The Guía de Vinos Gourmets distinguishes Pazo Baión as the Best Young White Wine in Spain

The distinction of Pazo Baión as Best Young White Wine of Spain is the recognition of a job well done

The award for Best Young White Wine was presented at the Salón Gourmets. This award highlights the personality and identity of a unique Albariño

Pazo Baión is the Best Young White Wine in Spain. So says the Guía de Vinos Gourmet, which has just recognized the personality and powerful structure of a single-estate albariño that has seduced both critics and the general public over the last few years.

The prestigious specialized publication has recognized the genuine identity of an albariño made exclusively from grapes harvested from the 30 hectares of Pazo Baión vineyards. The same identity hallmarks also identify the winery’s other two wines: Gran a Gran and Vides de Fontán.

The award for Best Young White Wine in Spain, awarded a few days ago at the fantastic Salón Gourmets in Madrid, is, in a way, the corollary to the commitment that Condes de Albarei set in motion back in 2008. Then, the company took the reins of a winery that has now become one of the benchmark viticulture and wine tourism projects in northern Spain.

A commitment to quality, care for the raw materials, and a winemaking process that is based on the property’s five centuries of history. It’s not in vain that traces of the cultivation of the wine, almost certainly white wines, have been found in the pazo, dating back to the 16th century.

Hundreds of years of history closely connected to the world of wine had to reach our days transformed into a special product. In an Albariño of extraordinary quality and powerful personality.

The secrets of the Best Young White Wine

José Hidalgo, the prestigious oenologist who is part of the winery’s team, maintains that each bottle of Pazo Baión is the result of this legacy. From a very special terroir cradled by the time that benefits from a unique microclimate in the Rías Baixas. And from a team of professionals who have achieved a total symbiosis with the 30 hectares of vineyards on the estate.

Both the viticulture and enology teams at Pazo Baión know every inch of the land inside out. A deep knowledge that allows, for example, a personalized and almost à la carte harvest of each plot, a goldsmith’s work that will be key when it comes to making the coupage.

It has been all this work in the fact that has triggered the recognition of the Gourmet Wine Guide for Pazo Baión as the Best Young White Wine of Spain. An award that highlights the value of an elaboration that goes beyond. It has taken a step towards excellence in the concept of the young wine.

Because Pazo Baión, the flagship of the winery, does not jump directly to the market after its production but will evolve for six more months. An added aging time will give it its characteristic signs of identity.

A straw-yellow albariño with greenish reflections that attracts attention in tastings due to its intense varietal perfume. An elaboration in which the aromas of white flowers (orange blossom and jasmine) and fruit stand out, with a predominance of citrus fruits (grapefruit, mandarin) on a background of white fruit (apple, pear). «A wine that expresses the soul of the estate», in the words of José Hidalgo.

Fresh and balanced on the palate, well-structured, enveloping, mineral, and long, with a very aromatic lingering finish. A delight for the senses.

The Best Young White Wine of Spain, in short.

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