5 plans to enjoy the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas

Spending the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas can be a delightful experience

Make the most of the holidays by spending the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas, a natural, gastronomic and cultural paradise where wines and viticulture are the protagonists

The end of the year is usually full of work, rush and, unfortunately, a bit of stress. That’s why the holidays are an oxygen balloon that helps us to disconnect from the routine, forget for a few hours of our obligations and get the strength to face the last weeks of the year. Would you like to enjoy the holidays in a particular place? Why not spend the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas?

At this point, it seems undeniable that the Rías Baixas are in fashion. Its gastronomy, landscapes, heritage and culture attract thousands of people annually, making this region a quality tourism destination. Its mild climate makes it a fantastic destination for any time of the year, even in December. Enjoying the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas will allow you to taste the best seafood and fish, visit fishing villages full of charm and history, visit natural paradises such as the Cíes Islands and, above all, taste the wines of the Rías Baixas D.O., wines that have conquered the whole world, from Galicia to Japan.

In this article, we propose five plans to enjoy the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas, including a wine tourism experience you will never forget.

Strolling through incredible natural spaces

One of the charms of Galicia is, without a doubt, its nature. A green community in which forests are a constant. But it also stands out for its seascapes. What can you visit during the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas?

First, we recommend the jewel that is the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, which includes the Cíes, Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada. In the Cíes, you can stroll along the most beautiful beach in the world, Rodas, and climb up to the beautiful lighthouse that alerts ships of its presence. In Ons, you can discover islands with less pedigree than the Cíes but with unusual natural beauty and contemplate the ocean and the Arousa estuary from them. Do you like animals? In this national park, you can see native species, such as the cormorant or the shearwater, in their natural habitat.

Precisely, the lighthouses are one of the charms of the Galician coast, not only for their beauty or heritage value but, above all, for their location. Walking on the way to a lighthouse during the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas is to enter wild natural paradises. Which lighthouses do we recommend in addition to those of Cíes and Ons? Punta Cabalo Lighthouse in A Illa de Arousa is a must, and if you feel like walking in a unique environment, you should go to Cabo Home Lighthouse in Cangas.

Do you want to get into nature during the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas but do not want to walk much? You have at your fingertips dozens of beautiful viewpoints such as A Siradella (O Grove), O Con do Forno (A Illa de Arousa) or Lobeira (Vilanova de Arousa).

Sea and mountain go hand in hand in a unique region to compose landscapes that will take your breath away.

Would you like to do some sport during your stay in the Rías Baixas during the long weekend of December? You have maritime activities such as canoeing, you can go running or hiking through beautiful places, and, if you are a fan of surfing, you have at your fingertips some of the best beaches to practice this sport, such as A Lanzada (O Grove).

The Cíes Islands are an obligatory stop during your stay in the Rías Baixas over the long weekend in December

Discovering the history and heritage of beautiful fishing villages

If you spend the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas, will you only be able to walk through natural areas? No, these estuaries have behind them a fascinating history and a fascinating heritage:

  • Pazos, such as Pazo Baión, and castles, such as the one in Soutomaior.
  • Castros like those of Adro Vello (O Grove) or Alobre (Vilagarcía de Arousa).
  • Fortresses such as the Torres de Oeste (Catoira).
  • Monasteries such as Santa María de Armenteira or San Xoán de Poio.
  • Historical villages perfectly rehabilitated as Combarro or Cambados, the capital of Albariño wine.
  • Seafaring towns are full of life, such as Vilagarcía de Arousa, O Grove, A Illa or Sanxenxo.

In all these places, you can delve into the history of a region where the sea and wine have always been protagonists. It is a space desired by many conquerors over the centuries (for example, the Vikings) and is now enjoyed by tourists from all over the world. Spending the long weekend of December in the Rías Baixas can be the perfect time to discover all the architectural treasures that hide and stroll through spaces steeped in history.

Enjoy the best seafood and all the delicacies of Galician gastronomy

Nature and heritage are two sensational elements of any getaway, but an issue that must be noticed on any trip is to enjoy the local cuisine. Enjoying the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas is a gastronomically sensational plan. Why? Everyone who has ever been to Galicia knows how good the food is in this community. This truth, universally accepted, is even more valid when it comes to the Rías Baixas. Without going any further, the Arousa estuary is the tremendous marine pantry of Europe. Hundreds of kilometers of coastline provide us with the most coveted shellfish, mollusks and fish on the continent.

We will tell you a secret: if you spend the long weekend of December in the Rías Baixas, you will eat well anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small tavern serving traditional food or an avant-garde restaurant run by an internationally renowned chef. The gastronomic and restaurant offer is exquisite and accommodates all tastes and budgets.

Not only will you go back to work with your batteries recharged, but you will also take with you a few extra kilos… and of pure happiness!

If you spend the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas you can taste the best white wines in the world

Tasting wines are admired all over the world

As mentioned throughout this list of the best plans to enjoy the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas, this region is marked by the production of delicious and prestigious white wines. The native variety albariño has been harvested for hundreds of years in the Rías Baixas. Grapes of excellent quality and rich in aromas ripen to perfection thanks to the mild climate of these lands and become the best raw material for making fresh, aromatic and persistent wines.

How can you come to Rías Baixas and not take the opportunity to taste its wines?

You can enjoy albariños while you eat and dine in the restaurants of the region, you can also visit some wineries and taste them in the place where they are produced and, above all, you can perform a typical Galician practice: go wine tasting with your friends or partner. We assure you that this plan will make you enjoy the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas, combining excellent wines with laughter that will fill your soul.

Delving into the soul of Albariño wines at Pazo Baión

Precisely, we want to talk about the soul in the last of the plans that we recommend you to make the most of the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas. But not just any soul, but the soul of the albariños. The essence of centenary elaborations whose secrets have been passed down from generation to generation.

Where can you discover the soul of albariños? At Pazo Baión, a 500-year-old property where the only albariños de pago are produced, that is, made using only the grapes that are harvested on the property.

A historic corner rehabilitated by César Portela, National Architecture Award, to turn it into a space that offers exciting wine tourism tours in the Rías Baixas.

All the wine tourism experiences of our property are designed to be enjoyed in the company of friends or family and include the critical elements of the previous plans to enjoy the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas:

  • Natural spaces. In the micro-universe of Pazo Baión, you can enjoy hills of vineyards and beautiful gardens, paths between fruit trees and one of the most essential palm groves in the north of the peninsula.
  • History, culture and heritage. At Pazo Baión, in addition to the old noble house that presides over the property, we have a dovecote converted into a tasting room, a perfectly restored old cowshed and other historic buildings that allow us to travel through time and discover what has happened in the last 500 years.
  • Gastronomy and viticulture. The Pazo Baión tours to enjoy the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas include a tasting where you can taste the wines of our winery and Condes de Albarei, accompanied by delicious pairings. Tiny treasures of our gastronomy that, due to their characteristics, combine perfectly with Pazo Baión, Gran a Gran and Vides de Fontán.

Do you want to crown your stay during the December long weekend in the Rías Baixas? At Pazo Baión, you can discover its essence, learn about its mysteries and toast with your friends or family.

In short, the Rías Baixas are an ideal destination to take advantage of the long weekend, enjoy nature, get your boots on and taste superb wines in the company of people who make life worth living.

These five plans to enjoy the long weekend of December in the Rías Baixas will help you get your spirits up to finish the year in style.



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