Celebrate a wedding among vineyards and history at Pazo Baión

At Pazo Baión you can celebrate a spectacular wedding among the vineyards

Pazo Baión is the ideal place to celebrate a wedding among vineyards in Galicia and make a couple’s most important day perfect

The spaces where we celebrate the great moments of our lives matter. The family home where we grew up, the park where we had our first kiss, the restaurant where we celebrated our first anniversary with our partner… These places are fixed in our affective memory. And the place where we celebrate our wedding even more, mainly because the photographic report will keep us from remembering any detail. At Pazo Baión, we have been opening the doors of an estate with five centuries of life for more than 10 years so that hundreds of couples can celebrate their wedding among vineyards, history, and culture.

What better way to make love and commitment between two people official than in a dream setting like Pazo Baión? A historic corner of Galicia that the passage of the centuries has endowed with an overflowing personality and that stands out for its heritage, perfectly rehabilitated, and for the beauty of its natural spaces. Especially its vineyards in summer, the time par excellence to celebrate a wedding in Galicia, are at their best.

Below, we will convince you why celebrating a wedding in vineyards is a perfect decision to celebrate your love with the people you love. And why Pazo Baión, an estate surrounded by splendid hills of vineyards, is the ideal place to host such a special event.

Getting Married in Galicia: Much More than Just a Fad

In recent years it has been repeated time and time that getting married in Galicia is in fashion. Not only do Galician couples celebrate their weddings in our community, but many future couples come from other parts of Spain to organize the most romantic day of their lives here. There are many reasons for this: the quality/price ratio, the landscapes, the climate, the gastronomy, the wines… As the phenomenon has not only not slowed down but is growing year by year, getting married in Galicia is no longer a fashion but a consolidated practice.

So much so that a small industry has flourished around weddings. Today, you can find in Galicia everything you need to make your wedding perfect. From a beautiful setting such as Pazo Baión to all kinds of services: photographers, florists, wedding planners, DJs, music bands…

This consolidation of the wedding industry has been led by numerous spaces that put at the service of the bride and groom elements as valuable as history, heritage, or nature. Places where you can celebrate a wedding among vineyards, as in Pazo Baión, or surrounded by historic buildings rehabilitated and refurbished to host events as important as weddings. We are not going to deceive you, Pazo Baión is not the only fantastic option to organize a wedding in Galicia, but it is an extraordinary enclave where a wedding among vineyards can become an unforgettable day, not only for the bride and groom but also for their loved ones.

A centenary estate in a perfect location

Historians have been able to reconstruct the past of Pazo Baión back to the beginnings of the old Casa de Fontán, a noble property pioneer in the production of Albariño. For five long centuries, Pazo Baión has been a privileged witness to the passing of time, the transformation of society, and the evolution of the economy. The stones of the pazo and the rest of the historic buildings that make up the enclosure tell us about a world that no longer exists but that we can understand through heritage.

Therefore, in Pazo Baión, you can celebrate your wedding among vineyards and under the cloak of history. Every corner of the property hides a piece of the past.

In addition to its legacy, Pazo Baión stands out, at first contact, for its privileged location. The estate is located in the valley of O Salnés, in the heart of the Rías Baixas and a few kilometers from the Arousa estuary. Suppose you want to get married in Galicia and some of your guests come from other parts of Spain and the world. In that case, they will love to take advantage of the weekend to celebrate with you and get into a natural and gastronomic paradise like the Rias Baixas.

In addition, the orography of the property and its proximity to the sea give Pazo Baión its climate. These exceptional climatic conditions are essential for the grapes from our vineyards to ripen uniquely and become the best raw material for making delicious wines. But, the climate also plays in people’s favor, especially on summer days. In Pazo Baión, you will not suffer such high temperatures that make you sweat the day you get married. Another of the advantages of celebrating your wedding among vineyards is that they protect you from the scorching heat and provide freshness to the atmosphere.

Pazo Baión is the perfect place to celebrate a wedding among vineyards thanks to its landscapes worthy of Tuscany

Experience a wedding among the vineyards when they are at their best

Pazo Baión has multiple spaces, such as an excellent palm grove, a dovecote converted into a tasting room, or stunning gardens. Still, the vineyards are the real protagonists of our property. Especially in summer, when the vines are at their best, just before reaching the peak of their life cycle: the grape harvest.

Maybe you have never stopped to think about celebrating your wedding among vineyards, but we invite you to visit Pazo Baión and discover why it can be the best idea to make one of the most important days of your life a success.

Nature is full of phenomena and images that captivate us. A wedding in vineyards can become a unique experience because the vitality and beauty of the vines at their peak can be added to the love that a couple gives off. When one contemplates a vineyard in the middle of summer, one can feel the weight of tradition and the importance of vine cultivation for thousands of people. In addition, walking through a vineyard when the grapes are already ripening becomes a visual delight and olfactory. The colors of the leaves and the aromas of the grapes envelop us.

A wedding among vineyards can be transformed into a profoundly beautiful experience and a transcendent one, connecting an authentic celebration of love with nature and history.

