Wine tourism: A different plan to enjoy the long weekend

At Pazo Baión we propose a different plan to enjoy the long weekend

Vacations are a disconnection from the routine hustle and bustle of our lives. Days or weeks to forget a little of the day-to-day obligations. The bad news is that they are not infinite. The good news is that the calendar gives us the occasional long weekends, and small oases to rest and recharge our batteries to move forward. Next week, thousands of people will be able to take a long weekend, linking the weekend with All Saints’ Day. Therefore, today we are going to propose a different plan to enjoy the long weekend.

This plan can be summed up in one word: wine tourism. That is, combining a visit to a magical place with the tasting of the best wines. Nature, history, and winemaking to raise a dream getaway. A different plan to enjoy the long weekend, get away from the world for a while, and spend a few pleasant days in a privileged natural environment. Which one? Pazo Baión is a property with five centuries of history located in the heart of the Rías Baixas, halfway between the sea and the mountains. A corner that has witnessed the transformations that have taken place in the last 500 years and that looks to the future.

Would you like to try a different plan to enjoy the long weekend? We are going to give you four reasons why Pazo Baión is the perfect place to enjoy the best wine tourism, reconnect with nature, give joy to all the senses and, above all, taste unique elaborations.

Marvel at the infinite colors of autumn

Every season has its charm. Nature appears differently before our eyes depending on the time of year. In winter it is naked, in spring it comes alive, in summer it is bathed by the sun and in autumn it gives us a festival of colors. The mountains become delicate cloaks sewn with orange, ochre, red, brown, and yellow threads. The prevailing green of spring and autumn gives way to a chromatic range that permeates everything. From nature… to the way we dress or seasonal gastronomy.

At Pazo Baión, once the grapes have been harvested, this process is experienced with great intensity. The vineyards are dyed orange, the gardens surrender to the new season and the surrounding mountains reflect the empire of autumn. The chromatic spectacle is overwhelming.

Diving into our sea of colors can be a different plan to enjoy the long weekend. A constant delight for the eyes. Every corner could give rise to a beautiful painting. Every corner is worthy of a beautiful photograph.

Reconnecting with nature in such a majestic setting is a pleasure… and a different plan to enjoy the long weekend.

Feel the warm climate of the Rías Baixas on your skin

The wonderful landscapes of Pazo Baión can be seen and experienced while taking advantage of the warm climate of the Rías Baixas. At this time of the year, the temperature is very pleasant in this privileged place. It is neither the sweltering heat of summer nor the harsh cold of winter.

This weather invites you to be outdoors, to go into the many natural areas of Pazo Baión and walk long and hard through all its corners.

Life is full of small pleasures that we do not give importance to, except when we do not have them at our disposal. To be able to surf a sea of colors while you walk placidly, without being hot or cold is one of them. Luxury is much more valuable than we may think at first. A dream that you discover when you experience it.

Just as the particular microclimate of Pazo Baión is key to the growth and ripening of our grapes, it is also an element to take into account when organizing a different plan to enjoy the long weekend.

Unlike in other latitudes, with a more adverse climate, on our property we live a sweet November. The perfect month to walk around without worrying about sweating, without having to carry a fan or wear a scarf. The perfect month to immerse yourself in our bucolic landscapes.

Wine and nature are the ingredients of a different plan to enjoy the long weekend

Discover (almost) all the secrets of wines with five centuries of history

Wine is one of the key products in the culture of Mediterranean countries. Not for nothing, the Romans already worshipped Bacchus, the god of wine. In this small corner of the world called Rías Baixas, the cultivation of the native albariño vine and the production of wines from its grapes are part of the local idiosyncrasy and the legacy of our ancestors.

In addition, thanks to the incorporation of innovations and cutting-edge technologies, the production of Rías Baixas wines has transformed the wine sector into a thriving industry that serves as the economic engine of the area.

At Pazo Baión, the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, between an illustrious past and an exciting future can be appreciated like nowhere else. Walking through the rooms that make up the property and, in particular, the winery, visitors can learn about the history of the production of Albariño wine and discover the most advanced techniques and tools that allow us to bring to market the unique single-estate Albariño wines.

All our wine tourism plans include a visit to our winery facilities. The place where our winemakers work their magic and transform the delicious grapes from our estate into three extraordinary wines: Pazo Baión, the Best Young White Wine in Spain, according to the Gourmet Wine Guide, Vides de Fontán, and Gran a Gran.

At the end of the visit, our award-winning Rías Baixas wines are tasted. During the guided tasting, visitors to Pazo Baión learn to unravel all the secrets of the wines through the visual, olfactory, and taste phases. The colors, aromas, and flavors tell us about the type of soil in which the vines grow, the climate, or the wine aging process.

In this different plan to enjoy the long weekend, you can become a wine-producing version of Sherlock Holmes.

Delight yourself with the countless charms of a unique region: panoramic views, villages, and gastronomy

Tuscany is famous all over the world. Films, photographs, paintings, and books have immortalized it and have contributed to the spread of its fame. O Salnés, the region where Pazo Baión is located, does not have that pedigree, but its beauty does not lag. Nor its infinite charms.

In addition to visiting Pazo Baión and tasting its albariños, visitors can make the most of this different plan to enjoy the long weekend and tour the spectacular landscapes of the Galician Tuscany. In O Salnés you will find viewpoints from which to contemplate the Atlantic in all its majestic beauty, such as the Faro das Lúas (Vilanova de Arousa). Panoramic views combine the strength of the sea, the beauty of the vineyards, and the charm of the fishing villages. Villages are full of history such as Cambados. And, of course, unparalleled gastronomy.

One of the many advantages of having the Arousa estuary at our feet is that this miracle of nature offers us the best seafood in Europe. The seafood and the fish mark gastronomy that is also based on the Rías Baixas wines, the Galician veal, and the delicacies of the vegetable garden.

Eating the best seafood on the continent and tasting an autochthonous wine as prestigious as Albariño is, of course, a different plan to enjoy the long weekend that will delight everyone who participates in the getaway.

In short, Pazo Baión has become a benchmark for wine tourism at the international level. A place where wine lovers can enjoy history, nature, and the unique single-estate Albariño wines. A space that in autumn acquires a particular beauty, almost magical, filled with colors and scents.

Are you looking for a different plan to enjoy the long weekend of All Saints? We are waiting for you with open arms.



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