Enjoy a summer wine tourism experience

Pazo Baión is the perfect place to enjoy a summer wine tourism experience

Pazo Baión is the ideal place to enjoy a summer wine tourism experience and discover all the charms of the Rías Baixas

Summer is the ideal time to make plans. Many people enjoy most of their working vacations during July and August. The days are long, which allows you to enjoy the daylight hours. And the temperatures invite you to immerse yourself in nature to escape the city heat by going to the beach or to natural spaces that allow us to cool off. Therefore, these weeks are ideal for enjoying a summer wine tourism experience with friends and family. This delicious plan will enable us to visit the vineyards at their peak when the grapes face their last days of ripening before the grape harvest takes place.

Traditionally, summer tourist plans were associated with the beach. We all have in our heads the images of Benidorm beaches or Marbella parties. But with the rise in temperatures and the increase in tourist demand, destinations have diversified. Today we can enjoy a wide range of summer plans on the coast, away from it or in its vicinity.

This last possibility is what we offer at Pazo Baión: a summer wine tourism experience that takes place in the heart of the Rías Baixas, just a few kilometres from the Arousa estuary, very close to some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, such as A Lanzada.

Do you want to know more about our summer wine tourism experience? We encourage you to keep reading because we will tell you some of the keys to our four wine tourism plans in the Rías Baixas.

The sensational climate of the Rías Baixas

Unlike other parts of Spain, the Rías Baixas enjoy a mild climate. Winters are not freezing, and, above all, summers are not stifling. Throughout July and August, you can move around in short sleeves and enjoy the sun’s rays without having to take shelter for hours because the heat outside is too intense. And in addition, you can sleep wonderfully because the nights are more relaxed and allow you to rest peacefully.

Pazo Baión enjoys, in turn, a microclimate, thanks to the proximity of the sea and the slopes on which the property’s vineyards are located. This makes our estate the ideal place to enjoy a summer wine tourism experience, making the most of a day and enjoying a getaway to a small paradise reminiscent of the landscapes of Tuscany.

Want to escape the rising temperatures and drought? Our doors are wide open to become your refuge.

A natural paradise close at hand and by the sea

When you walk through the doors of Pazo Baión, you enter a universe with five centuries of life. A world where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. A natural paradise in which there are hectares of beautiful vineyards, heavenly gardens, a centenary palm grove, and beautiful fruit trees. A space designed to be visited and enjoyed.

The Pazo Baión project is based on three main pillars: the only single-estate albariños, that is, made only with grapes from the vines of the property; the history of a place that has experienced the transformation of the world, society and economy; and nature, which is present in every meter of this estate and that one can observe wherever one looks.

All the natural corners that makeup Pazo Baión are at their peak in August. Hence a summer wine tourism experience is a fantastic option to discover the superb nature that governs this small universe.

The four wine tourism plans we have designed begin with a tour of the Pazo Baión property, a walk through vineyards, gardens, fruit trees and streams. A tour designed to seduce the eye, envelop the ear and conquer the sense of smell. Summer has its tonality, sound and aroma at Pazo Baión.

Few natural spectacles are within reach as fascinating as walking through the vineyards of the Rías Baixas when they are at their peak, just at the beginning of the grape harvest.

If all this were not enough, a summer wine tourism experience at Pazo Baión offers another advantage beyond the walls of our property: its proximity to the sea. Before or after the visit, you can go to the beach or a viewpoint to contemplate how the Atlantic Ocean expands towards infinity. Or enjoy the best seafood provided by the Arousa estuary, known for being the marine pantry of Europe.

Who said a summer wine tourism experience could not be perfectly combined with a maritime plan? At Pazo Baión, it is possible to create a day of integrated tourism, combining the best of the sea with the best of the land.

