Pazo Baión reborn with every sip

El albariño Pazo Baión es el buque insignia de la bodega

Our most classic elaboration has established itself as an indispensable Albariño. The variety of notes and the delicacy of Pazo Baion have won over the critics and the general public

In Pazo Baion we knows he was right. The unforgettable Federico Fellini used to say that a good wine is like a good movie. «It lasts a moment and leaves a taste of glory in your mouth that is born and reborn in each savor». We recognize that journey that sooner or later winelovers travel. Those who know a lot and those who feel that natural curiosity inherent to the human being. The most expert critics and those who are still taking their first steps around this culture.

Pazo Baión, our most classic elaboration, the one with which this project started in 2008, is a good proof of this. Pazo Baión reborn with every sip.

It’s an albariño that lives on the palate of each person who tastes it. The delicacy and dedication with which this white wine is made has endowed it with a unique personality within the Rías Baixas.

And it is an albariño wine that is made exclusively with grapes harvested on the estate. A paid wine that, as the critics recognize, always travels through the territories of excellence. Aging on lees for six months in stainless steel tanks contributes to this.

That care and knowledge that the winery’s technical team prints year after year, together with a high-quality raw material, is transferred to Pazo Baión in the form of structure and personality. With a variety of notes of white fruit, but also flowers such as jasmine or orange blossom.

Pazo Baión is the unrivaled synthesis of a unique territory: O Salnés. A fascinating valley in which the connection between the land and the Atlantic is breathed in every breath of air. Pazo Baión brings together the best of the land and the sea in each glass of albariño wine.

Galician Tuscany, as a territory that has a lot to offer has begun to be baptized. Starting with a gastronomy in constant evolution. For that combination of land and sea that synthesizes in a culinary offer that competes today with the best of the country.

Pazo Baión, the flagship

But above all with a wine offering that finds its greatest exponent in Pazo Baión. The epitome of a genuine and different way of understanding the world of wine. An imposing project that has been consolidated with each of its elaborations and that finds its flagship in the albariño Pazo Baión.

A pleasure for the senses, ideal to pair with wines and fish. Ideal to enjoy with family and friends. But also about privacy. One of those moments when a glass of wine can become the best companion. To dream, to write, to stop along the way…

Everyone is free to choose their moment. And to understand this albariño. Don’t forget, Pazo Baión is reborn with every sip.

This is how it achieves that personality so characteristic of Rías Baixas wines. «Those citrus aromas and white flowers» that, once in the mouth, emerge a wine with structure, with body. Ideal to pair with those fish and shellfish so typical of Christmas dinners. See in this video all his explanation:

The person in charge of wine tourism at Pazo Baión, Eugenia Castro, explains in this video the keys to the process of making Pazo Baión albariño. The tasting note, the aromas, all the peculiarities of a wine that has become in recent years an indispensable reference for lovers of this culture.

The succession of awards received is the response to a very particular identity that revolves around an idea: the elaboration of this label solely and exclusively with grapes harvested on the estate. It is, therefore, a paid wine with its own personality and an enviable present and future journey.



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Pazo Baión

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