Bucolic landscapes will leave your guests breathless and give magic to your photos

As we have just pointed out, one of the charms of celebrating a wedding among vineyards is the visual spectacle this option offers to the bride and groom and their guests. People who need to become more familiar with the cultivation of vines will be overwhelmed. The vineyards have their entity; when one enters them, it is as if crossing a border and entering a world with its own rules, almost as if we were Alice plunging into Wonderland.

When we think of wine-growing landscapes, the vineyard valleys of Tuscany or Napa usually come to mind because of the movies that have shown them to us in all their splendor. But you can avoid traveling that far to discover wine-growing panoramas of unusual beauty. It is not for nothing that O Salnés is popularly known as the Galician Tuscany. In Pazo Baión, wherever you look, you will find a stunning image in which the vineyards shine with their light. If you organize a wedding in the vineyards on our estate, you will not leave your guests indifferent. On the contrary, you will be able to surprise them as soon as they cross Pazo Baión’s vineyards.

Besides, of course, celebrating a wedding among vineyards brings an obvious benefit: the beauty of the photographic report.

Photos are a fundamental part of a wedding. The bride and groom decide on which photographer to hire very seriously. The expertise and creativity of the professional are essential, but the setting in which the photographs are to be taken plays just as crucial a role. If not more. A wedding among vineyards, gardens, and other natural spaces full of life guarantees that the photographer will have the best backdrop to make you shine like never before.

Unfortunately, the wedding day goes by very quickly. Fortunately, photographic reportage saves everything that happens during such a special day for eternity.

Organizing your wedding among vineyards will help you to make all the photos of the most romantic day of your life as fantastic and unique as the love you feel for your partner.

Beautiful spaces to host all the stages of a wedding

Pazo Baión does not only offer you the possibility of celebrating your wedding among vineyards and enjoying its beautiful landscapes, but it also offers you dozens of perfect corners to host all the stages of your wedding: the preparation of the bride and groom, the ceremony, the aperitif, the banquet, the dance…

Inside the Pazo itself is a room that stands out for its sensational windows, where brides can get ready in complete tranquility, and photographers can immortalize such an intimate and exciting moment.

The natural spaces around the buildings of Pazo Baión have hosted the most splendid ceremonies over the last decade. And the banquet can be celebrated outdoors and in the interior halls, located in centenary buildings restored with the utmost care. Spaces that combine scrupulous respect for the heritage with avant-garde elements and have been specially designed to host an event as important as a wedding among vineyards.

A property that is as multifaceted as Pazo Baión offers you a wide range of outdoor and indoor spaces so that you can decide exactly which corner best suits your ideas and needs and make your wedding among vineyards take place just as you have dreamed it.

A wedding among vineyards is a delightful summer experience
Punctum Fotografía

Delicious Rías Baixas to toast to love and pair with the best wedding menu

If the buildings and natural spaces of Pazo Baión form the body of our estate, the Albariños produced in our winery are its soul. At a wedding among the vineyards, you can contemplate the entire winemaking process. While you see the grapes growing on the vines, you enjoy the aromas and the development in the mouth of the albariños made with this beautiful raw material.

The wedding menu is, without a doubt, another critical element of this event. Fortunately, Pazo Baión has the privilege of being only a handful of kilometers away from the Arousa estuary, the marine pantry of Europe. The estuary provides us with the best seafood. We have to add other delicious products made in Galicia, such as Galician beef, vegetables from our garden, or cheeses.

If all this is not enough to guarantee that the menu will conquer the palates and stomachs of your guests, we have to add one last and important detail: the wines with which the dishes are paired. In the case of a wedding among vineyards like the one you can organize at Pazo Baión, the question of the wines is solved beforehand.

The flagship of our winery, Pazo Baión, pairs perfectly with the most delicious fish and seafood. Vides de Fontán, an Albariño aged for three years, is the perfect companion for excellent white meats. And Gran a Gran, a semi-dry raisin wine, enhances the most exquisite appetizers and the sweetest desserts.

If you celebrate your wedding among vineyards at Pazo Baión, our wines will help you to make your banquet a great success. Your guests will not get tired of toasting to your love.

More than a decade of celebrating love

Organizing a wedding is a complex task. Exciting but challenging. Because an infinite number of small details come into play that must be taken care of, the experience of celebrating this kind of event is a value to be taken into account when choosing where the wedding will take place.

At Pazo Baión, we have been hosting the most special day for hundreds of lovers for over ten years. Thanks to this experience, we can help you enjoy a perfect wedding in vineyards, where every detail is taken care of to the millimeter and according to your wishes and desires.

The idea of celebrating a wedding in vineyards is a bit dreamy. And, after all, what is a wedding if not a set of dreams come true?

That’s why we like to think that we help people make their dreams come true and make their wedding in vineyards one of the happiest days of their lives. A perfect day in which love is the protagonist, and everyone enjoys it to the fullest.

In short, Pazo Baión is a perfect setting for couples to celebrate their love with those they love. A historic corner of Galicia that stands out for the beauty of its landscapes and the versatility of its spaces. A place full of romanticism where all the details are taken care of with care, and the newlyweds can immortalize their love among the vineyards.



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