Pazo Baión offers you an ideal summer wine tourism experience to immerse yourself in the wine culture

Enjoying the vineyards in all their splendour

As we mentioned before, one of the strong points of a summer wine tourism experience is to discover what the vineyards are like when they are in all their splendour. In August, the grapes have already faced the final phase of their ripening process. Pazo Baión’s viticulture team actively takes care of the grapes in the last push towards the goal: an extraordinary harvest.

The vineyards are fascinating spaces throughout the year. When the vines are at rest during the winter, they are breathtaking. The vineyards are beautiful when the new shoots are born in spring and flowering occurs. But, of course, August and September are the most critical weeks of the year in any vineyard. Also, in the vineyards of Pazo Baión. Vineyards with five centuries of life, in which our viticulture team combines innovative techniques based on the discoveries made in recent decades in the cultivation and care of the vine with a centuries-old legacy.

Sitting under a vine, enjoying the shade it offers, listening to the ambient sound and sheltering from the sun may seem like a straightforward experience, but it is profoundly beautiful. Or, it is so attractive precisely because of its simplicity. A way to take advantage of a summer wine tourism experience to reconnect with nature and feel part of a centenary legacy.

A different plan to do with friends and family

Routines and habits mark our daily life. From the moment the alarm clock rings until we go to sleep. Work, leisure activities, family moments… All the spheres of our lives move within the same parameters. The summer season has to be used to escape from routines and try different plans, such as a wine tourism experience in summer.

Our wine tourism proposals have been designed to be enjoyed by the people we love. Whether they are friends or family. In fact, throughout these months, we welcome the visit of many people who come with their children to learn about our universe, visit every corner of our estate and taste our Albariño wines. The latter, of course, can only be done by adults. However, children have a great time running through the vineyards, playing in a cosy environment and marvelling at the machinery of our winery.

After the walk through the estate, the next step of our summer wine tourism experience is to tour the facilities where Pazo Baión’s Rías Baixas wines are made. Tradition and vanguard coexist in our winery, located in a spectacular centenary building with massive stone pillars. The infrastructure we use to produce our Albariños surprises adults and leaves children fascinated.

The family’s youngest members cannot taste the wine. Still, they can discover how one of the most critical assets of Galician and Spanish culture is made from the care of the miracle of nature, that is, the vines, to the elaboration of wine by our winemaking team.

Do you have children, or do you want to organize a plan without them, with your partner or friends? A summer wine tourism experience is an excellent proposal to seduce the people you want to accompany you on this adventure. Together you can discover how Pazo Baión, Vides de Fontán and Gran a Gran are made and… taste them with a delicious wine pairing!

Wine tourism in Summer: Refreshing Inside and Out

So far, we have argued that a summer wine tourism experience is a refreshing plan to escape the high temperatures, relax in the shade of the vines or trees and enjoy a pleasant temperature, thanks to the proximity of the sea and the water that runs through our estate. But in addition, a summer wine tourism experience helps you to cool down inside, and the highlight of the experience is, without a doubt, the tasting.

After touring the natural areas of Pazo Baión and discovering how our winery works, you can taste the wines we produce and the Albariños from our sister winery: Condes de Albarei.

Each of our plans for a summer wine tourism experience includes a guided tasting, in which an expert from our winery will help you to unravel all the secrets of our award-winning Albariños throughout all the phases of the tasting: visual, olfactory and gustatory.

In addition, you will be able to share opinions and opinions with your friends and family and discuss which of our wines you liked the most. All this while you enjoy a pairing that matches perfectly with the characteristics of each of our Rías Baixas wines.

Suppose you want to live a total summer wine tourism experience. In that case, you can opt for our Winemaker Tasting plan, in which you select the five Pazo Baión and Condes de Albarei wines you want to taste, and a winemaker from our team will lead the tasting.

In short, if you want to organize a different plan during this month, at Pazo Baión, we offer you a delicious summer wine tourism experience, ideal for enjoying in the company, breaking the monotony, discovering a historical corner of Galicia and immersing yourself in the fascinating culture of wine.



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