Discover a wine tourism destination that beats in the heart of Rías Baixas

Pazo Baión is a benchmark wine tourism destination in Spain

Take advantage of this Easter to enjoy the mild climate and the gastronomy of the Rías Baixas and visit Pazo Baión, a wine tourism destination where wine has been produced for five centuries

We all ask ourselves a question at the beginning of the year, sooner or later: When does Easter fall this year? Early or late? In 2023, the answer is undoubtedly soon. Easter comes to us with the beginning of spring. More than these holidays are needed to make a big trip, but they are ideal for a beautiful and fun getaway to a wine tourism destination in the Rias Baixas. Why?

During the first days of April, it can still be cold in many parts of Spain. While in others, the temperatures are already too high. Fortunately, the Atlantic climate and the peculiar geographical conditions of the Rías Baixas make it a true spring paradise. Therefore, the weather during this month is very pleasant. Ideal temperatures to leave winter behind and enjoy the rebirth of nature. To relax at the same time that natural environments of unusual beauty.

If all this were not enough, the Rías Baixas offers some of the best wines in the world and unparalleled gastronomy.

At the heart of this paradise beats a historic corner of Galicia with five centuries of life. A property comprised of hills of vineyards, splendidly restored buildings, a reference winery and the only single-estate Albariños. That place is Pazo Baión, and today we will tell you why it is an ideal wine tourism destination to enjoy Easter.

(Nature + History) x Wines = Pazo Baión

The Pazo Baión project is based on three basic pillars: its natural environment, its long and fascinating history and, above all, the value of its wines. If we mathematize these elements, we find a formula that perfectly explains why Pazo Baión is a nationally renowned wine tourism destination. And the ideal place to start a memorable Easter.


The first thing that catches the attention of anyone approaching this wine tourism destination is its majestic nature. Crossing the entrance of Pazo Baión, visitors find a blanket of green that envelops everything. One of those dreamlike images worthy of the most beautiful movie.

In addition to the hills with hectares of vineyards, this wine tourism destination has other surprising natural enclaves. A majestic centennial palm grove, the fruit of its Indian past. A garden dotted with the most varied flowers and embellished with beautiful statues. A walk is among orange trees bucolic… Each natural corner of Pazo Baión hides a surprise. Every picture is worthy of being photographed. Everywhere you look, there is beauty. And even more so at the beginning of spring. A time when this wine tourism destination is full of life and color.


More than 500 years of life go a long way. This wine tourism destination has been a privileged witness to the passage of time, from the time of the noblemen to the digital revolution. Pazo Baión has experienced all the social and economic changes in the flesh. Or rather, in its stone. The Pazo itself, the dovecote, the hórreo, the old cowshed… All these buildings have been transformed over time.

Since Condes de Albarei took over the reins of Pazo Baión in 2008, rehabilitation work was carried out, led by the prestigious architect César Portela, which brought these buildings back to life and provided them with new uses.

The result is a wine tourism destination where the past dialogues with the present and the future. An emblematic property is open to visitors and proud of its history. Because, after all, at Pazo Baión, you can observe your own story and understand the history of our entire country. And also learn about the millenary legacy of winemaking.

Single-estate wines

Pazo Baión is an ideal wine tourism destination because wine is the real protagonist of our property. Or, to be exact, the wines, because our winery produces three award-winning Rías Baixas: our first-born, Pazo Baión, a wine that contains the soul of the albariños; Gran a Gran, a semi-dry raisin wine; and Vides de Fontán, a wine aged for three years.

In addition to their quality, our Rías Baixas stand out for another reason: they are the only albariños made solely and exclusively with grapes from the property where they are produced. This means that our viticulture and enology team controls every aspect of our wines, from the pruning of the vines to the bottling.

This fact gives our Rías Baixas wines an enormous personality and transforms our property into a unique wine tourism destination. Visitors can see with their own eyes the entire winemaking process. Walking through our vineyards means walking through the beginning of a cycle that will end with the wine tasting.

Pazo Baión is the perfect wine tourism destination to discover the secrets of Albariño and enjoy the Rías Baixas

Landscapes, villages and dishes: The three keys of Galician Tuscany.

Beyond its charms, Pazo Baión stands out as a wine tourism destination for another reason: its location. Our property is located in the center of O Salnés, the Galician Tuscany, for its similar landscapes and the importance of vine cultivation and winemaking.

This privileged location makes Pazo Baión a wonderful wine tourism destination and the ideal starting point to discover the charms of O Salnés, which we could summarize in three main Ps: its landscapes, villages and culinary dishes.


Mountains, vineyards, farmland… O Salnés offers wonderful panoramic views from many viewpoints, such as Monte Meda (Vilagarcía de Arousa). But you can not only enjoy the land, but in the landscapes of this region, the real protagonist is the sea. The Arousa estuary draws pictures of unusual beauty, making this wine tourism destination a place where wine and sea fight for the limelight.

Visitors can enjoy viewpoints open to the sea as beautiful as the Faro das Lúas viewpoint (Vilanova de Arousa) or Con do Forno (A Illa de Arousa). And we could go on glossing over viewpoints for a long time. But we believe it is better than the people who visit this wine tourism destination discovering them with their own eyes.


One of the most important peculiarities of the Galician Tuscany is that its villages are marked by two great forces: the activities related to the sea (fishing, shellfishing) and those related to the land, especially the production of excellent Rías Baixas. Hence, O Salnés is a first-class wine tourism destination and an enclave to enjoy the best sea tourism.

This region has medieval villages with a majestic heritage, such as Cambados, the capital of Albariño. Seafaring villages such as O Grove or A Illa de Arousa. Towns dedicated to entertainment and sports such as Sanxenxo… Towns for all tastes and where you can enjoy the best food and wines.


Precisely, the gastronomy of O Salnés is another of its hallmarks. The Arousa estuary offers incredible images and nourishes this region with the best seafood. Visiting any of the fish markets in the region is a real spectacle. But to enjoy the dishes made with this valuable raw material even more so.

O Salnés is a wine tourism destination but also a gastronomic enclave of great quality. And not only for the seafood. In the region’s restaurants, you can also taste the best Galician meats and garden products of a region where fishing, agriculture and livestock are important economic sectors and part of the culture and the local idiosyncrasy.

The Rías Baixas, a wine tourism destination to enjoy Easter Week

As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, the Rías Baixas offers the perfect weather conditions to enjoy Easter outdoors. But its charms, of course, are not reduced to its pleasant climate. The Rías Baixas is a natural paradise where land and sea merge. Therefore, in addition to walking, eating and enjoying the landscapes, it is also possible to enjoy the best wine tourism in the Rías Baixas.

After all, in addition to its beaches and charming villages, the Rías Baixas are known worldwide for their wines with the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin. These wines are exported worldwide and have carved out a privileged position in the wine Olympus.

Imagine having a glass of Albariño, surrounded by the most beautiful nature and in the company of your friends. Doesn’t it sound good? In a wine tourism destination like Pazo Baión, it is possible. Immerse yourself in the heart of the Rías Baixas and let yourself be seduced by its countless charms.

If you want to make a getaway at Easter, disconnect, enjoy nature, soak up an ancient culture, discover new places and taste the best wines, do not hesitate. Pazo Baión is a wine tourism destination that encompasses the best of the Rías Baixas, which will welcome you and turn your little vacations into an experience you will never forget.



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