite albariños will be elaborated.

The rest of the year it delights visitors and guests at the many events organized at the estate. Enjoying a wine sitting anywhere in the patio, sharing it with friends or family, is a pleasure that cannot be described. It has to be experienced.

The power of the stone and nature, the choice of vegetation today installed at its zenith, gives this place a genuine personality. Difficult to match. One of the most charming corners of the Rías Baixas.

The granary is one of the corners of Pazo Baión with the best views

The granary

And, to top it all off, nature and heritage. In this brief tour we have talked about viticulture and history, architecture and culture. So we could not miss what is another of the hallmarks of this project: the strength of the terroir, as winemaker José Hidalgo says.

The winery oozes nature on all four sides. It’s an orchard in which wonderful white wines are produced, but in which the presence of all kinds of tree and plant species has been cared for with the care of a goldsmith.

And as in life everything is a matter of perspective, surely there is nothing better than going up to the granary to see the magnitude of this discourse. A hórreo (in spanish) rehabilitated stone by stone.

A piece that was half abandoned in different parts of the farm. Portela decided to recover it and place it in one of the highest points of the property.

One from which you can see how much good those 30 hectares of land hide. Enjoy the vineyards and lush vegetation, the centenary palm grove, a valley, O Salnés, which many consider the Spanish Tuscany…

And, of course, of the buildings that dot the pazo. Each one of them a small jewel, a memory of history recovered for the enjoyment of all.

The corner of the granary is one of those that you shouldn’t miss when you come to visit us. Our bench of Loiba. Our swing.

Pure Instagram. Pure Pazo Baión.

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